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Chapter 2: Magnet Man

Romaine decided to wait until tomorrow to sign into the school website. So today, he planned to meet up with the group consisting of Dondre, Kyle, Malcom, and the rest.

They had decided to go and watch a movie at the theater, which was right across from their school.

When they were there, the group voted on what to watch. Romaine, Malcom and Chris wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes while Dondre, Kyle and Kirk wanted to watch Texas Massacre 2. So it was up to Jake to break the tie, and with his vote he chose Texas Massacre 2.

Right after the preview trailers, the group was interrupted by a massive explosion. After they identified that it was coming from over the school, they immediately rushed over.

Romaine told them to split up and see if they could help anyone. He then headed towards the multipurpose field. Where he was intercepted by one of those shadowy figures from before.

Romaine didn’t hesitate in engaging it in hand-to-hand combat. The figure took a few hits and so did Romaine. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a man dressed in a gold full body suit, ran toward the figure approaching it from it’s side and collided with it shoulder first and hit it unconscious.

What Romaine saw was only a blur though. Looking at the man, Romaine could clearly see that he was of black origin. So whoever it was, he was a black person. As Romaine opened his mouth to speak to him, they were both startled by another explosion of a different origin and magnitude which came from where Kyle went.

Romaine squandered no time in hightailing it over to the explosion. When he got there, he found nothing but the remains of a shadowy figure. Kyle was nowhere to be found. Soon after, the rest of the group came running over here, except Dondre.

Romaine asked where Dondre was and Malcom informed him that nobody’s seen him.

Romaine was gravely disturbed at the thought of his what happened to his friends.

After a while, the group went to their separate homes. Romaine thought of giving Dondre a call just incase he was home or something. The customer care representative said that the ability to call Dondre’s phone was now unavailable. As for Kyle, they found his phone in pieces after the explosion.

Romaine decided to sleep it off in case it was a dream, but when he woke up 4 hours later, he realized that it wasn’t.

He then sat up and began brainstorming on possible answers to the questions he had. And he concluded that there was only one thing for him to do.

By now it was turning dark out, and Romaine only had about 3 more hours until his mother came home. So he had to be quick.

He went into his closet and got out his long dark detective coat. He was feeling sure of himself and left out with confidence.

1 hour later...

Romaine’s POV

I went back to the movie cinema, but I wasn’t interested in watching anything, I went into the alley that’s beside it. I had a plan, but it required me to act as bait.

Hopefully, whatever happened to me at school the other day happens again. All I needed to do was capture one of those shadow things and get him to tell me about my friends.

As I stood there facing the darker area of the alley, I called out, “Hey! Mr Shadow thing!“.

After a while, I got no results. As I was about to give up, with my back now facing the alley, I felt the urge to take just one more glance.

When I did, I was surprised to find a human figure looking at me. Unlike those shadowy things from before, instead of pitch black darkness surrounding it, it was wearing dark purple clothes.

“Where are Dondre and Kyle?!” I shouted. He gave off no sort of response but a smile. “You think this is funny?!” I asked him.

Suddenly, one of the dumpsters that were beside him was slung right at me through the air. I knew I had to act fast, but my normally quick thinking brain wasn’t clicking.

My body flinched to defend itself, like a normal human’s body would, then it happened, the spark that I experienced out at school. I was seeing things in super slow motion again.

I dallied no time, because I had no idea how long this would last. I rushed over to the man, avoiding the dumpster. While running, I noticed a trail of dark blue lightning following me.

I reach over to him and gave him a few punches to the gut. I then slammed him onto the ground and placed my left foot on his chest in order to secure him.

I didn’t know how to speed time back up, so my best chance was to try and will my self to move slower. I closed my eyes and breathed very slowly. When I opened them, the guy was finally reacting to what I did to him.

Everything seemed to be normal speed to me. Abit after watching the guy struggle to move my foot, I sensed another person coming, but it felt really familiar. About a second after, the guy in the gold suit from before showed up.

“What seems to be the problem civilian?” he asked me while vibrating his vocal cords as to disguise his voice.

I walked over to him thinking to myself who it could be. “You feel familiar.” I said to him.

He took a step back to indicate that I was getting too close, so I stepped back as well.

I turned around to show him what I did, but when I did, the guy was gone. He seemed to have left a trail of blood though, I mean to hit him that hard, jeez.

As the suited man beside me took a ready position, I held out my hand to stop him and told him “I got it.” then I sped off.

I was actually moving super fast again. “He couldn’t have gone too far.” I thought to myself.

I noticed that the blood trail went over a fence and went onto the main road, so I had to run around the buildings. For people walking it was abit lengthy but for me running, easy peasy.

When I was going to turn the curve, The Gold Suited guy actually caught up to me, I slowed down Abit so that we could run side by side.

“You’re Usain Bolt aren’t ya?” I inquired of him.

“What gave it away?” He asked me, confirming that I was right.

“You’re ready stance, I’ve only ever seen you pose like that.” I replied.

He chuckled and then we turned our heads back straight and curved the corner.

As we caught up to the guy, who was basically frozen in time, I began to notice a bit of heat on the soles of my feet, but I ignored it.

We came to a stop right beside him with Usain to the left, and me to the right. “So what should we do to him?” I questioned Usain, saying as he would be the more experienced one here.

“Take him to the cops.” He replied sternly, “You’ve done enough to this man already.”

I grunted and then replied, “ok”.

So we took him up and ran to the police station that is literally beside my school. Usain left them a note and then we were off.

By time we were about a hundred meters from the station, my feet were roasting. They were too hot to keep running, and I was running too fast to stop. The next thing I knew, my right leg tripped over the left one and I kept rolling until I face planted into the ground. Usain Bolt stopped to help me.

He took a look at my shoes and the entire bottoms were burned off.

“I was afraid of this.” He said, “The friction burned off your shoes.”

I groaned and began to get up. “There goes my basketball shoes.” I stated.

“No more running for now ok; if your feet get worse you might not be able to even walk.” He advised me.

“Ok ok. You can go now. I can get home on my own.” I tried to indicate that I wanted him to go.

After he patted me on the head and said “Good work out there today.“, he ran off.

I took the bus home. And I was glad to see that mom wasn’t home yet. I still couldn’t believe everything that had happened. And all I wanted to do was sleep.

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