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Season II Chapter 38: Convergence Part 12

Kyle’s POV

While it’s somewhat reassuring to have someone here with me, so that I know for sure that this isn’t some illusion caused by my brain, there’s still the possibility of my brain being more mentally capable than I could even imagine.

I turned to Cas, slightly put off by the possibility that she may just be a very elaborate figment of my imagination. Slightly raising my eyebrow must’ve given off that something was troubling my mind.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned, “You know, other than the fact that we’re in a seemingly infinite void of darkness.”

“Well,” I started, “I’ve been put psychosis before, and this is a somewhat similar experience. The experience itself could be as a result of a different origin, and it’s obvious that none of this is reality, meaning that what I’d be experiencing from this point out is false.”

“I don’t follow. We came to a silent conclusion on that; where’s the problem?”

“Well,” I turned more to her, “how do I know you aren’t just a part of this whole thing?”

“Kyle.” she exhaled, I could just feel the sass that was about to be unleashed on me, “Your new crush is currently in the real world with her brain slowly shutting down from a frequency overload, we just witnessed something totally unexpected before being brought here, and we’re stuck in God know’s where, and what you’re fixated on, is me, potentially being some sort of hallucination?”

“Well I~”

“The entire group of you, you guys never get your priorities straight. I don’t know how I deal with all of you.”

Well that was really all I needed to confirm really, but I wanted to see how far I could milk it.

“Yeah, well, can’t blame a guy who’s had what was essentially his family mutilated after a similar experience less than an hour ago.” I rebutted, “And I just saw sassy Cas; someone I’m more than familiar with. If you want to prove yourself as not being somehow connected to my consciousness, do something that I’d never be able to visualize; like admitting you have a crush on everyone’s favorite speedster.”

Her glare deathly sharpened towards me and folded her arms, but I didn’t let up. Before not too long, she dropped her arms and sighed.

She took a look around, clearly checking to make sure that no one else was around; which I don’t know why she’d do that, if we’re literally stuck in an infinite void. She leant in closer to me and whispered.

“If you so much as mention any of this to anyone, I’ll kill you.”

“Go on..” I inched

Returning to her normal stance, she admitted what that everyone else already knew.

"Fine.” She stung in defeat, not even able to look me in the eyes, “I... may or may not have feelings for him.”

“For who?” I teased, leaning in closer

“You know who.” She belted, pushing me away

The plain wide smirk that had grown on my face gave away my true intentions for getting her to admit it.

“You’re just like them.” she mumbled

I simply laughed it off, realizing that I just did something that would be more expected of Dondre or Romaine himself.

“No to the question at hand.” I went to change the subject, “Where are we?”

“...Maybe ask that little girl over there?” she suggested

“Huh?” I questioned, clearly confused

“Right there.” She pointed in front of her, “There’s some little girl over there.”

Looking over, there in fact was a little girl, hard to miss actually; seeing as she was literally the only thing in this infinite dark void that was glowing.

“Well let’s go” I prompted, going over to the little girl

Cassandra followed closely behind me.

As the distance gap grew smaller, I was able to tell a lot more than before. This girl couldn’t be any more than six years old, she was tightly holding a brown teddy bear with her left hand, the source of the illumination was actually her shocking yellow hair, which reminded me of Alisa’s, and also she appeared to be wiping tears with her right hand. The sobbing grew louder as we got closer, so I had slowed down my approach in order not to startle her.

When reaching a close enough distance, Cassandra and I had stopped and ended up just staring at her and each other. I nudged her to go and talk to her, but Cas just widened her eyes to indicate for me to do it instead.

“I’m not really good at these things.” I whispered

“Don’t you have a little brother?” she whispered back

“Well, yes, but she’s a girl, and you’re a girl, so..”

“I can’t believe you Kyle.”

Cas gave in and went beside the girl, before awkwardly placing her hand on the girl’s back, and stooping down to her height.

“Hey there..” She went softly, using the sweetest tone she could fabricate

The girl kept on sobbing, not responding. Cassandra looked up to me, who was trying to muster my amusement.

“Hey there pretty girl. My name’s Cassandra, what’s yours?”

“A-.. Alisa..” she responded, having her speech muffled by the sobbing

Now at this point the amusement was over; Cas looked back up at me, with the two of us exchanging confused looks.

“Well what’s wrong Alisa?” Cas questioned

“My.. my momma and poppa.. they’re gone.” the girl responded

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