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Season II Chapter 30: Convergence Part 4

Kyle’s POV

“Could it be that Zero possibly decoded how to travel through space-time?” Dondre posed

“Impossible.” Cas stated, “This is Thomas Edison we’re talking about; Black Zero has shown to be smart and cunning, but he could never compare to a scientist such as Edison.”

“I gotta agree with Cas on this one.” I stated, “If Zero were as smart as Edison, I’m sure we’d be dead all long time ago.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Dondre submitted, “So how could he have possibly known then?”

The rest of the group hinted toward the Prince.

“That is just one of those questions as to which I don’t have an answer.” he stated

“Are you sure there isn’t~” My question was interrupted by the sound of an alarm

“The bloody hell is that?” The Prince belted

“Crime Alert.” Cas responded as the rest of us headed over to the computers.

She managed to trace the origin of destruction and bring up camera feeds from different angles.

“And that?” the Prince questioned

“A.. big ugly guy demolishing buildings with just hand gestures...” She said, evidently confused.

“Is that.. normal, around here?”

“Yes but, not on this scale.”

The feeds showed just as she said; A big, oddly figured guy demolishing buildings with nothing more than the wave of his hand.

“Dondre, can you get me down there?” I asked

“Of course.”

“We’ll be right back, ‘Your Highness’.”

“Ok I think you guys are mocking me at this point.” he replied

I stopped in the elevator and faced him, giving a smirk.

-“Kyle,“- I heard Cas -“What are you planning on doing exactly?“-

“Simple.” I stated, “We can just knock him out, and call it a day.”

-“Well be careful. Dondre, you’ll have to protect him. Try not to fail this time.“-

“Yeah yeah.” Dondre mumbled, “He was faster than expected ok?”

-“Have fun explaining that to Romaine.“-

“Just tell us where the guy is.”

-“Sam Sharpe Square, near the Pier.“-


Dondre raced me out to the scene. The man in question had already done good work with the place. I dare even say he’s more destructive than TK.

I hadn’t realized the fact that my left arm was no longer broken until I had attempted to take off my gloves. But what I also hadn’t realized, came after.

“Get his attention.” I instructed

“With pleasure.” Dondre agreed

Dondre looked around and picked up a piece of broken concrete.

“Let’s see how rusty I am.” he said

He aimed for the man in question and threw the concrete toward him. The projectile hit him smack-dab in the back of his head.

Dondre did an air fist-pump and cheered himself on.

“Still got it.”

The victim of Dondre’s precise aim had turned around, looking particularly pissed.

Before we could even react he violently shoved his hand in our direction, followed by the remains of a building being hurled towards us. Dondre’s quick reaction time came in handy; he managed to get me and himself out of the way.

“We should probably try not to get hit by those.” he suggested

“Don’t plan to; it’s over.” I stated boldly

I sprung to my feet and revealed my naked palms. There was no light, there was no fainting, there was no easy ending. Instead, he repeated the same action as before, only now using both hands. An entire building was ripped off of it’s foundation and flung toward me.

Thankfully, once again Dondre came through; somehow managing to get up and move the two of us out of the building’s wide range fast enough.

“What did I just say?” He posed

"Obviously that wasn’t supposed to happen” I rebutted, pushing him off of me.

I looked at my naked, non-luminous palms.

“What’s happening?” I questioned.

“You starting to act like a certain friend of yours.” Dondre responded

“Not that, my powers aren’t working.”

“Oh. No idea.”

My attention was drawn back to the villain, or should I say to what was behind him.

Another rift had formed, similar to the one Romaine got sucked into, but smaller. I’d expected things to get sucked in, but instead someone came out. It was a girl, with surprisingly shocking yellow hair, wearing a greyish-yellow suit.

Her reaction time was fast; she didn’t even flinch. She jumped out of the portal and landed as if she was expecting all this.

“Hey Ballista!” She called out, “Gone so soon?”

The girl was holding an iron pipe, which she appeared to have charged right before projecting it towards him.

Like I said, she was quick. By time the guy had turned his head in response to the call the pipe had hit him in the face.

“Well that’s gotta hurt.” Dondre commented

When Ballista had stopped clenching his face, the look on it would make you wish he hadn’t stopped. And he looked even more mad this time. Ballista not only thrusted his hand forward, but he clenched it as if he was squeezing the life out of something. A building was uprooted from it’s foundation, and hurled toward her. As it traveled through the air it was ripped into two parts, ending up cornering the girl from both her left and right. But once again, for the third time today, Dondre came to the rescue. He zipped past Ballista and narrowly avoided the two colliding halves of the building. When all was done, he had her tightly grasped in his arms.

“Umm, thanks. I guess. Now can you let me go?” She said

“Sure.” chuckled

Ballista groaned, before what looks like turning into a dark cloud and dissipating.

“Oh no, he got away!” Said the girl, running up closer

“We can take you back to the lab if you want?” Dondre offered

“Dude, seriously?” I ridiculed

“Ay, the enemy of the guy that’s flattening the entire city is our friend.”

“It would’ve been better if you’d said the entire quote, but ok.”

“Nuhuh.” The girl objected, “I’m not interested in going anywhere with you. I gotta find Ballista, stop him, then get the hell back to where I came from.”

“Yeah, but my team and I could help you find and stop him.” He reasoned

She hummed in hesitation.

“Come on.” he went on, “If I take you then I know I can convince them to help you.”

“And why is that?”

Dondre took a glance at me, then whispered.

“I’m, basically the leader.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, they look up to me as sort of an authority figure.”

“Not true” I coughed

“Plus he kinda wrecked the city, so we’d have to track him and give him a beatdown anyway.” he said, now at a more audible volume

She hummed again.

“Well alright then.” she conceded

“Great!” he cheered

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