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Season II Chapter 39: Convergence Part 13

Kyle’s POV

“Well what happened to them?” Cas questioned the little girl, maintaining her fabricated sweet voice

“They were taken.. by a bad man.” she responded

“We’ll help you find your parents sweety.”

“Not much we can do from in here.” I mumbled, scratching my head

Cas gave me a dirty look, then returned her attention to Alisa.

“There’s no need to cry anymore.” Cas reassured, and even hugged her to seal the deal

Watching Cassandra help the little girl wipe her tears made me see her in a whole new light; she actually seemed quite, motherly.

After Alisa started ceasing her crying, Cassandra slowly stood up.

“Alisa,” She spoke softly again, “do you know where you are?”

“I’m at.. I’m at my house.” She responded

Exchanging looks for the twentieth time today, Cassandra and I just kept growing more and more confused.

Before our unusual lack of knowledge could get the best of us, the environment began shifting. The baseless plane beneath our feet started shaking, and seemed as if it was materializing into something. The air around us shifted to cold breeze, with clouds appearing in the sky thereafter.

We were now standing on the concrete pathway to the front door of a house. Whilst Cas and I were confused, Alisa didn’t seem phased by any of it.

Lisa began walking down the path, before turning back to us.

“Come on.” She encouraged, sounding much happier than just a bit earlier, “I’ll show you inside.”

Cassandra and I silently confirmed that we were on the same page, before following after her.

“I’ve never seen the kind and compassionate Cassandra before, that was definitely a new one.” I teased

“Oh shut up.” she retorted, “I was given a task, and I did my part.”

“Well you sure did it well.”

“And you’re not going to mention any of that either.”

“No promises.” I mumbled, before stopping at the door

Alisa opened the door, bursting into the house as if she hadn’t been there in a while.

“So this is your house ’Lisa?” Cassandra questioned as we walked down the hall, using that odd sweet tone again

“Mhm.” Alisa mumbled

“It looks very nice.”

Compliments too?? This is definitely not the Cassandra I know.

“That’s the kitchen.” She announced, “That’s where momma and poppa cook.”

I had actually just realized that there were no lights in the house. Things were still decently visible, but it was odd that Alisa wouldn’t prompt to turn them on at some point.

Ignoring the eerie feeling of being in imminent danger that I had developed at some point, I followed the two females all the way to the second floor.

“Oh big ’Lisa!” the little girl elated, “I brought some friends!”

Cas and I exchanged looks, following the girl to the door at the end of the hall.

“Big ’Lisa?” the little girl called, as she slowly opened the door.

As the door creaked open, it revealed a dark room, with a chair in the center, and someone sitting on it.

“Big ’Lisa.” the girl persisted, as we all walked around to face her

Now facing the door, and able to see the individual in the chair, there was no mistake, the person we were looking at was Alisa, the one that we know.

The little girl started getting agitated as she tugged on Cas’ lab coat.

“What’s wrong with big ’Lisa?” she murmured

Well she looked like someone hit her hard in the head with a metal bar or something, but obviously I wasn’t going to say that out loud; and that’s Cas′ job anyway.

“What’s wrong with big ’Lisa?” the child repeated, clearly becoming more agitated, “Why isn’t she doing anything?”

“I- uhh.. I don’t know.” Cas panicked

Tsk Tsk Tsk... wrong move Cas. If a child is scared, it’s best you try to reassure them, even if you yourself aren’t sure.

“She’s just uhh.. sleeping.” I went in, “Yeah, I’m sure she must be tired after whatever it is she does around here.”

While I couldn’t tell whether or not she bought it, she seemed less agitated, and ceased the tugging of Cas’ lab coat, so that’s good enough for me.

But the question is: Why am I currently in this weird house, staring at Alisa sitting in a chair, knocked out cold, with a little girl in here going by the same name?

And it’s not like I even had time to think over said question either; I was interrupted by the girl’s loud squeal. Turning my attention to her, she was now cowering behind Cassandra, gripping for dear life onto Cas’ lab coat. Her eyes were fixated on the entrance to the room, where I diverted my attention toward.

A shadow-like darkness was creeping through the door frame from the hall, which was now pitch-black. As the darkness had gotten closer, it bore semblance to something that I had seen not too long earlier.

“Kyle?” Cas called

“Yeah?” I answered

“Is it just me, or does that look like~”

“Dark Crosses’ Corruption? Yeah, pretty sure it is.”

“What’s happening?” The child murmured

As more of the darkness seeped into the room, there was really nothing else that we could’ve done but watched. Though that was until the dark figure of a man began forming in the hallway.

The little girl scrammed from behind Cas over to the chair, and started to stressfully shake Alisa’ leg.

“Big Lisa! You need to wake up! The scary man’s back! Big Lisa!”

Now that almost half of the room was engulfed in the darkness, Cassandra pulled back the girl from the chair and held her back. We watched as the darkness engulfed Alisa, along with the little girl screaming out for her to get up.

It was inevitable; we were backed against the wall, and were forced to watch as the darkness covered our bodies. Upon contact with the darkness, my muscles swiftly grew numb, nausea kicked in, and I could barely stay conscious, thus confirming that this was in fact Dark Crosses’ Corruption.

Cas and the girl had already fallen victims to the corruption’s effect, but I was lying there on the floor, barely conscious; though I knew it wouldn’t be like that for long.

As my vision wavered, and my consciousness fleeted, I helplessly watched as the dark figure approached.

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