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Season II Chapter 29: Convergence Part 3

Kyle’s POV

“So you’re telling me that where you come from, Jamaica, along with other caribbean countries, are ruled by monarchs?” Cas questioned

“That is correct.” He confirmed

“And you were going to a royal ball with your girlfriend?” Dondre added

"Bestfriend, but yes. Correct as well.”

“So that’s why you’re wearing that weird suit.”

The three of us unamusingly turned our attention to Dondre, with the Prince raising his eyebrow.

“He came from a different world, looks exactly like your bestfriend, has his name, a british accent, speaks Tier 1 English, has perfect posture and is holding a cane for god sakes. And the thing that bothers you the most is his clothes?” Cas ridiculed

“Well.. in my defense, he has no business being so formal if he’s ‘dimension traveling’.” he said

“I time travel, mainly. But to get here Edison added the ability to cross space-time.” the Prince corrected

“Edison?” Cas questioned, “As in, Thomas Edison?”


“You mean, Thomas Alva Edison?”

“Well-.. Yes?..”

“She’s a big Edison fan.” Dondre stated

“Ahh, I see.”

“So you were able to get here because of Edison? How?” I questioned

“This watch you see me fashioning.” he replied, raising his left hand

“How exactly?” Dondre inquired

“It was designed by Thomas Edison and Thomas Lecky. It’s purpose was originally to allow the wearer to travel to a designated time period. But as you can see, the final product has been far greater improved.”

“Thomas Lecky?” Dondre questioned

“How did the creator of the lightbulb and a biological engineer create a device that can travel through time?” I queried

Cassandra looked at me, evidently surprised.

“What?” I posed, “I know my fair share of science.”

The Prince cleared his throat.

“Yes, that is what they are publicly known for. But secretly, their lives were dedicated to finding a way to somehow control or bypass the time-space continuum.”

“Meaning?” Dondre prompted

“Inconsequential Time Travel, essentially.”

“And why would they want to do that?” Cas questioned

“Lecky claims that it’s mainly for research. But even though they’ve essentially achieved the aforementioned goal, their studies have foregone them, hence why I’m the one who dons the watch instead of them; I’m just the errand boy.”

“Doesn’t sound very becoming of a ‘prince’.” I commented

“I’m in it for the thrill; I won’t have any time to meddle in time traveling when I’m coronated.”

“I see.” I muttered

“Now to why you’re here.” Cas stated

“Right. I was drafted from the royal ball by Edison. He gave me the upgraded watch with a new function. After that I was given a time and a place. I was told something big was going to happen.”

“Well it did. But how did you know about it from all the way in your uhh, ‘universe’?” I questioned

“I didn’t know anything about it until a couple minutes ago; Edison said he wanted data on the event for his research; apparently it’s a multiverse-affecting event. He calls it Convergence. I was against leaving at first, since he had caught me at a terrible time, but, he said it was an event rarer than a once-in-a-lifetime experience; so I’d decided to go. Lo and behold, I got here too late.”

“But... you can time travel; can’t you just go back and witness it?” Dondre pointed out

“The watch is currently unresponsive; which is both weird because it’s never missed it’s target time, and always functioned flawlessly.”

“So in other words, you’re trapped here.” I stated

“You can choose to see it as that, yes.”

“Anything more you can tell us about Convergence?” Cas questioned

“Yes. I ensured to read Edison’s extensive research on it before coming here.”

“No wonder you were late...” Dondre mumbled

“Edison believes that whatever the source of the whole event, it caused a breach in both time and space, but concurrently formed a link between different worlds or realities; hence the term ‘Convergence’.”

“So like a, Universe-Multiverse thing?” I questioned

“Yes. And this world is just one of possibly many in this specific multiverse.”

“Time travel, Universes, Multiverses, a Prince?” Dondre said, “Ok, can we just focus on getting the real Romaine back please?”

“Sure.” Cas agreed, “Since ‘his highness’ is stuck here for the time being, we can focus on getting our Romaine back for now.′

“Maybe I might be able to assist you lot in your efforts.” He said

“Sure.” I accepted

“Since I missed the whole thing,” he started, “do you mind filling me in on how exactly your friend was taken?”

Dondre and Cassandra looked over to me.

“I wasn’t fully focused in the moment,” I admitted, “but just give me a sec to remember.”

Cas nodded.


“It was my turn to focus my powers on the energy mass in the center. Romaine had just shown up, and everyone was in awe at what was happening. The mass had absorbed my light, combining the energy with it’s own. After that it started getting bigger. All of us there begun to panic, except Zero. I attempted to run from it, but I’d tripped over. Romaine ran and got me, but it was too late; the mass had exploded. It then turned into some sort of rift and was pulling the both of us in, but Romaine managed to save me. After that, I saw you, the Prince, step out of a different portal. Then I passed out”

**End of Flashback**

“Well that doesn’t really add much to what we already knew.” Cas commented

“Hold on” stopped the Prince, “this, ‘Zero’ character, who is he exactly?”

“You could say our arch-nemesis.” Dondre stated

“He has a vendetta against our Romaine, for a reason unknown to us.” I added

“I take it he must be a devil.” said the Prince, “but why was he so collected whilst standing in the face of the dangerously unknown?”

“Well,” I started, “he was the one behind the whole thing. So he probably expected it.”

“So if it was Zero who had orchestrated the event itself, what did he want from it?”

“We’re still trying to figure that out.” Cas said

“Well, there must’ve been something he mentioned.”

The group turned to me again.

“Hold on.” I mumbled


“I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary... however, there was something he said that I was wondering about; after I’d attempted to attack him, and he broke my hand, he said something weird.”

"...we have all that is necessary to accomplish ROWTS. Now let’s begin."

**End of Flashback**

“Hold on” Romaine stopped me again, “You said ‘ROWTS’? As in R-O-W-T-S?”

“Well I wouldn’t know how to spell it, but I guess so.”

“You’ve heard of it before?” Cas asked him

“Read of it, in Edison’s research actually.”

“What do you mean?” Dondre questioned

“It stands for ’A Rift to Other Worlds through Time and Space. Edison had used the phrase so much he ended up just abbreviating it to ‘ROWTS’.”

“So what business does Black Zero have exactly quoting Edison’s research from a completely different world?” Cas posed

“I have no idea.”

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