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Season II Chapter 34: Convergence Part 8

Kyle’s POV

“Cas it’s been 5 minutes...” Dondre hovered

“Oh really? Felt like hours with you staring over my shoulder like that!” she retorted

“How close are you to being finished?” I questioned

“It’s just about.... done!” She announced upon completion

“Spendid” spoke the Prince, “Now how does it work.”

“I was getting to that..”

Cassandra turned back around to the computers and returned to typing.

On the screens, a satellite view of the city was being cast across them. Cassandra switched to another view filter, in which we could now see fine lines that I assumed as being some sort of radiowaves.

“What are those little wavy things?” Dondre questioned

“The radiofrequency that I designed to complement the esper frequency.” She responded

“And what would that do?” questioned the Prince

“Just watch.”

The waves continued along the screens, as they swept the city.

Part of the waves reached an area near the north-west of the city. When it had reached that point, the waves appeared to bounce off of it, while leaving that area highlighted. The group took notice of such, but none of us spoke up until more waves had reached that point resulting in the same reaction.

“Ahh,” went the Prince softly, “what a genius girl. You found a way to create a partner frequency to the one that Espers naturally produce, in a way that it would function the same way two positive magnets would; repelling each other. Essentially creating your own Esper Echo Locator. And in such little time; I’m sure Edison would be impressed”

Cassandra smiled, humbly taking the compliments.

“That highlighted area,” I started, wanting to revert the subject, “that’s near the pier, right?”

“Mhm.” Cas confirmed, overlaying the esper filter with an image of the city, “Looks like some sort of shed or storage holding facility, just a couple meters off from the pier.”

“Dondre?” I questioned

“Let’s get ’em” He pumped

“I’m coming too.” Alisa interjected, taking the device from Cas

Dondre and I exchanged looks.

“Look, Lisa” I started softly, “You can’t come with us; we’re literally going to be shutting down their powers, at the possible expense of their brain functionality.”

“Well I can’t afford to let anyone else risk getting hurt because of them, so I have to be there. And no one else here knows them better than I do.”

I glanced at Dondre, with uneasiness written all over me.

“Sure, you can come.” He said

I frantically widened my eyes at him. Is it that he completely misread my signals, or is he just that dense?

“Don’t sweat it Kyle,” He said, placing his hand on my shoulder, “We can take ’em. Plus if it’s anything that you should doubt here, it’s the reliability of the device.”

I looked over to Cassandra, seeking backup in the situation, but she seemed to have already withdrawn herself from the conversation. So against my better judgement, I let Alisa come along with us.

“Fine.” I muttered

“Sweet.” Dondre cheered, followed by my silent groan.


Amazingly, Dondre had managed to simultaneously carry Alisa and I out to the pier, without wavering in energy or speed; not even when in the ‘Dead Zone’. When we’d entered the Dead Zone, it felt as if a wave of negative energy had brushed over me. I’d suddenly felt drowsy with a bit of nausea, and I could tell that Lisa was feeling the same. Dondre on the other hand, appeared perfectly fine, and his lightning actually seemed to have been a bit corrupted by Dark Cross’ effects.

“Impressive.” I commented, when we came to a stop

“Eh, it’s nothing. Can’t expect to save the world if I’m unable to carry two people, right?” He responded

“Cas?” I called over the comms, “Where do we go from here?”

-“They’re towards your 10 o’ clock, a couple meters away.“- She responded

-“Proceed with caution, my friends. And remember not to venture too close to Dark Cross without use of the device.“- Advised the Prince

“Got it.” I answered, in a lower tone

I used my hand to gesture to the other two that they should keep down their voices.

Dondre and I had gone to either side of the target building, and Alisa gravitated towards Dondre.

The three of us now had our backs to the wall, on either side of the door. This was definitely that place that Dark Cross was hiding; the energy in my body was quickly fleeting, and I felt as if I was going to faint. Dondre took the initiative to blow down the door; I’d signaled to him that we were ready, and I had already checked our surroundings prior for anything suspicious. Dondre vibrated his body on the spot, before going in front of the door and kicking it clean off. The door ruptured inwards from it’s hinges, then fell to the ground. Upon impact, the door split into over a hundred little pieces, leaving not one part large enough to identify it’s original shape.

Lisa and I were stunned at the action, yes, but we had something more important on our hands. Dondre was now standing in front of the entrance. He sped inside, speeding around a bit, before the walls aggressively separated themselves from the foundation of the building. The three of us got thrown to the ground by the force of the walls, with Dondre taking the gruff of it, being flung several feet.

We bounced back up to our feet and faced our enemies, watching as Ballista and Dark Cross walked out from the remains of the building.

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