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Asiatic Luna

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This all happens in a second and as I turn around I see a man in a dark cloak with an arrow in his eye. Blood dripping down his face and splattering around him. Not just blood but also pieces of his brain as they hit people who face also portray shock. A bow in his hand and a surprise look before he collapses to the floor. All hell breaks loose. After thousands of years, there will finally be peace. The worlds are coming together to sign a treaty on the bridge. The bridge that I was born on as my mother was running away from the people who killed my father. During an eclipse. No one has been born in an eclipse in 8,000 years. The last person who did lived for 21 years, so all I want to do is live my last three years in peace. But apparently I am an ambassador for hope of the two worlds coming together. Unfortunately, for others, it means I am in the way of keeping the worlds apart. Now I’m a target and have two jobs. I have to bring two worlds together, and according to history I only have three years to do it.

Scifi / Romance
Black Elephant
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He was beautiful. His hair was pulled back from his face and showed off his sharp cheekbones. His lips were full, and his tongue dashed out as I followed it with my eyes. His eyes seemed to glow from within as he stared at me. It is too bad that there was murder in his gaze as I held a knife to his throat. I hadn’t planned on threatening anyone, but I had to cross the bridge because once I crossed into Soare they wouldn’t be able to follow me. Not only that, but they also couldn’t follow me into Soare until night came, and they had access to their powers.

By that time, I would be long gone. All I had to do was cross the bridge with my fake visitor pass. All this guard had to do was take the pass, and let me through. He instead decided to double-check the pass and question where I got it. So here I was holding a knife to his neck. I didn’t want to kill him, especially since his partners would be back soon and I would surely be followed when they saw their dead buddy on the floor.

“Move back… please,” I say, lowering the knife a tiny bit. He held his hands up and took a step. At the same time, he reached for his gun. I quickly slice his arm causing him to yell out. He gasps as his arm was now dripping blood freely.

“You dumb bitch” he grits out as he moves away from the entrance to the bridge.

“I appreciate your cooperation” I shout running across until I hit traffic of people walking on the bridge. I slow down immediately to blend in and watch the crowd. The bridge is beautiful. It was built millions of years ago when the people of Soare and Mesic realized the planets were going to crash. The bridge kept them from doing so and still does so to this day.

The bridge is very sturdy. Its thick walls shimmer as the sunlight hits it. The sunlight and the moonlight power this bridge allowing it to keep the pressure of two planets pushed apart. When I look up, I see the glass dome over the bridge.

Outside, the dome is the space between. The stars flicker, but the brightest of them all stand tall. I always thought the bridge was a beautiful place. I always felt connected to it. It made sense though. I was born on the bridge as my mother ran away from assassins. She thought I would be safer in her homeland. Halfway across the bridge, she dropped to the floor, realizing that she wouldn’t make it to the other side without birthing me. A few stayed that was crossing the bridge with her as she pushed for hours. Finally, as the moon and the sun crossed, I came out with a strong cry.

My mother told me that the people gasped in shock when I was born. Those who stayed were lucky enough to witness the birth of a child during an eclipse. Something that hadn’t happened in thousands of years. My mother knew this would bring more trouble for me than good though. She knew it would make it easier to reveal my secret. So she found her strength and picked me up with blood between her legs, and she ran the next two hours across the bridge. When she finally made it on her home soil she collapsed with her brother there to help her home.

As I get up closer to the other side of the bridge I prepare to get searched once more. Dropping weapons, as I walk, in discreet places. I can see the other guards now. Scanning people with a small metal ball meant to look for obvious weapons.

As I walk up, I open up my arms as the guard searches me. He lets me through with a simple nod, and I give him a bright smile. A little flirting might be helpful if he was a guard I ever saw again.

I step into Soare, looking around until I see a single hand raise up in the air. My uncle smiles when I make eye contact with him. The smile doesn’t reach his eyes. I run into his arms and let out a small sob while he hugs me tight.

“I am so sorry that she is gone Avethea,” he whispers.

Glossary to these new worlds will be located at the end of the book. It is not needed because you will find out the information throughout the book, but there if you are intrested!

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