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Season II Chapter 37: Convergence Part 11

Kyle’s POV

“I’ll come back for you k?” said Romaine to me, picking Dondre up

“Sure thing.” I responded

I walked over to Alisa, stooping down at her side.

“You’ll be alright Lisa.” I muttered

I don’t know why, but I felt a strange connection with her, I was drawn to her even. My fingers moved independent of my will, and caressed her cheek. Though she was nothing more than a circumstantial ally, a feeling of dismay was stirring up inside of me, seeing her laying unconscious like this; with possible brain damage.

Before those unusual feelings had time to settle in, Romaine was already back.

“The girl goes next.” He said

“Right.” I confirmed, handing her to him

This run was much quicker in my perception, since I wasn’t thinking about anything.

When he re-arrived, he stopped at me, and looked over to Cross and Ballista

“What about those two?” he questioned

“I can guarantee, that they won’t be waking up anytime soon.” I responded

They wouldn’t dare to regain consciousness; I’d just put them back to sleep, but more painfully this time.

I gazed at the infrastructure around me. It’s a true shame that I can’t fix all of this with whatever it is my new capabilities are. Or if I can, I wish I at least knew how to.

Looking back at Romaine, he was indicating if I was ready to be brought back to the lab, to which I nodded. He picked me up, and sped all the way back to the lab, in time for us to get through before the elevator doors were fully shut. I couldn’t really tell whether or not I was correct, but the trip to the lab seemed shorter than usual, along with my overall vision being even more blurred; which led me to believe that Romaine was now faster than before he had left.

Waiting in the elevator, I decided to ‘pull a Dondre’ and give Romaine a last minute warning before the doors of the elevator gave way.

“Uhh,” I started softly, “Just a heads up, there may or may not be an alternate timeline version of yourself.”

“Huh?” He questioned, probably thinking that I was joking

The elevator came to a stop, followed by the opening of its doors.

“Too late for warnings...” I muttered, taking in the air conditioning as it flooded our small space

“Ahh.” Went the Prince, “I finally get to meet this universe’s version of me.”

“Wait,” Romaine said, walking toward the Prince

Clearly he had forgotten about the two unconscious people we had laying here; Including the one he just risked his life to save from under a hundred thousand pound building.

“The heck is this guy?” Romaine questioned

“Prince Romaine Green, and you’re Romaine Green as well. Pleasure to meet you lad.” Responded the Prince, ever so calm


“Nice seeing you too Romaine. There’s not much I can explain.” She responded

“Why not start with who the hell he is?”

“I already told you Romaine, I am Prince Romaine Green. I happen to be from an alternate universe, with many historical events occurring similar to yours. For example, in my universe, Jamaica is a Monarchy, but in yours, it’s currently a Democracy, under indirect rule of Britain.”

“Wait,” I stopped the Prince, “We didn’t go over that last part. How did you know that?”

“As previously mentioned, my dear Kyle, I’ve done my fair share of research before getting here.”

“Am I the only one here that doesn’t understand anything being said here?” Romaine stressed

“Guess I’ll have to explain in depth.” Sighed the Prince, “Does he know of the multiverse theory?”

“Of course I know about the multiverse theory... I read DeWitt.”

“Everett, actually.”


“Hugh Everett, inventor of the multiverse theory, later popularized by Bryce DeWitt.”

“Ok then. So?”

“So, if you’re able to grasp that concept, I can tell you about the actual multiverse theory, made by Thomases Edison and Lecky, in my Universe.”

“Alright then.” Romaine agreed, taking a seat

While those two started their crash-course physics lesson, I made my way over to Cas, wanting to focus on the more important subjects.

“As much as I’m sure, you would love to listen about Edison’s theory,” I whispered to her, “How about we take care of the two that are injured in the elevator first?”

“You always seem to have the worst timing Kyle.” She sassed

“Come on, Alisa’s condition might get worse.”

“Oh, it’s her you’re worried about. And here I thought you were concerned for the one that risked his life saving you from flying buildings.”

“Well he’s in a better state than Alisa right now, so she gets the priority.”

“If you say so Kyle.” She smirked, starting to walk toward the elevator, “Smells like a hopeless crush to me.”

Overlooking her comment, I went over and helped Cassandra pick up Alisa and transport her to the medical room.

The bed was already occupied by Donte, so we had to rest her down in a chair.

“I saw what happened out there.” said Cas softly, “I’m still puzzled as to why the device didn’t affect Dark Cross and Ballista at all.”

“Do you think her brain’s damaged?” I questioned

“I’ll have to run a few brain scans to determine that. But don’t worry, I’ll do all I can to help her.” She reassured


“Well?” I pressed, watching Cas writing results from the tests

“You all sure like to hover.” She commented, then sighed, “Kyle, I’m sorry, but~”

“No.” I stopped her firmly, “Don’t talk like that Cas.”

“Kyle,” She said softly, “Although I don’t get your sudden attachment to this girl, I understand that hearing this might be hard.”

“Cas, stop.”

“Her brain’s too far gone, it’s barely able to keep her alive at this point. Soon it might even shut down.”

“Cas, I said stop.”

On my command, she’d seemed to have frozen in place, and was left stuttering, yet speechless.

Turning to Alisa, the weird connection I had with her grew stronger; I was even more drawn in. This feeling I had, it was more of a, mental connection. My hand began moving on it’s own again, I was slightly cautious, but I didn’t fight it.

As the tips of my fingers made contact with the side of her head, I started to feel somewhat of a physical link between us. Lights suddenly burst from the point of contact, but even in my surprise, I didn’t flinch.

“Kyle, what’s happening?” Cassandra panicked

Though I wanted to respond, I was fixated on the beaming lights.

My consciousness began to fade, and Cassandra immediately noticed.

“No, Kyle. Kyle!” She shouted, reaching out for me

In the same instant that Cassandra had grasped my shoulder, the light from my finger tips got exceedingly brighter, flooding my vision to white.


Waking up, I found myself sitting on an empty plane. The experience was similar to Shante’s psychosis effect, except that I was now on a black plane, and my senses weren’t overloaded, neither did I feel numb. Maybe a bit dizzy, but I could tell that this was nothing like Shante’s psychosis.

Standing up, it had begun to feel more like and empty void than an ordinary plane.

“Kyle?” I heard Cas’ voice from behind me

Swiftly turning around, the genius scientist was sitting a few feet away from me, showing clear signs of dizziness.

“Are you alright?” I questioned, going over to help her up

“Yeah, but, where are we?” She questioned softly, looking around

“I have no idea...”

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