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Season II Chapter 22: Psychotic Speed

Romaine’s POV

It seems like it’s normal for all of our encounters to end with the team being mad at me now.

Thankfully, they don’t hold grudges that much. So now it’s a new day; my slate has been somewhat wiped clean.

I just sat in the lab and bugged Cassandra about the reverse-inhibitor until Dondre and Kyle arrived.

“What do you have ready for us today, ′leader’?” Kyle questioned

“Uhh, nothing.” I responded

“So what?” Dondre started, “We’re just gonna laze around and hope for a crime to give us something to do?”

“Well- I mean yes, but, as the hero, you’re supposed to be glad that there are no crimes.”

“ the hero, I supposed to be glad when there are crimes; not only do I get something to do, but there’s one less bad guy out there.”

“Valid Point...”

“Well wait no more.” Cassandra announced, “I’m getting electro-kinetic readings that are off the charts. You know what that means.”

“New Speedster!” I answered

“Where are they heading?” Inquired Dondre

“They’re scaling buildings downtown, near St. James Street.”

“Let’s go Dondre.” I prompted, already in my suit


We sped to the downtown area, following Cas’ directions. Eventually we spotted the speedster. They had dark red lightning, with neon red highlights.

“That’s the first.” I commented.

“What?” Dondre questioned, finally catching up and coming to a stop beside me.

“Check out the lightning.”

“Oh yeah..”

“Reminds you of a certain somebody?”

“Black Zero..”


The neon red highlights of the lightning were so much like Black Zero’s lightning.

“So what do we do?” Dondre questioned

“We catch ’em” I responded

I sped off, leaving Dondre in his place; he was slow to react as usual.

The speedster had paused on the top of a building; due to our presence no doubt. I wasn’t about to let them get away, so I raced toward the base of the building and started running up the wall. The speedster turned to me, then ran down the building towards me. Her face was one of the last things I saw.

The speedster was Donte’s sister, Shante. Thoughts flooded into my mind, faster than I was moving. My defenses were dropped, Shante came and jabbed me with her left hand into my stomach. I felt the electricity from her fist spread throughout my body; she then continued to run past me in superspeed.

Everything had slowed down. Things quickly transitioned to not moving at all. Because I was running up the building when she got me, her punch had knocked me off balance. A ringing sound had started fading in and kept getting louder. I was now free falling off of the side of the building, but things weren’t moving for, so I was trapped in still motion. Everything then faded to white.

Opening my eyes, I was on the ground. There was nothing in sight; I was just standing on a white plane. I saw nothing but white for as far as my viewing distance went. The ringing in my ears started to fade out. Turning around, I saw something dark in the distance. I slowly started to approach it, but it had already came up to me. It was Black Zero, he had already held me up by the neck in his hand. His claw-like nails dug through my skin. The air in my body swiftly left me as I struggled to get him to let go. The blood from my neck flowed down his fingers to his arm and dripped to the ground. I stared into his eyes, seeing nothing but hatred. He snarled at me, before disappearing into thin air. I fell to the ground, helplessly bleeding out; then things snapped back.

I was suddenly back to reality, now in Dondre’s arms. It looks like he had caught me from my free fall. My vision was blurred and my ears were ringing again. I stood up from out of his arms; and the effects wore off soon after. The second I could see straight again, I suddenly moved my hand to my neck, feeling for marks; there was nothing there. I questioned myself what had just happened.

“Where is she?” I asked

“She got away.” He responded

I groaned

“It’s best we go back.” He suggested

-“Good idea”- Cassandra confirmed from over the comms


When we had gone back to the lab, I explained to them what had happened to me.

“Psychosis.” Cas stated

“What?” Dondre questioned

“When he was hit, he got put into a state of psychosis.”

“Psychosis?” questioned Kyle

“It’s when you lose touch with reality; you can see, hear or experience things that aren’t real.” Dondre explained

“But why would an attack from her give me psychosis?” I posed

“That’s what we need to find out.” Cas said

“So we know that there’s an obvious relation between your cousin and Black Zero.” Kyle started, “But why would there be similarities in their lightning appearances? Up until now Black Zero was the only known speedster with lightning highlights.”

“So many questions, such a long day.” Dondre said, “How about we do this tomorrow, eh?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we figured it out now in case she comes back tomorrow?” Kyle rebutted

"Yeahhh, but no. I mean, seriously, Romaine’s been arrested, broken out of prison, lost a close friend and teammate, had a failed plan against Black Zero, seen his other cousin running around the city, and had been put into psychosis by said cousin. All one after the other, back to back. Give the guy a break.”

“He has a point..” I agreed

“Good. That’s settled now, so let’s go to the Café. You haven’t been there in a long time. I’ll pay.”

“Uhh, sure.”

“Great. You guys coming too?”

“No.” Kyle denied

“I’d much rather not.” Stated Cas

“Oh come oooon.” he insisted


In the end, we all went with Dondre to Café la tí. I’d say we had a good time, but I would be lying...

3rd Person Narration

"Ahh yes my child." says Black Zero, coming from the shadows, ”You have done very well. But your task is not yet finished; this is but only, the beginning.."

Black Zero snarls, staring at Shante.

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