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Chapter 12: Rematch

With just a bit of what was two weeks of training, Donte learned how to switch between normal speed and his super speed.

We’ve raced multiple times, I’ve won some and he has too. Which brings me to the next thing, he has this special ability where at certain points he can just suddenly boost his speed, but it doesn’t last long. Kinda like sprinting in a way.

I wish I had that. I guess being smart enough to use physics to make new moves is good enough, I just wish I had a natural speed talent.

“You ready to practice your wall running now?” Cassandra asked

“Nope” I responded

I’ve been avoiding that whole wall run thing for the whole week. After nearly fracturing countless bones, I don’t think I wanna do that ever again.

“Where’s bad guys when you need ’em?” I questioned outloud

I’ve wanted to fight bad guys all week, and so has Donte.

“Well have I got good news from you Mr Procrastinator, I got another lead on your friend, Kyle. Main Street, Howard Cooke Boulevard.” She informed me

“Yes!” I cheered, more so that I’d get another chance to fight someone than to see Kyle.

Donte didn’t know what was going on or who Kyle was, but he was just as hyped.

We changed into our costumes, then I led the way to Howard Cooke.

I spotted him in his usual mysterious trench coat get up out of the crowd.

I came to a complete stop in front of him and Donte followed suth.

“No chitchat just do the glowy thing with your hand again so that I can fight Crimson again.” I rushed him

I was so distracted that I’d forgotten to disguise my voice like last time.

“Romaine?” He questioned, causing me to realize my mistake

“Uh oh” I muttered

Without any time to think about what to do from that point, he revealed both hands and the light shun brighter than last time, as if now he was really mad.

Within the blink of an eye I was transport back to that surreal abandoned replica of the city.

“Woah” I heard from behind me.

Turning around, I realised that Donte was transported along with me, I don’t know what I expected to be honest.

“Watch your back, don’t let your guard down, and follow me.” I dictated

He nodded his head in confirmation.

“It’s been a while, Velocity.” I heard echo from a familiar ominous voice

“Crimson.” I grinned, turning to face him, “It has been a long time hasn’t it?”

“It’s not just him” said a figure walking out from the side of a building nearby

“Kronos.” I gritted

“Who’s the new sidekick?” Crimson inquired

“Hey!” Donte shouted, “I’m not a si-”

“His name’s Excell.” I interrupted, “So what’d you say, wanna race?”

“Gladly” Crimson smirked

We ran off leaving Donte, who chased after us, and Kronos behind.

We ran side-by-side, with Donte in the middle but more behind.

A few punches were thrown, throwing either one of us a bit of course.

When we finally came to a stop, Crimson and I charged toward each other, colliding punches, the electricity ebbing off of us was amazing.

I took a glance over at Donte, realizing that he’d been sidelined. Breaking the contact that Crimson and I had.

With the use of semi-subtle body language, I signaled to Donte to run away from Crimson. I then stared back at my opponent for 3 seconds, then he finally ran after Donte.

In the plan I’d devised in my head, I’d use Donte as the bait and then get the drop on him.

With Donte running around the city, Crimson after him, and me focusing on Crimson, I’d completely forgot about Kronos.

Diverting my attention from Crimson to Kronos, I proceeded to scour the city for him.

Knowing that Donte couldn’t hold his ground forever, I had to pickup the pace, eventually finding Kronos.

He reacted quickly as I ran past him, jabbing my neck. Remembering our last encounter, which was like 2-3 weeks ago, he would still have anemia, given that it’d take months to fully recover from at the level he was at.

“Well that hurt” I murmured with my neck now feeling practically broken

“It’s time to suffer” he threatened

“On the contrary,” I whispered

Suddenly my focus was drawn by Donte’s lightblue lightning streak approaching from the west.

He stopped right in front of me and said, “I lost him for now.”

“Good. Follow my lead.” I replied

He nodded his head and I reverted my attention to Kronos.

I, followed by Donte, ran around Kronos in an anti-clockwise direction, with a moderate radius. As we went around, we increased our speed. This continued for around 20 laps until you could finally see the effect of what we were doing.

A visible column of air began to form a twist based on our running patterns. After 10 more seconds of this, Kronos fell down to the ground, knocked out cold.

That was our queue to stop, our else it’d have went overboard. Donte was visibly confused on what just happened, so I explained, “You see, he had anemia, which is weak blood, which means that his red blood cells can’t carry much oxygen, and no matter can exist in side a vacuum, which is what we created. So basically the vacuum took away the little air that he had in his body causing him to pass out.”

He was now even more confused, “ugh. You’ll understand when you’re older.” I stated, patting him on the head.

In the mere blink of an eye I found myself flying to my left, with my jaw literally broken.

All I recall at that point was Donte screaming and then shortly after crying in pain.

My vision waded my thoughts wandered. In my last few moments, all I saw, was a man in a golden suit. He looked familiar, but at the time, I just couldn’t remember.

Everything then went black....

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