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Chapter 3: Race With Usain

Romaine woke up realizing that he was tucked in by his mother, when he looked at his phone, he learned that it was 12:24pm.

He was also made aware of all the messages his friends sent him, they were worried that he had gone missing too.

Romaine jumped up and stretched his body remembering how he was totally burned out last night. He then realized that his feet were fine.

Still procrastinating going on the website, Romaine decided to go out. He contacted his friends and all of them were busy. He then got an email on his phone.

It read, “Hey there Kiddo! It’s me, Usain Bolt, anyway, I was thinking we could meet at the alley.”

“Ok no offense but, NOONE USES EMAILS ANYMORE. And also, how did you get my email address?” Romaine replied

“Sorry, but, I tend to be a bit old fashioned. And every student’s email address is in the school’s data base man.”

“Ok whatever be there in an hour.”

Romaine grabbed his coat, and spare basketball shoes, then headed out.

1 hour later...

Romaine approached the entrance of the alley. He then noticed Usain and a girl about Romaine’s age beside him over at the KFC 20 meters away.

Romaine walked rather slowly over to them. Usain then introduced the girl beside him to be his daughter, Cassandra.

Romaine’s jaw dropped, “I didn’t know you had a daughter.” he remarked.

“Yeah, most people don’t.” Usain answered

Romaine noticed that Cassandra was blonde. “It’s not everyday you see a blonde Jamaican.” He pointed out.

Romaine is a sucker for blondes. Cassandra put forth her hand indicating for a handshake. Romaine promptly accepted the handshake while still watching her long hair.

Cassandra adjusted her glasses and then added, “We’ll be beginning your training today.”

Cassandra’s sweet voice knocked Romaine out of ‘The Zone’. “My what now?” he questioned.

“You training.” She clarified.

“Oh oh.” He answered.

“Your running training.” She further explained knowing that he didn’t understand.

After a bit longer of conversing, the group went on a thrity minute walk to Usain Bolt’s house in Bogue Hills Estates.

When they got there, they proceeded into the basement.

“Heads up!” Cassandra warned as she threw Romaine some special shoes. “They’re five times more friction resistant than normal shoes.” She explained.

Romaine switched out his shoes and then stepped into the large see-through tunnel that surrounded the basement.

He then went on his marks. “Ready, and... GO!!” Cassandra started him off.

Romaine ran off and completed about 1 lap per second, with each lap being 100 meters. After he had completed a hundred laps, which took 100 seconds, then he came to a stop and exited the tube.

“Not bad.” Cassandra commented. Usain Bolt all the while observing silently. When Romaine finished panting, he approached her. “How fast did I go?” He questioned her.

“360kmph” She responded. “Nice!” Romaine cheered.

“Ok one last thing,” Usain added while getting up from his chair, “If you wanna be a hero, you gotta beat me. You, me, 100 laps in the speed tunnel. You win, we accept you. You lose, then...I don’t know, we’ll see.”

“I’m down for it.” Romaine replied, “Let’s do it.”

Romaine’s POV

Woah, I was about to race with the world champ, Usain Bolt, could things get anymore intense?!

I needed to come up with a strategy to beat him, but what?

I noticed something when I was running in the tube before, I was slower. In my fight with Magnet man, time was almost completely stopped, but a while ago, in the tube, I could notice Cassandra’s breathing patterns. I didn’t know why I was slower than before, but I still needed to beat this guy.

Then I got it, I was gonna Sprint. Sprinting multiplies your speed by about 1.75%. But the thing is, sprinting doesn’t last too long. So the most I could do was probably about 10 seconds. Then I’d be burned out. But I didn’t have many options at the time.

“Ready, and...GO!!” Cassandra’s start rang in my ear as I lifted myself up and sprinted off. I had to exert everything to beat this guy.

For a while, we were head to head, but then my sprinting began to take effect. I picked up the speed and began gaining some ground.

After 10 seconds, I was totally burned out, and he was catching up. But that spark. It wouldn’t let me lose. I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline and bolted off.

I then completed my 100th lap leaving him on his 80th.

I ran out of the tube and fell on the ground from a lack of energy.

Cassandra quickly dropped her tablet and rushed over to help me. “Oh boy!” She said worryingly.

“Are you ok?!” She was looking for a response.

But before I could respond, I passed out from a lack of energy.

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