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Season II Chapter 41: Convergence Part 15

Kyle’s POV

I think it’s about safe to say that the whole thing worked. Opening my weary eyes, my body felt numb, which I’m accustomed to at this point. I was unexpectedly greeted by the two lookalikes staring directly at me.

“This one seems to be recovering.” announced the Prince, “How’s the maiden doing?”

“She’s waking up too.” Romaine responded

“I didn’t know that we would’ve warranted so much attention.” I mumbled

“Well with the big light show the lot of you had going on in here, it was a bit hard not to notice.” commented the Prince

“Now that you guys are up.” Romaine started, helping Cassandra to her feet, “What the hell happened?”

I looked at Cassandra, unsure of what exactly to say.

“Long story.” I stated

“There were blinding lights in here, followed by Cas screaming your name, then we come in here and find both of you unconscious; for the next ten minutes. The least you can do is give us something more than ‘Long Story’. We have all the time in the world Kyle.”

“I don’t say long story because I don’t have time to explain, I say long story because not even I understand whatever the hell I just witnessed.”

Romaine groaned, then turned his focus away from me.

“Cas?” he questioned

“You’ve been awfully quite since you woke up lass.” added the Prince

Cas cleared her throat

“What?” she questioned, clearly distanced from the conversation

“What just happened?” Romaine reposed

“Oh, uhh, Kyle?”

“Ok so clearly you missed the part where he passed the baton on to you. Now enough with this whole ‘who can say what’, just tell us what happened.”

Before we could continue this odd interrogation sequence, I heard a soft sigh from behind, and sensed some form of despair.

Swiftly turning around, I had actually just remembered that Alisa was sitting right there. She now seemed to be regaining consciousness.

“’Lisa,” I softly called, going up to her, “Are you ok?”

“’Lisa.” Called Cas

“Huh?” Questioned Alisa, “Who... who are all you people?”

“Wait, what?” I went

“And where am I?” she continued questioning

“Looks like the lass is suffering from some sort of memory loss.” commented the Prince

“That’s weird. Maybe the brain injury did it?” Romaine suggested

“Unlikely.” I denied

“Kyle’s right;” Cas finally decided to join the conversation, “the frequency waves would’ve had no direct effect on the part of the brain that controls memories.”

“The hell are you guys talking about?” ’Lisa belted, now clearly irked at the situation.

She pushed me off of her, into the arms of the Prince who had graciously caught me, then got her fists ready for a fight, even charging them with electricity.

“Woah, hostile.” Romaine commented

“Calm down there milady; we’re all friends and allies here” went the Prince

“’Lisa, put your hands down, we won’t hurt you.” I encouraged

“Not a chance bub.” She stung

“I didn’t want to have to do this.” I sighed

Now standing straight, I focused on the connection between Alisa and I.

I simply sighed a breath of relief, and shut it down. Alisa immediately dropped her guard, then fell unconscious. I just wanted to put her to sleep, but that’s good enough.

"Woah, Kyle?” Romaine reacted, ”You did that?”

“Pretty much. Now let’s figure out what happened.” I responded

“Well it’s clear that the girl’s lost some of her memories.” stated the Prince

“Yes, but what could cause her to spontaneously lose memories like that?” I questioned

“Maybe she has some sort of memory loss condition?” Romaine proposed

“No; if she was had a memory loss problem, she’d no doubt be used to it by now. She was hostile, in a way that she genuinely had no idea of what was going on.”

“Maybe it was the result of a traumatic experience?” Suggested Cas

“Maybe... or maybe it’s because she lost part of her.”

“Is that even possible?” posed Romaine

“It is in fact possible for someone to lose memories as a result of losing a part of their personality, but only if those memories were specifically attached to the missing part.” Cas confirmed

“Ok then. So what part do you think she’s missing?”

“I wouldn’t know. Kyle?” bounced Cas

“Her innocence.” I stated

“What?” questioned Romaine

“Well when Cas and I were out, we were in some reality that I believe to be a manifestation of Alisa’s mind. In there, we’d met two versions of her: A younger version, which Cas got surprisingly attached to, and an older version, which was knocked out in the house until right before we came back.”

“Ok, I understand that. But how does that explain your claim?”

“The younger version, she was an oddly sweet child, pure hearted even, but the older version of Alisa seemed hostile towards her when she woke up.”

“So you think that she lost the child version of her?”

“Not necessarily. Based on what the older version said to the younger, it’s safe to assume that she doesn’t accept the child as a part of her.”

“But wouldn’t things have been like that before?” questioned Cas

“Likely, but the damage to her brain possibly caused some unseen reaction. In any event, it’s all we have to go off of now, and I suggest we fix it as soon as possible.”

“So what’s the plan?” Romaine questioned

“I’m going back in.”

“Great. Then I’m coming with you.”

“I see no need for that; I’m perfectly fine on my own, I don’t need any more dead allies.”

“Well you’re definitely not going in there alone.” stated Cas, “I’m coming back with you.”

“No Cas;” went Romaine, “it’s too dangerous. And I have powers, let me go with him.”

“Well Little ’Lisa works best with me, so I have to go.”

“Well I don’t see why both of you can’t bloody hell go.” said the Prince

“Oh yeah.” Romaine realized, “So you’re not coming along?”

“Well someone’s going to have to hold down the fort. So I guess that I’ll be the one to bare that duty.”

“Then it’s settled, the three of us are going. But how do we get there anyway?”

“I’ll be the one taking you. Just hold my hand.” I responded, putting out respective limb

Romaine and Cas both held onto my right hand. I turned to the unconscious Alisa laying on the floor and placed my left hand on her head.

“Buckle up.” I murmured

“Godspeed, crewmates.” said the Prince

I focused my thoughts on transporting us into her mental plane; with the purpose of restoring her memories in the back of my mind.

The light from my hands flashed, and in the blink of an eye, I found myself once again on an infinitely black plain.

This time around, I wasn’t as nauseous or numb as before, and was able to quickly come to my senses; the same can’t be said for Romaine though.

When the group of us were now standing and observing our surroundings, the environment began to shift like last time. But this time however, the building that materialized before us was a mansion, which featured similar cracks and traces of corruption to the previous house.

“I thought you said it was a house.” Romaine murmured

“It was...” I responded

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