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Chapter 2: Saving Her Ass

That night, Taehyung cant sleep. He was thinking and processing all this kinds of happening to him. Whats this all about?

Thinking so hard about it,he doean't notice when or how he get to sleep.

He wakes up with the sound of his phone,someone was calling him. He checks it and his friend In Ho.

He look at the time and he gets up after he answers his phone. He enters his bathroom and take shower, and other personal hygene.

Then he put his uniform,walk in the kitchen and eat his breakfast with his mother.

"Im going,eomma." He said after his breakfast.

He walk to the station and wait for the bus. Not long when the bus arrive. He hop and sit near the window.

Another 30 minutes and he arrive at his school. He enters their campus ignoring all the looks that the students giving him.

He enters his room and go to his place. His sit is near the window. He looks outside,with deep thoughts. He even didn't notice that their teacher enters the room.

Bell rings indicating that its time for their lunch break. But again,he was lost in his thoughts.


Traffic accident...

Red eyes...

Dead people...


"Hey!!! Lets go to the cafeteria." A sudden smack disturb his thoughts.

He tilted his head and he saw his friend. He stand up and run after his friend outside their room.

Taehyung's Pov:

I run after my friend, In Ho outside our room. When i catch him,i give him a punch in his arm but not strong but still he was hurt.

"Yo,he was rejected by a girl last night." He suddenly blurted while rubbing his arm.

"Who?" I ask.

"Him." He said and pointed a guy outside. I look to where he points, i our teacher,holding a basketball ball,dribbling it without looking on his way. Then i suddenly look up and saw students having a fight for i dont know whats the reason,all i know is i feel something wrong will happen. I notice a flower vase at the window where exactly our teacher is standing.

"Hold this." I said to In Ho giving my things and i run towards my teacher. I pushed him and we fall down in an awkward position,me on top of him. And that moment,the vase fell.

I look at him,and help him stand up.

"What the heck?"

"What was that?"

I heard students around us. When the teacher gain his posture,he embrace me and thank me for saving him.

I look up to where the vase came,and injust *sigh*

"That was cool."

Another student said.

Then another bell rings,means afternoon class will start.

Time skip:

After our class,i walk alone. Im thinking of how did i know that will happen. Im crossing the road when i walk to a guy, in his 20's.

Pale face...

Red eyes...

I follow the guy until i saw him stop to a bench with someone.

He's fine...

I said to myself looking at him when i notice that hes eyes turns normal.

Then a man riding his cycle pass them. He pass at me too,then i saw him having a pale face with red eyes too.

I must follow him..

I turn back and look around. I saw him pass the intersection and i run after him. I was breathing heavily when i saw him stop. I notice thqtvwe are infront of a cafe now. He hop out from his cycle and look around. He look at his phone and when he look at my direction,his eyes are normal now.

What was happening???

This is making me go nuts!

I told myself,and i follow a woman that walks at me. Im so tired. Im having a difficulties running and following some people that i really dont understand. I saw him enter a building,without any thought,i follow her inside. When i saw that his eyes are normal now,i was about to turn around and walk away,when someone talk.

"You came in a right place." A guy said and i stare at him. He is in his late 30's, with a slender body. A handsome face,with a dark color eyes that is full of mystery.

I dont know what he means by that but he gesture me to follow him. Im doubting if i should follow or not,but my stupid curiosity is killing me. I really want to know what he will tell. I follow him and he enter to a spacious room. He told me to sit.

Theres a silence between us,only the sound of breathing can be heard. I saw him holding dice,playing in his hands.

"Who are you?" I broke the silence thats killing me.

"Red eyes are means that they will die." He said without answering me.

"But you can always save them if you warn them."

I turn my gazed to him. Still confused.

"Why? Are you afraid?"

I really dont know what to say.

"If you have anything to ask just call me." He said again,and he stand up. He gives me a calling card and he left.

I go out from that building. I took the card and take a look at it. I put again at my pocket and start to walk home.

When i reach our apartment,i saw her at the rooftop. I went with her,walk silently towards her. She was looking at nothing. She leans her elbows at the edge. She turns her eyes at me when my phone rings.

"Wha-what?" I mentally slap myself for stuttering. Then she look again at nothing. She was so serious. I fake a cough and moves a little close to where she is standing.

"Yah!.. Do...do you have..som-something to tell me?" I mentally slap myself for stuttering.


"No?" I chuckled. I laugh a little sarcastic to her.

"Yah! If you didn't call me that night.....


'Lets meet at the rooftop.'

'Wait for me,i'll be there in a minute.'

Im panthing after reachingvthe rooftop,sonstupid of me that i didnt use the elevator. She was standing looking sad,leaning his elbows at the edge of rooftop. While me,for i dont know where did i get the courage to sit at the edge at her side.

I was still staring at her for god knows how long. No one dares to speak. A long silence but not awkward. I lean a little backward to have a full view of her face,when she talks.

'Hey....' she whispered but it gives a little shock at me and all i remember was im falling from the rooftop yet my eyes where lock in her eyes.

End of flashback:

"But you're not dead yet." She dead in a blank face.

"No.." i said with a smile.

"I feel really bad." She whispered turning her gazed somewhere.

"Then...if...you really feel sorry...hmm...hmm..." i said without looking at her.

"Is that really hard to say?" She said when i cannot complete my words. I smile at her when she gazed at me. I nodded.

"Im free this saturday." She added then start walking away.

When i realised that shes gone,i was like crazy,i jump in excitement. I was smiling like crazy at the rooftop for who knows how long it is.

Then my phone rings again and it was my mother.

I told her that im coming already, run down again and enter our apartment.

I excitedly enter my room and brings out all my cloths from my cabinet. I tried them all and look at myself at the mirror.

After choosing what to wear for our 'date' i did a little workout in my room. The take a shower and out my pajamas.

I wake up by my alarm sounds and i jump from my bed remembering that i have a date today. I rushly went inside my bathroom at take shower and all kinds of my morning hygene.

Then i wear the cloths that i choose last night.

I go out and lock the door.

Walking to subway when In Ho called.

"Hey,i heard you have a date?"


"So it means you're no longer single."

"Its not like that."

"Whatever.! Dont be late or i'll gonna cut your dick and shove it to your ass." Then i heard him chuckled.

"Ok. Bye." I said and ended the call. And that moment i reach the subway. I stop and look at my self at the see through mirror,fix my hair and my shirt.

And again,i saw a man across the road with a woman.

Kim Na Ri????...

A woman with pale face and red eyes, and my eyes become more bigger and almost pop out when i saw the man...

Blue eyes....

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