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Season II Chapter 11: Interrogation

Romaine’s POV

Aww man.. how could things have possibly come to this? If you told me exactly a year ago that I, along with my bestfriend and cousin would gain super speed and be running all around the city stopping bad guys, I really wouldn’t have believed you. And it would’ve made your case even worse, if you mentioned that I’d get framed for Donte’s murder and that I’d be taken to an X-Genist containment facility.

“Now Mr Green,” Started Director Hennessy, “We have almost every aspect of your life printed on these sheets of paper”

He put his arm under the table and took out a folder. He opened it and started reading.

“Says here, that your first word was ‘mama’, you lost your first tooth at age 6, your father abandoned you at 5, you had your first crush at 8, and you’re the only boy child that either of your parents have.”

“How did you get all that?”

“Oh, we have everything on you, that was just the tip of the iceberg. This file contains your entire life.”

“And what are you planning on doing with it, exactly?”

“Absolutely, nothing.”

He slid out a shredder from under the table, then put the entire folder into it, all while maintaining eye contact.

“Wh-..why would you do that to my file?”

“Because, Mr Green, as of this very moment, you no longer exist.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Once you become an inmate here, all trace of you is erased. Birth certificates, driver’s licenses, spelling awards, school records, you name it. There is no longer, a Romaine Green, and as far as anyone else is concerned, there never was. From this moment onwards, you will be referred to as ‘Inmate 7’.”

What he said left me speechless. You can’t really fully erase a person from existence...can you?

“You’re wrong.” I rebutted, “You might be able to erase me from record, but you’ll never be able to get my mom to forget me. She’ll start looking for me soon enough, just you watch.”

I have more faith in Cas being able to find me than my mom, but I held off on mentioning her so she doesn’t get brought into this.

“You’re naive Inmate 7” He said, “We’ve taken care of every angle. Your past self no longer exists.”

I’m sure Cas would find me eventually, then send Dondre to recuse me. I just gotta hold out until then.

“Now Inmate 7, as I’ve stated before, you’re going to tell me everything; how did such a respectable young man turn to such a life of crime? how did you do it? what pushed you into not only taking three of your family members’ lives, but also splattering their blood all over the room? And most importantly, what exactly are your X-Gene abilities?”

“Look-...I.. I could never do something like that. I swear, I was framed. And you gotta let me out, my mother would die if she found out about this.”

“Speaking of your mother, does she know that her innocent child has become a psychopathic murderer?”

“Of course not! And I said it wasn’t me! I was framed!”

“Let’s ignore for a second that your DNA was found all over the place and mixed into the blood, and that you were literally caught in the middle of the scene soaking in your victims’ blood, who do you think would want to frame you?”

Obviously I know it was Black Zero, but bringing him up would complicate things; I mean, seeing this guy so far, I’m sure that revealing my identity as Velocity won’t do me much good. And if I can’t catch Black Zero, these people sure as hell can’t.

I didn’t realize that I was just sitting there saying nothing until he broke the silence.

“I see..” he said quietly, “Well then, Inmate 7, I’ll be escorting you to your cell”

He got up and opened the door for me

“Shall we?” he offered

I got up and followed him out.


We made our way past a few facilities, notably a gym and lunch area. When we got to the cell block, I was surprised to see a few old faces; all I got to see was Melissa, Magnet Man, and Shockwave. Their eyes peered at me as we walked past. I’m glad they’ve never seen me without my mask, or I’d be in some serious trouble tomorrow.

“I’m sure you’ll come to love the other inmates,” Hennessy commented, “you all have something in common; instead of using your gift to help people, you use it to achieve your own selfish needs instead.”

It sounded like what he said was a bit personal to him.

“It’s thanks to the Speedster Trio why this city still stands” he went on

“Speedster Trio?” I questioned

“Yes; Velocity, Excel and Acceleration”


Well I wouldn’t exactly call us a trio anymore; since one of us is dead and another in an offshore holding facility

“It’s thanks to them why a majority of the inmates are here. 5 of them were defeated by the trio”

I can’t believe I’ve only defeated 5 bad guys, minus Crimson and Kronos.

“Inmate 1 was put into our care a long time ago, by the now retired Golden Glare. He was a staple to this facility.”

Well I can’t think of anyone that Usain might’ve put behind bars by himself, but now knowing that the Director somewhat looks up to the Speedsters, I could play my trump card now. But there’s still no telling which direction that would go.

“You should feel special,” he continued, “You are in fact the first inmate who’s been caught by the police force.”

I...don’t really know how to feel about that.

We finally stopped at what was so far the only empty cell that I’ve seen. The Director opened the door and turned to me. A nearby guard came and released my handcuffs, but I made a quick check that I still couldn’t use my powers; no luck.

“I suggest you get comfortable in your cell Inmate 7,” the Director said, “After all, you will be spending the rest of your life in here.”

I stepped into my cell and watched as they closed it. The Director looked at me through the re-enforced glass-pane.

“Welcome, to Brinestone X Facility Prison”

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