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Season II Chapter 35: Convergence Part 9

Kyle’s POV

The group and I exchanged prompted looks, after which Alisa tossed the device over to me. Cross’ effects were growing increasingly potent, so we had to act fast. I was currently a reasonable enough distance from Lisa, hopefully enough not to affect her too much.

Ballista raised his hands, getting ready to attack, to which I responded by clanking around the wheel. I turned it to a safe 8 Hz, but there seemed to have been no effect. Rubble was now being hurled at me from all directions, but thank goodness, Dondre’s reaction was fast as well. He moved me out of the line of fire, barely, might I add, and got us back to our feet.

“Maybe it’s busted?” He questioned

“Can’t be; Lisa’s powers aren’t working.” I replied, bringing his attention to Alisa testing her powers

“Then it’s not strong enough. Clank it up!” He said

“But, Lisa..”

“Come on Kyle.”

I turned back to the two, slowly increasing the signal strength from 8 Hz to 12.

As the wheel had gone up I could hear Alisa’s loud screams of pain from behind me. However, Dark Cross and Ballista showed no reaction to what was being done.

“Why isn’t it working?” Dondre panicked

“I don’t know~” My response to him was interrupted by the device disappearing from my hands, leaving only a shroud of darkness, along with Dondre now having a building pushing him hundreds of feet away.

I glared over at Dark Cross, who now had the device in his hand. I assume he had teleported it from out of my possession into his.

“Was this meant to do something?” He taunted, before smashing it into small electronic parts

“No! Damnit.” I went

Turning around to Alisa, I’d realized that she was laying unconscious on the floor. The signal must’ve shut down her brain. But I don’t understand why it didn’t affect the other two.

Looking over to Dondre, he appeared to be dealing with his own set of problems, being crushed under a building and all.

I reverted my attention to the villains, mainly Dark Cross, who was now standing right in front of me.

He started choking me with his right hand, as the corruption took me over and my consciousness faded. I helplessly struggled against him, as he stared into my eyes. And it wasn’t until I was to take my final breath that I remembered the promise that I’d made to my fallen colleagues.

There was no wayI was going to die to these two, when I still had Black Zero to kill.

Just then, I’d gotten filled with the same determination that I had earlier, when I’d made said pledge. My muscles felt so tense, and my senses flooded back in. In one large release of energy, I violently opened my eyes, securing eye contact with him.

Not only did Dark Cross get repelled from me by some unseen force, but so did Ballista, who wasn’t even close to me. My body now felt as if a giant weight had been removed, for it was now coursing with calm relief. I had no idea what was happening, but I wasn’t wavered by any of it.

Had being released from Cross’ neck hold, I moved my hand across my neck and rubbed the skin. Now the only one left standing, I boldly stood erect, and regained my calm demeanor. I slid my hands into the pockets of my trench coat, and slowly sauntered over to them. As I approached I noticed Cross’ corruption being rapidly retracted to him. Despite the fact that I didn’t understand half of these events, I felt empowered.

Ballista gestured his hands toward me in an obviously panicked manner, but nothing came of it. No flying buildings, no hurling rubble, no dead Kyle. Instead, I’d sharpened my glare at him for attempting to attack me, which seemed to be what caused him to suddenly start hollering out in agony whilst clenching his head, before fatally falling unconscious with his eyes bleeding.

I simply returned my attention to Dark Cross, who was now cowering at my feet.

“Sorry.” I stated softly, “But I just can’t die today; I have people to avenge.”

Without even uttering a word, a breath of relief escaped from my chest, followed by Dark Cross suddenly falling unconscious, with a gush of blood rushing out of his nose.

I was not too long after knocked out of my whole mindset by the realization that my teammates may be severely injured at the moment, dead even.

I rushed over to Alisa, checking her for a pulse. While it was faint, I found one. I attempted to have her regain consciousness somehow, but was to no avail.

I could see the building that Dondre got crushed by about a hundred or so feet away, and I doubt that he was in any better condition than Alisa here.

Standing up, I looked around at the four unconscious individuals, trying to find a reasonable explanation to give Cas, or even what to do now.

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