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Chapter 3

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Taehyung's Pov:

Blue eyes???

Im shock that i saw the man's eyes turned to blue. Then the woman walk with him to other direction.

I run across the road to follow them,i really dont know what got unto me that i have the urge to follow them.


I stop when my phone buzz.

"Aist...this driving me crazy!" I said to myself irritated.

I look at the person im following then at my phone.

Hee Kyung:

'Are you comin? Im almost there."

After reading her message,i put my phone back to my pocket. I again follow them. I feel im a stalker following an idol. They enter to a small path,i look around to familiarised this place.

'Motel?' I said at the back of my head. When i notice that maybe or maybe not,they saw me...i hide myself at the car that was park beside the building.

After a short time,i walk and look for them,but i cant see them already. I run here and there where i saw them entering the building lobby.

"Kim Na Ri!" I shouted,and they both turn their back at me.

The man drag Na Ri and they both run. I chase after them. Then turn left and right to god knows where is,but still running after them.

And when i catch them,i hold the mans wrist tightly.afraid that he will scape from me.

"Who the hell are you,jerk!" I ask anrily.

"Let go!" The man said and push me.

"What did you just call me?" He said again agitated.

"Yah, Kim Taehyung!" Na Ri called me.

"Are you crazy? He's my father's friend.! She added angrily.

"You see your father's friend dress like that?" I look at her in disbelief. Then i pulled her at my back,still holding her hands tight.

"What do you mean by seeing your father dress like what? What do you think you are doing,huh?!" You little punk!" He said and push me that i almost stumble.

Im so pissed for what he said,i hold his collar with my both hands.

"What are you so proud off,huh!"

"Call the police!" The man shouted but not sure if he told it to me or to Na Ri.

"Fine! Lets do that!" I said and release his collar.

I saw him took his phone and dialed it.

"Im being assulted! Im behind the phone company building!" He shouted to someone on his phone.

I dont know why,but suddenly i feel nervous. I look at Na Ri who was quite now and hanging her head looking at her shoes.

"Its a young man,please come quikly." He added then ended the call.

"There is one big side effect of this. That is the only you know. "

I mentally slap my face when i remember what that guy told me about. I covered my ears qith my both hands,shaking my head like crazy.

Then all i remember is im inaide a office,with this man and Na Ri and someone whom still i dont know who he is.

"Frustrations that will drive you insane."

Now, im really nervous,i dont know what to do or think. Holding my phone i ask them if i can go to the bathroom. I was about to stand but a voice interrupt me.

"Sit down!"

I look at them and the man that i 'assulted' talk.

"Im a close friend of his father,and im going to get her something to eat." He explains.

"I cant believe this is happening,this is frustrating." Sounded like he is frustrated. But im not a 5 year old kid who will buy his excuse. I sigh and sigh again.

Im having a mix emotion now,i want to get out from this situation,im mad at the same time nervous. Im thinking about my date too.

"Kim Na Ri,is he telling the truth?" The man in uniform ask. Then thats the only time i realised we were at the police station.

Na Ri look at me,then to the man beside her,then look at the inspector infront of me. And again,she look at me.

"Yes." I heard her and she looks down.


"He is not a teen gang,is he?" The man said pointing at me.

Wow...what now,teen gang?!

I said to the back of my head. I really want to choke him now.

"Mister..." Na Ri called the man.

"Please forgive him." She added. I look at her upon hearing it. I dont know whqt she is thinking,or maybe she really dont like the idea that i will be in jail or something.

After a not so nice talk with the officer and the man,they agreed to release me.

I walk out from the station and take my phone. Im feelingbguilty now that i didn't meet her,its suppose to be our first date.

I was walking busy with my phone that Na Ri is running behind me.

"Yah! Kim Taehyung!"

"What?!" I said but my eyes are busy at my phone.

"Why did you have to butt in?" She whispered.

I took a glance to her then look again at my phone. After sending a message,i look at her with blank face.

"I save your butt."

I can see that she smile after hearing what i say.

"Well...lets take this as a secret." She ask acting cute but i cringe.

"Bye." I said and started to walk away from her. I heard her calling my name many times but i ignored it.

Hee Kyung's Pov:

Im really excited today. Its our first date.

I get up frim my bed,and walk to my bathroom. Im humming a song while brushing my teeth. Then i took shower. After doing my routine,i walk out from my bathroom and choose an outfit.

After one hour,im done. I went out from tge building and then i send him a message.

Are you coming? Im on my way.

Then i fix again myself atbthe see through mirror at the subway. Im waiting for the bus to come.

I arrive at the park where we agreed to meet. Time to time,i look at my phone waiting for his reply.

Time skip:

I wait for so long,to be exact i waited 10 hours. Its alreday,pass 7 in the evening and im still siting here at the park,wishing that he will come any time soon.

'Im really sorry'

A message from him. I sigh upon reading it. I feel i want to slap him for making me wait for nothing.

I watch some kids playing at the park with their parent.

'They left their kid behind. They coudn't possibly rest in peace."

"Atleasts,theres the insurance money."

"Dont say that."

"Hee Kyung, i will protect you from now on." A man sait sitting at my side.

I let my tears fall from my eyes,that ibdidn't realised im holding for so long. I remember my parents who died and left me all alone. I want to control my tears,but i cannot. I cried in silence.

"Im sorry."

I bolted in shock when someone talk and tap my shoulder.

I want to run...no...i was about to run when suddenly stqnd infront of me.

He comes, Kim Taehyung came. I hung my head down to hid my puffy eyes because of crying. I look at him and walk but he stops me and hold my hand.

"Hey,whats wrong?" He ask with concern.


Tes,i slap him but then i was shock to what i have done. I look at him with his shock face too. I want to apologised but i can not bring myself.

I realky dont know what to do,i just realised that i left him after giving him a slap.



Im in trouble nowπŸ˜”

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