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Season II Chapter 15: Jailbreak

[Dual Narration]

This is already my second day in here, and I don’t plan on spending any more. We’re breaking out, all of us, right now.

“So kid,” Melissa opened, skeptical of my claim, “What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, the plan’s good. Trust me” I reassured


--“First, Melissa’s dad, we’re gonna need you and I, to cause a diversion.“--

Magnet Man stood up on the table and clamored at me

“The hell did you just say to me lil’ boy?!”

“You heard what I said!” I responded

He jumped down and clenched my neck. By that time the guards were already on us. Both of us were tazed and restrained.

--“After that, they’d take us to the solitary confinement chambers, and lock us in there.“--

The guards opened the adjacent chambers, then threw both Magnet Man and I in.

--Leonardo: “K, so what next?”

Romaine: “Well, I realized something, whatever it is that’s suppressing our powers, it seems to not have as much as an effect when inside the solitary chambers.”

Leonardo: “So?”

Romaine: “Well, my hunch is that it’s just radiowaves being transmitted and blocking our abilities, so, Melissa’s Dad, I’m gonna need you to try your best to disrupt the magnetic field. Even if it’s just for a millisecond, I’m sure it’ll be enough.“--

When inside the chamber, I adamantly tried using my speed, waiting for Magnet Man to use his powers. If my hunch is correct, and the thing that’s blocking our powers is actually some radiowave signal, then him disrupting the magnetic field for even the fraction of a second should buy me enough time to get outta here.

After a bit of waiting, I felt a spark of electricity rush through my body. The spark grew into lightning, I felt so energized, I was all over the room, despite my body’s lack of hydration. I didn’t have time to calculate how fast I’d need to go to be able to phase through the iron door, I was so pumped I just went for it. I was blazing all over the place, everyone was frozen.

--“After that, I’ll phase my way out of the chamber, find the master control room, and hopefully be able to shut off whatever’s transmitting the signals.“--

After a short while, I found just the place I was looking for. And Director Hennessy was in there as well. I scoured the room for something that looks like it would be controlling a radio transmitter. Eventually I found it, but it required you to execute a command for it to turn off. I slowed down, and boringly watched as everyone in the room reacted to my sudden appearance. Hennessy ordered them all to detain me, I had guns pointed at me. Thankfully, I’m naturally a speed typer, so by that time I had already executed the shutoff command.

Shots were fired and I was now normally able to enter superspeed. I was considerably slower than before, as I could still see them moving at a noticeable pace, and I had to dodge the bullets. I smashed the monitor that I used to shut off the transmitter; to prevent them from turning it back on.

--“When I shut off the transmitter, you guys take out the guards, then it’s easy going from there.“--

I went back to the solitary chamber and freed Magnet Man, not wanting him to have to suffer any longer in there than necessary. I had knocked out the guards prior to opening the door, easy peasy. I had to go back to the group with him, and I couldn’t let him see my true abilities, so when I had opened the door, I returned to a normal pace.

“Wow.” he commented, “You’re something else kid.”

We rushed back to the eating hall, and saw that the rest of the group had already went to town on the guards in there.

“Let’s go.” Melissa prompted

We all ran out to the front gate, eliminating everyone in our way. At that time, an alarm had been sounded. It was by far the most earsplitting experience I’ve ever had. Rockwell and Shockwave worked together to blow open the massive iron gates.

When we were met by the water, Magnet Man offered to carry us across using his ability. He somehow mustered the strength to carry all of us all the way to the shore. When we hit land, he broke out into a breathing fit.

“Well I gotta say, well done kid” Melissa commended

“Thanks, couldn’t have done it without you guys, especially you, Leonardo”

“Wait..” She paused, “I never..told you, my dad’s name.”

“Oh, well uhh. I saw it on the news; that whole thing with Magnet Man?”

“No one calls him that, only-..”

Well, I knew where the was going. I sped out of there while I had the chance.


I sped into the elevator like my life depended on it. Halfway down I realized that the bottom of my feet were roasted. Curse those thin inmate shoes. Since the soles were burned all the way through, I started taking them off; and that’s when the elevator decided to reach the next floor. So my friends’ first impression of me in 2 days is me wearing a prison jumpsuit and frantically taking off burned out shoes.

They all seemed surprised to see me -well I mean evidently of course they would- but we had a bigger problem on our hands right now.

“You guys should really work on installing a stairwell or something because I seriously don’t have the time to wait on that thing to bring me up and down.” I stated, completely nonchalant

There were a few stutters from them, and mixed expressions, but I had to get to the point.

“Talk later, but now we have 6 fugitives about to reek havoc on the city. Dondre, meet me in the elevator.”


I changed into my suit and was now in the elevator with Dondre, who was still speechless.

“Wait,” I mumbled, “Did I just see Kyle in there?”

“Long story.” He responded

It’s been two days; I don’t see how there could be much of a story at all much less a long one. But there’s no time for that. The time for explanations and grievances is later.

“So who do we have to fight exactly?” he questioned

“Everyone: Shockwave, Torpedo, Big Ugly, Magnet Man, Melissa and someone that Usain defeated.”

“Boy, you must be glad you have me now.”


“I mean, ′Magnet Man’?? What kind of name is that? And you didn’t even name one of them, you just call her by her real name.”

You gotta be kidding me. At a time like this he’s talking about that? Jeez, gimme a break.


I left the ring at the lab, which is fine, I can function without it. But the iron armor chip is attached to my emblem, so I can’t leave it behind by accident unless it’s intentionally removed by someone.

Dondre and I agreed on the quick approach and formed a vacuum around each of them one-by-one to knock them out then take them to the coast. The armor came in handy with Shockwave, and the ring would’ve made dealing with Magnet Man and Melissa less of a hassle, but we eventually got them. Torpedo and Rockwell weren’t much of an issue, B’do, on the other hand, was way too large for us to carry together. I thought back to what Melissa said, about his body naturally nullifying shockwaves and pressure directed toward it; so I figured we could just roll him all the way to the coast, and we’d do it by laying a barrage of punches on him. It may be little, but the bit of force would start to pick up the pace as we continued the barrage.


When we’d got them back, some of the prison guards had already made shore, along with Director Hennessy. I don’t know how he’s going to take them all back, but that’s not my problem. He glared at me, and gave a smile of approval, as if he knew who I actually was; though I’m probably just overthinking things again.


Back at the lab, I sat on a chair in the main room, finally taking in everything that had happened over the course of 2 days.

“So..” Dondre broke the silence that no one else was willing to, “You mind telling us what happened exactly?”

I explained everything from the point when I left the lab 2 days ago up until now.

“So we were right..” he said softly, “Donte is.. dead..”

“Yeah well, I told myself to not cry over anything until I got out of that prison. And I’d forgot that he was murdered, even when I just explained to you what happened, so thanks for reminding me.” I commented, heavily sarcastic

The room went quiet once, more. Everyone exchanged looks with each other.

“Look..” Cassandra opened, “he meant a lot to us.. all of us.. we all feel the same way you do, but you can’t put yourself into this depressing state.”

I glared at her, unappreciative of those words coming from her of all people.

Before we could enter another state of solemn silence, the doors to the elevator opened.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiii’m Baaaaaaaaaaack!" a voice screeched from inside

The four of us turned our heads in disbelief and confusion.

“Oh boy.. guys, you would not believe how weird the past two days have been.” He laughed it off, like he usually does, he never really knew how to read a room.

“Donte..?” I muttered, left utterly speechless

“Uhh, yeah! Who else?” he cheered

“You’’re supposed to be dead.”

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