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Season II Chapter 43: Convergence Part 17

Kyle’s POV

“You think talking to her about it would help?” Suggested Romaine

“Simple, yet possibly effective.” I softly commented

“While I think it might help, first we would have to find a way from here, to the house.” Cas pointed out

“Well I’m sure we can figure that out at some point.” I said, turning to the rest of the room, “But for now, I want to know more about this place before we leave.”

“And why’s that?” Romaine inquired

“Well this is her memory palace after all, and it’s still in shambles, with cracks everywhere. I don’t think that acceptance is the only thing we need to do in order to restore her memories. I just feel like this place also has some bit of importance.” I explained

“You may be onto something there Kyle.” commented Cas, “The part about accepting herself might actually be a totally unrelated problem. But of course we’d have to venture further into these halls to find out.”

“So where to?” Romaine questioned

“While I’d normally think it’s best we split up, I want to be able to personally observe everything myself.” I said. “I’m interested in the corridor that the staircase next to the painting leads to.”

“And what about the lower corridors?”

“We can do those on our way out. Come on.” I lead the pack

On our way up the stairs, I could still feel Cross’ ghostly presence.

I’m certain I took him out for good, but the atmosphere didn’t change from dark and eerie.

All the lights were either very dim or broken, like the chandelier, so the place was mostly dark.

Now looking straight down the hallway, it was lined with doors on either side, each of the doors having their own title on it. There were a few more pictures, drawings, words, and even a sculpture decorating the walls and hall.

“‘First Date’. ‘Last Day off Summer 16’. ‘New Powers’. ‘Mom’s Death’. ‘Mother’s Funeral’.” Romaine read the titles of the doors that we passed, “What is all this stuff?”

“It seems as if her memory palace also doubles as her long-term memory storage.” Cas commented

“And the further in we go,” I started, taking a firm stop infront of the door at the end of the hall, “the most significant the memory.”

“‘Poppa’s Death’...” Romaine read

“Unlike the other doors,” Started Cas, “This one seems to be a decade old. And has much more damage done to it.”

“Plus it’s much more fortified.” I stated, looking at the numerous locks and chains on the door, “I have no doubt that what’s behind this door is the same as what I visioned in Little Lisa’s eyes.”

“So what are we going to do about it?” Questioned Romaine

“Those are her private memories, it wouldn’t be right to enter them without her permission.” Cas stated

“She’s locked the memory away, which clearly shows that she’s hiding from it. If we want her to accept what happened then she has to accept this as well.” I rebutted

“Hmph. Fine..” Cas conceded

“Not like there’s much we can do anyway..” Romaine mumbled, “We don’t exactly have a key for the locks.”

“Only God knows where the hell we’d be able to find a key in such a big place.” I murmured

“Maybe it’s simpler than we think.” said Cas, “The key to one’s deepest thoughts are often the person the hold dearest.”

“Well we don’t know much about her past. That would require exploring all these rooms.” Romaine stated

“Then it could be a literal thing, and object. Something she holds very close.” I started

“And because it was Little Lisa’ that experienced it..” Cas built off of what I said as we turned to the little girl.

“You gotta be kidding me.” I mumbled

“It’s the teddy bear.” Romaine stated, taking the spotlight.

Little Lisa clenched her beloved bear and cowered a few steps backwards.

“Now Little Lisa, we’re gonna need to borrow your teddy bear for a bit, ok?” I approached her

“Nuh-uh. You can’t have it..” she sobbed innocently, holding it even tighter

“Little Lisa,” Cas called softly with that sweet tone again, slowly approaching the girl and stooping to her height, “I know this teddy bear’s very important to you, but I’m going to need you to trust me with it for a while, ok? It’s needed to help Big Lisa. I promise I won’t let anything happen to it.”

Calmly but hesitantly, the child loosened her grip of the bear, handing it over to Cassandra.

“So now, the question is, how the hell do we open a memory lock with a teddy bear?” I posed

“Maybe the key is...inside the teddy bear. It’d make sense if you ask me.” Romaine suggested

“Good idea. Let’s check.” I confirmed

“Hey guys- What do you think you’re doing?” Cas stopped us

“We’re gonna check if there’s a key inside of the bear.” I repeated the plan

“No you’re not. I told her I wouldn’t let anything happen to it.”

“Cas, seriously..” Romaine sighed, “If there’s a chance we can restore Alisa’s memories, then what’s a little teddy bear?”

“Well Cassandra A. Bolt never goes back on her promises.” She said firmly, now standing beside the girl, “So find a different way.”

“God damnit Cas. I’ve been gone for a few hours and now you’re completely different.”

“I could say the same for you.”

“Good grief, these two..” I said under my breath

I turned to the lock, and focused my mind.

Trying to channel out the bickering of the couple, I figured I might as well try to do it myself. I’d made up my mind then and there that I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me from helping Alisa. Holding out my hand, I attempted to utilize the unseen force that I’d used earlier. I took a deep breathe, now feeling consciously connected to everything around me, then swiftly exhaled, clenching my hand.

In an instant, the metal lock and chains shattered, breaking into several parts. I could hear the interruption of the couple when the suddenly stopped and looked in my direction behind me.

“Kyle,” Romaine said, “How do you keep doing these things man?”

“Beats me.” I dismissed, solely focused on Alisa now

I cautiously placed my hand on the door knob, kicking aside the remains of the chains and lock.

Slowly opening the door, the mood of eerie darkness around me intensified. Now watching Alisa’s darkest memory, it truly was a sight to behold.

**Memory Flashback**

It was a warm sunny day, just like any other. Alisa’s father had just given her a teddy bear as a gift.

“Hey, Cherry Blossom,” Her father called her, “I’m going to get something in the house alright? I’ll be right back.”

“Ok Poppa” Replied the innocent child

She turned to her mother, helping her pack some stuff into their vehicle. It seems like they were going on some kind of vacation or family trip.

Suddenly, the sound of broken glass is heard coming from the house. Alisa calmingly charges towards the house, slowly followed by her mother. Opening the door, everything was pitch-black, and now the atmosphere feels dark and eerie. The clear glass is barely seen on the floor, and the scared child now slowly goes around the corner.

“Poppa...” she quivers, “Are you ok?..”

Now standing at the entrance of the kitchen, Alisa stares at her father’s half-lifeless body against the counter, and a mysterious dark man holding a knife in her father’s chest.

“Richard, are you~” The mother’s words were interrupted by her own shock, seeing her husband murdered in front of her.

The dark figure disappeared in a cloud of darkness, taking his knife with him.

Being that we were seeing all of this through Alisa’s eyes, you could see tears start welling up in them. Despite her paralytic shock, Alisa slowly dropped the teddy bear, and attempted to go over to him.

“Poppa? Wake up..” She called, “Why are you just laying there?.. Get up Poppa.”

Her mother held her back, and also tried to muffle her own crying.

As Alisa’s cries grew louder and more desperate, her father’s blood soaked through his clothes and spread all over the ground.


**End of Memory Flashback**

Her last cry was interrupted by me slamming the door.

I slowly tried to regain my breath, not realizing that I’d been breathing heavily. Turning around to Little Lisa, she was frozen in place, with her eyes void of emotion.

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