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Chapter 10: Kronos

Romaine’s POV

“Hmm...your vitals seem fine...and you seem to have gotten faster.” Cassandra pointed out

“Look.” I said finishing up my 360th lap in the speed tunnel, “I KNOW! YOU’VE SAID IT LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES!”

“Come on.” I continued now walking up to her, “that was a week ago. Let it go”

“I just want to make sure that you’re fine. You could’ve suffered head trauma or something.” she explained blushing

“Oh, really now?” I smirked, now standing a centimeter from her and leaning forward

“Gross!” She squealed as she pushed me away.

I walked away into the main control room and sat down on her chair. I had already explained everything that happened to me. She claims I was out for 30 seconds! Can you believe that? I spent almost a day...... wherever I was.

And we’ve proven that it wasn’t a dream, I can still go to 600. But we can’t explain what happened yet.

We lost all leads on Kyle, so that was a bust. And I was getting bored, or at least I was until the crime alert got sounded.

“That’s my queue!” I said getting up to look at the monitors.

“What is it?” Cassandra questioned me swiftly walking into the room and parting her hair to the right.

“Someone’s attacking the office of the Minister of Health!” I responded from looking at the satellite map.

First minor criminals, then some weird trance that actually happened but also didn’t happen, now The attempted assassination of the Minister of Health?! This is escalating quickly.

“Move over.” Cassandra commanded as she gently bumped me to the left then began typing on the keyboard.

“The Minister of Health’s office isn’t too far from here,” she noted, “think you can make it there in less than 10 seconds?”

“Pssh” I went, “I can get there in 5.” I bragged, taking into account that I’m almost twice as faster than before.

I sped over to the Minister’s office in just a nick of time to hold up my brag.

“Hey!” I shouted at the perpetrator who had his back facing me.

“Ahh Yes.” he said in a calm voice as he turned around slowly and took a few steps, “the name’s Kronos.”

“Kronos?” I questioned for clarification

“Yes.” He confirmed, “and you are?”

“Velocity. As in the guy that’s going to take you down.” I replied

I scanned him and realized something. His suit covered his entire body except for his head, so it ended at his neck. The entire torso and upper arms were red. The lower arms, hands, and side of his body were silver. His lower legs were blue, and his upper legs were green. I was kinda jealous of how cool his suit looked, but that’s not the main focus, I left the most interesting for last. Guess what was in the center of his chest, that’s right, a Sun Emblem.

I don’t know what Kronos’ relation was to Crimson, but I was gonna find out. One way, or another.

I charged toward him with the intention of punching him in the gut. Punching someone in the gut at such a speed usually causes the victim to be temporarily stunned.

When I did, I was met by a pleasant surprise; my arm was broken.

I fell to the ground shivering in pain. He stood over me and looked down at me, “Awww” he mocked, “Mr Velocity can’t take a bit of Iron?”

He then took me up with one hand, seemingly with ease, and threw me away.

I remembered the time that my back was broken, it healed up in a jiffy. Now, I had a broken hand, and about 6 broken ribs to be fixed.

“Romaine?! Are you alright?!” Cassandra asked me, she sounded really worried, I wasn’t able to press the earpiece at the moment, so I guess I had to leave her hanging.

I waited for what felt like forever. It was probably about thirty seconds though. My body wasn’t completely better, I was still numb in all the previously broken areas, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

My arms were still broken, but I mean, you don’t exactly need an arm or ribs to run.

Setting my body ready for another round, I quickly analysed the situation.

He said Iron, which is unbelievably tougher than bones. I don’t know how his powers worked, but I needed to stop him.

I was snapped out of my little brainstorm by the realization that Kronos had thrown a car in my direction.

Dodging in just a nick of time, I raced toward him with the intent of faking him out.

His reaction time was fairly good, and I got to see him use his ability. It works in the way like a coating.

He then proceeded to fully coat his body in iron.

“Analysis?” I questioned Cassandra

“It appears that he ionizes the iron atoms in his blood with calcium atoms and allocates them to his epidermis.” She responded

“All I got from that is that he gets closer to having anemia every time he uses his powers.” I pointed out

“Wh-y-Yes! Wow, that was surprisingly smart.” She commented, as if I’m dumb.

“For the last time, stop thinking that I’m stupid.” I retorted

“Mmmm fine” she went

Pointing out this obvious weakness, you’d think that I’d just go along with it, but I thought that the more fun method would be to overpower him

Knowing my fair share of physics, I didn’t need Cassandra for this one.

I’m basically a moving generator when running. My current max speed is 600kmph.

I’d generate approximately 500 volts of electricty for every second I run at max speed, and it would take somewhere around 7000 volts of electricity to kill a human.

Given that he has that Iron armor protecting him, it’ll take Abit more, which is good; because I don’t want to kill him.

Another thing, I’d need to be running for a second in order to meet my criteria, so I’d need to run exactly 1.4 kilometers. Plus the estimated acceleration distance would make it about 1.5 kilometers.

With haste, I started circling the city, when I felt close enough to the required distance, I swiftly began orbiting Kronos like a crazed lunatic. He had his guard up.

With my estimated distance count reaching 1.5 kilometers, I ran toward him, channeling all the energy I’d generated.

Delivering my new and improved Speed Punch, he forwarded into the building behind him.

You could see some sparks of electricity coming off of him, and a huge and deep dent in his Iron armor.

Almost felt bad for the guy. Almost.

And don’t worry he’s not dead, I only generated barely enough to kill a human, plus he still had the Iron armor to disperse some of it. Though he’s not dead, he might as well be, because it really looks like he’s suffering.

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