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Season II Chapter 40: Convergence Part 14

Kyle’s POV

Though I was stuck in this seemingly hopeless predicament, I was nowhere near ready to back down; not without a fight.

The corruption was now almost all over my body; it had reached my head, and was swiftly looking to finish me off. I focused my mind, holding onto consciousness, and accessing my inner will. As the corruption had finally reached my eyes, the final point on my body left uncorrupted, I violently opened them, also taking in a swift deep breath, just as I had done in my fight versus Dark Cross when my powers were first awoken.

I gave into my subconscious will, following whatever movements my body made. Now fully focused on defeating this figure, I wasn’t phased by the fact that my body was now levitating. Slowly levitating back to an erect stance, I planted my feet firmly on the ground. I thrusted my hand forward, causing the figure to be thrown out of the room and slammed into the wall at the end of the hall by an unseen force.

The figure promptly stood up, then proceeded to disappear in a shroud of darkness; showing yet another similarity in ability to Dark Cross. Upon his exit, the corruption was swiftly retracted; uncloaking the three female victims, then being rapidly sucked out of the room, traveling away down the hall.

After the crisis was averted, my full consciousness had snapped back in. I rushed over two the two girls laying unconscious on the ground, focusing on Cassandra.

“Hey, Cas.” I whispered, now kneeling down to her body and gently tapping her, “Cas, Wake up.”

After some persistence on my side, and a few numbed groans on hers, she finally regained consciousness and was able to respond.

“Kyle...” she wearily muttered my name, “What happened?”

“I was able to ward off the assailant; he went up in a clod of smoke like Dark Cross.” I informed her, helping her up to her feet

“Wow Kyle, you just seem to keep impressing.” She praised, rubbing her head

“Now for the girl.” I stated

“Little ’Lisa.” Cas called in that cute voice, gentle shaking the girl’s body

"Little ’Lisa?” I questioned Cas, wanting her reasoning on calling her that

“Well she calls the older version of Alisa ‘Big Lisa’, and there are clear similarities between the two’s general appearance, not to mention they have the same name; hence, ‘Little Lisa’.”

“I mean, yeah, that was obvious. I was kind of more so questioning why you’re referring to this girl so affectionately; the Cassandra that I know is more dismissive and detached.”

“What? She’s adorable.”

I smirked, finally realizing that Cassandra’s personality is based more around being a mother figure than some sort of control freak; it actually made me wonder what happened in her childhood for her to turn out like this.

Watching Cassandra help her child up as she regained consciousness, I started to compare visual similarities between the two ’Lisas. Obviously, the one you’d notice first is that shocking yellow hair of theirs; and Little ’Lisa’s was even glowing when we were out in the void. And those bright yellow eyes that the little girl share’s with the real world Alisa, though older Alisa’s seem a bit more pale. If these two are the same person, then why do they manifest as separate entities here?

“Big ’Lisa?” I heard the little girl call out

Little ’Lisa went over to her older version and began rocking the chair.

“You gotta wake up big ’Lisa.” she persisted

“Hold on,” I mumbled, walking over to the chair, “I think I can help.”

Now standing in front of the unconscious grown Alisa, I placed my hands on the sides of her head, and focused my mind.

I had no idea what I was searching for, or what reaction I’d get, but my one purpose of doing that was to somehow help regain her consciousness, so I hoped that was enough. And it looks like my efforts weren’t in vain, because after a very short while, Alisa had started to regain consciousness.

“Big ’Lisa!” The little girl cheered, “You’re finally awake!”

Little ’Lisa joyfully went over to help her counterpart sit up straight.

“Amazing.” Cas commented under her breath, “I’ll definitely have to run some tests on you when we get back, Kyle.”

The older Alisa groaned, reaching for her head.

“Ugh, Lil’ ’Lisa, what are you doing here?” Alisa questioned

“I brought some friends! And they helped fight off the scary man when you were asleep.” the child elated

“Ugh, Dark Cross was here?”


“Look, nevermind that, I meant why you were here, in the house.”

“I took our new friends to visit you.”

“That doesn’t matter, you’re still not allowed in here.”

“But why can’t I stay with you Big ’Lisa?”

“For the thousandth time, you’re weak; you’re just a kid. All you’d do is hold me back.”

Seeing Little Lisa pout after that melted my heart, but I think we’ve been here long enough. And looking over at Cas, I could tell she was thinking the same.

While we have more questions the longer we stay, we should probably look to get out as soon as possible; and whatever we’ve done might’ve been enough to form some sort of chain reaction in the real world. But since there’s no way to get feedback, then the best thing to do would be to return to our own reality.

It was as if Cas had read my mind at that point.

“Think you have a way out of here?” She questioned

“Not really, you?” I responded

“Well I think that the way out might be linked to the way in.”

“But we don’t know how we got here?”

“Not exactly: the reaction only started when you made contact with Alisa, meaning that the key to getting out would involve you and Alisa having some sort of contact.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Try to somehow simulate the same feeling you had prior to us being brought here.”

“Well, I guess I can try..”

“Wait first.”


Cas turned to the child and stooped to her level.

“Now Little ’Lisa,” She started, “I’m going to go now, ok? So be on your best behavior and don’t stress out Big Alisa, alright?”

Little ’Lisa obediently nodded her head.

“When will you be back, Cassandra?” the girl questioned

Cas looked over at me, then turned back to Lil’ ’Lisa

“I’m not sure.” she responded, heavy heartedly, “But just know that.. I love you, ok?”


The sweet little girl braced Cassandra with a hug.

Seeing Cas stand up, I put out my left hand, indicating for her to hold onto it. When she accepted my offer, I turned to the older Alisa and took a deep breath.

“This had better work.” I mumbled

I gently placed my right hand on Alisa’s head, closed my eyes, and focused on finding that mental connection that I felt earlier. When I sensed the resonance of the connection, I locked onto it, focusing even more of my energy into strengthening it. The room lit up, as my hands luminated beams of light in all directions.

It got so bright to the point where I could barely even see. The last thing I beheld, was Cas waving to the two, and Little Lisa frantically waving back.

“Bye Little Lisa.” Cas bade farewell

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