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Season II Chapter 32: Convergence Part 6

Kyle’s POV

“How in the hell are we going to find a guy that can not only remotely kill us, but has a partner that could rip us to pieces with a thought?” Dondre stressed

“Same way we beat every other seemingly impossible villain; just stay calm, and think it through. I’m sure we’ll think of something.” I said

“Lisa,” Cas started, “Do you think you can brief us on the origin of your powers? Or how people come to gain abilities in your universe.”

“Oh yeah,” Dondre went, “Do you guys have X-Genists like us?”

“No, over there we’re called ‘Espers’.” Alisa stated, “Each Esper possesses a psychic ability, such as telepathy, telekinesis, etc.”

“And in your case it’s Electromancy.” I stated


“Psychic ability...” Cas repeated

“That’s right.”

“Think you got something, Cas?” Dondre questioned

“Maybe, just maybe, if we were able to isolate a singular frequency emitted by whatever in the brain grants these abilities, I could create a counter frequency to it.” she responded

“So some sort of anti-esper frequency device?” I questioned

“Exactly. It’s the same type of technology that Brinstone uses to nullify X-Genist abilities.”

“And just how would you pull that off?” Dondre posed

“Well,” Cas started, turning to Alisa, “We have an Esper of our very own right here.”

“Oh no no no no,” Went Alisa, taking a couple steps back, “I won’t be your lab rat.”

“You wouldn’t be my lab rat, I just need to run a few tests to analyze your brain frequencies.”

“Alisa, started Dondre, “You’re possibly the key to stopping Dark Cross and Ballista, and wouldn’t you do anything to stop them?”

“Well whatever the lot of you decide,” Interrupted The Prince, “You might want to bloody hell hurry up; Dark Cross’ corruption is rapidly spreading.”

Everyone else turned their attention to the monitors. He was right, almost half of the entire city was now engulfed in Cross’ corruption.

“Fine.” Alisa agreed, “I’ll do it. But no funny business.”

Without even any time to breathe whatsoever, we got an alert from the monitors.

“Bloody hell,” went The Prince, “what is it now?”

“You have got to stop saying that;” Went Dondre, “it just doesn’t fit you well.”

“It’s the Rising Sun.” Cas announced

“Why the heck would they be back?” I went

“No idea.” Dondre commented

“Well let’s go.” I prompted him

“But your powers don’t work.” Dondre commented

“Well you’re going to need guidance out in the field, and your comms have a tendency to not work at times like this.”

“Well I won’t be the one to get blamed if you end up dead.”

“Cas, make sure you run the tests while we’re out.”

“Already on it” She stated


Rushing out to the scene, I was now face-to-face with the Rising Sun again, including the ‘boss’; much sooner than expect might I add.

“Kyle.” Crimson stepped forward

“You guys have no business here.” I stated, “Project Sunrise is already over. Or have you turned to the life of a common criminal?”

The group looked amongst themselves, then Crimson finally spoke up.

“We’re going after Zero, and we need your help.”

“Why me?” I questioned

“Because.. despite your age, you’re the smartest one here.”

Jeff was never really the type that would admit something like that to me, and he’s fairly intelligent himself, so there must’ve been something else.

“Bullshit.” I stated, “What’s the real reason you all came here for me?”

The whole group exchanged very disconcerting looks amongst themselves.

“The truth is...” Crimson started

“The truth is we all lost our powers.” interrupted TK

“Yeah.” confirmed Kronos

“I was getting there...” said Crimson

“Well you were taking too long.” rebutted TK

“We wanted to know if your powers were gone as well.”

“Actually... now that you mention it, yeah, they are. I thought they were just acting up earlier but, I guess they’re gone.”

“Tom’s is gone as well.” stated Obsidian

“We believe that whatever it is that Zero forced us to make, that when we focused our energy one it we were actually giving our powers to it.” said Crimson

“We’d planned to hunt down Zero and make him pay for what he did, but there’s no point in trying now.”

Before anyone else was able to speak, I’d seen a dark red streak run up to us. In the small glimpse I saw before being punched in the face, I’d identified the culprit as as Donte’s sister, Shante.

After being hit, my senses had been thrown off the charts. I was now experiencing symptoms of tinnitus, my eyesight promptly faded to white, and events around me begun to rapidly slow down. It was now at the point to where nothing appeared to be moving. Everything was now completely white.

I regained my proper sight, but the ringing in my ears didn’t cease. I was now standing on a white plain. Everything around me was white. I’d failed to understand at the time how the mind could even create such an experience.

"Kyle..." A voice softly growled from behind me

I swiftly turned around to face the menace.

“What do you want?” I stung

"Ahh, you’re not in a position to be so fierce." Zero responded

“But you can’t do anything to me; this is all just my mind.”

"Is it, Kyle?" belted, thrusting his hand into my torso.

As his hand pierced through my stomach, I uncontrollably spat up blood.

"This pain, that you’re feeling, is it all just your mind, Kyle?" he taunted

He jutted his hand forward, not only piercing my body further, but then throwing me onto the ground.

"I know, you’re onto me, Kyle." he said

“What-.. what are you talking about?” I asked, with my voice faint and being interrupted by bloody coughs.

"Oh please," he snarled, ”A little sleuth such as yourself, you’re bending your mind just trying to figure out who I am; as if it would even benefit you."

I remained silent, clenching my stomach, knowing that his claims were true.

"I’ll keep you alive, for now. But if you don’t stop pursuing my identity, then your brother will meet the same fate as what you’re about to behold."

He kicked me in the head, crippling my vision, then disappeared.

I thought that he meant if I didn’t stop pursuing him he’d do this same thing to my brother, but what I was about to see was much, much worse.

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