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Season II Chapter 42: Convergence Part 16

Kyle’s POV

“Well what is this place?” Romaine questioned

“There’s only one reasonable way to find out.” I responded, turning back to them, “Shall we?”

“Let’s do it.”

“I’ll be close behind.” Informed Cas

Cautiously entering the mansion-like building, there were many things to be observed.

There was a large chandelier in the entrance room; the lights on it were either cracked or very dim. There was a painting, towards the left of the room, of a woman that seemed as if she could be Alisa’s mother; having shared similar facial features. But the painting was a bit smeared and had been torn in some areas. You couldn’t possibly miss the fountain in the center of the room; though it lacked water and was abundant in cracks. Not to mention that everything in sight was covered in similar darkness to Cross’ Corruption.

There were corridors on either side of the room, along with stairs behind the fountain that broke off into separate corridors as well.

“What the heck is this place?” Questioned Romaine

“Her Memory Palace.” I stated

“Wait, aren’t memory palaces purely figurative?”

“You forgot that we were in a manifestation of her mind?”

“While your deduction could be true Kyle, what leads you to believe that it’s a memory palace?” Questioned Cas

“Well although memory palaces are usually abstract, given the amount of random things used to memorize, that painting over there couldn’t serve for any reason other than to supply Alisa with memory of whoever that person is. I can’t figure out why the fountain would be in such an inappropriate setting, other than to serve as the reminder of a landmark. But I’m sure we can get more answers by exploring more.” I explained

Suddenly, a wave a numbness and negative energy swept over me.

“Anyone else feel that?” Romaine questioned, clearly trying to stay balanced.

“Wait,” Said Cas, “You don’t think this is the cause of~”

“Dark Cross.” I stated, now looking at the fiend standing at the top of the stairs.

“Mind filling me in on who this guy is exactly?” Romaine requested

“There’s no time, but~” I was unexpectedly interrupted by a higher pitched voice from behind us

“The Scary Man!” Screamed Little Lisa, followed by her loud squeal

At this point our bodies were now fully coated in Cross’ Corruption, but given the distance we were from him, the death sentence wasn’t in order; so we were mostly paralyzed, and it only got worse as time went by, further immobilizing our muscles and restricting movement.

While Cas tried to talk Little Lisa out of crying, I was busy thinking of a plan.

“Romaine.” I prompted, “Are you able to vibrate at all?”

“Lemme check.” He responded, then attempted to vibrate on the spot, “I got noting.”

“Hm. If only I could pin-point how my ability worked.” I mumbled to myself

Each rime I used it in the past, I had a strong sense of determination or confidence; which means that my ability could either be triggered by such, or that those feelings are just a by-product of my ability being used. But powers or no powers, I won’t back down. I can’t let this guy further destroy Alisa’s mind. And I sure as hell can’t let him hurt my friends!

With that determination in mind, I firmly took a step forward, defying the bind of Cross’ Corruption. I took a couple more steps forward before Cross had begun to panic and intensified the corruption’s potency. I simply held my hand out, with it looking like I was choking someone, then Cross immediately began desperately gasping for air and clenching his neck. My glare sharpened toward him, as I steadily raised my hand further into the air, causing the unseen force to raise Cross off the ground.

“Woah, Kyle..” Romaine awed, “How are you doing that?”

I further clenched my hand, resulting in my unseen force choking Cross even more. His desperation grew as I slowly lowered him in front of me.

“So you have no words?..” I questioned, staring him dead in the eyes

I semi-instinctively reacted to Little Lisa’s quivering, and turned to face her. Looking into her eyes, I saw this menace for what he truly was. Now wrought with anger, I turned back to Dark Cross.

“Don’t you feel even a little bit sorry for what you did??” I belted at him, “Look into this little girl’s eyes. The very day you put that knife through his chest was the very day you ruined her life.”

I stepped aside and gave him a clear view of Little Lisa, and even loosened my force’s grip a little in order to give him the chance to talk. I gave him ten solid seconds... and he said nothing.

“Nothing huh?..” I said under my breath

I swiftly clenched my hand into a fist, which suddenly increased the power my force had on his neck, not only snapping it, but completely crushing every apparent bone that was located there.

“You disgust me..” I stated, turning my back to him

The corruption swiftly faded and was drawn back to him. When it had been completely recalled, Cross’ body slowly dematerialized to dark particles and withered away.

“Don’t worry Alisa,” I turned to her and said softly, “He won’t be able to hurt you, or anyone you love anymore.”

“Uhh..” went Romaine, slowly getting up from the floor, “Am I the only one that doesn’t understand anything that just happened?”

“Well I don’t fully understand either;” Stated Cas, also getting up from the ground, “I’ve witnessed Kyle’s new abilities before, but what just took place far exceeded his previous capabilities.”

“Yeah, so you mind explaining Kyle?”

“I discovered a similar feeling I had each time m abilities were triggered, and simply tapped into that. The whole telekinetic-choking thing was just instincts. I didn’t even know I could do something like that.” I explained

“Ok, well explain the last part of everything.”

“When I looked into Little Lisa’s eyes, I finally knew why all of this was happening. I saw the image of how she viewed Dark Cross... and I witnessed him killing her father, while she was at that exact age.”

“Oh..” went Cassandra, “Well that would explain Little Lisa’s behavior around Dark Cross.”

“What he did to her.. it left her in a post-traumatic mental state. One that she still tries to hide up til this day. And seeing that play in her mind-.. it.. it-.. nevermind. I just got a bit mad, that he ruined her life like that and didn’t even have the conviction to say a single word to her.”

“So wait,” went Romaine, “If that part about Alisa trying to hide her trauma is true, then that would explain why she’d neglect the younger version of herself, right?”

“Exactly.” Answered Cas

“So with that in mind, how would we fix this?” I posed

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