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Season II Chapter 44: Convergence Part 18

Kyle’s POV

“Well that was... unsettling.” Romaine broke the silence

“We should get going.” I said, walking past them

“But what about exploring the rest of the place?” He questioned

“I think we’ve done enough. We should try to reconnect the two Lisas now.”

I could feel the couple exchanging looks behind me.

Taking deep breaths, I tried to regain my composure.

“You guys coming?” I questioned, with a very faint smile

Romaine shrugged and began walking over to me.

“Let’s go, Little Lisa.” Cas urged, holding the little girl’s hands

Lisa was still frozen on the spot, not even reacting to Cas tugging on her arm.

“PTSD?” Romaine suggested

“Likely.” I commented

“Welp, you’re the idea man. And apparently the one with all the new flashy powers too. So how do we solve it?”

“No idea.” I stated

“Maybe Big Lisa can help with this.” Cas suggested.

“It’s worth a shot.” I agreed, “Let’s go.”

After I had picked up the unresponsive child, we made our way back out to the dark plain.

“Hey Kyle,” Romaine started


“What made you think to look at that hallway first?”

“Oh, well I’d identified that painting over there to be her mother, and since it was facing this specific staircase, which led to that corridor, I figured that there’d probably be something of similar importance to the painting. Though it could’ve just been a pure coincidence that it was placed there.”

“Hm. If you say so.”

“We’re here boys.” Cas announced as we got a good enough distance from the mansion, “So what now?”

“Hold on to me.” I stated

Once the two placed their hands on my shoulders, I adjusted the child hoisted over my left shoulder and closed my eyes.

Focusing on the desire to help Alisa at all costs, my mind brought up an image of when we were outside the house. I didn’t particularly feel anything different, or even know what to do in that situation, but hearing Romaine gasp in awe caused me to open my eyes.

“Kyle, you did it!” Cas announced

Looking around, we were indeed back at the original house we came to.

“Ok, I seriously need to know how these powers work exactly.” I mumbled to myself

“Well let’s go.” Romaine prompted

The group of us made our way into the house, going up the stairs, and into the same room as last time.

The elder version of Alisa was fully conscious this time, but didn’t seem too happy to see us. Sharpening her glare at me, she stormed over.

“What the hell did you guys do?” She belted

“We broke the memory lock that was on the room that kept the memory your father’s murder and took out the fiend that was damaging your mind.” I responded

“You did what-.. You shouldn’t have messed with the lock; it’s none of your business!”

“You can’t hide from your past Alisa, it’s best to embrace it.”

“I’m not hiding from it, it’s just useless to hold onto. All it does is make me more emotional and weak.”

“Well we can’t block out things that happen to us just because of that. Your past is a part of you, a part of what makes you who you are. And it helps you become a better you. Don’t shut it out.”

I handed the unresponsive child into Alisa’s hands.

“It’s your call.” I stated, taking a step back

After a while of contemplation by Alisa, she finally came out with a response.

“Ok.” She murmured, with tears streaming down her eyes

Lights shun from both Lisas, originating in the center of their chests. As the younger version began regaining consciousness, she had also begun to fade away.

“What’s happening to Lil’ Lisa?” Cas questioned as she covered her eyes

The light eventually got so bright that our eyes couldn’t stay open.

Once it had faded away, and we opened our eyes, all that was left standing before us was Alisa.

“Where’d the little girl go?” Romaine questioned

“They became one.” I said softly, a smile escaping my lips

“Huh?” he questioned

“It was never actually an issue of not accepting her innocence.” Cas said

“It was rejecting her past.” I stated, “That’s what Little Lisa represented.”

“Thank you guys.” said Alisa, “I feel.. different now. I feel whole.”

“Then our job here is done.” I smiled

If all of this didn’t restore her memories, then I don’t know what will.

“Hang on you guys.” I instructed

Placing their hands on my shoulders, the two waved their goodbyes to Alisa.

I gave into my feeling of accomplishment and relief, but I didn’t feel the need to severe the mental connection between Alisa and I this time, I simply thought of returning to reality, followed by a sigh of relief.

After another flashy lightshow, I woke back up in the medical room, followed by the others.

Looking at the Prince, he seemed awfully bored.

“And just what have you been up to?” I questioned him

“Oh, you know, the usual: watching a bunch of unconscious teenagers lay on the floor.” He responded

“Oh well, can’t win ’em all, am I right?”

He groaned in response before turning to the others.

“Now that, was awesome.” said Romaine as I helped him up

“I’ll help you out, mi lady.” Offered the Prince, as he helped Cas up

“I’m going to miss that little kid.” murmured Cas

“Sounds like you lot had quite the trip.” Commented the Prince

“Oh yeah, Kyle rocked it with his new powers. You should’ve been there, Me.” said Romaine

The conversation was quickly ended by Alisa’s groans.

“Hey, Lisa, are you ok?” I rushed over to help her

“Huh?” She went, before jumping into my arms and hugging me tightly, “I’m great, thanks to you.”

She kissed me on the cheek, before stepping backwards, saying,

“Thank you, Kyle.”

“Oh- uhh... n-no problem” I stuttered

“Well look at you Kyle, saving the day, getting the girl.” Teased Romaine

Great.. now I gotta deal with this from both him and Cas.

While the couple tried to restrain their laughter, (and failed horribly, might I add), I went with Alisa and the Prince into the main room, to discuss how to get Lisa home.

“I have an idea.” stated the Prince, “Miz Alisa, your primary ability is Electromancy, correct?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” She confirmed

“Well I haven’t had any time to study the rifts personally, but from Edison’s research, they appear to be closely related to the electromagnetic field. Hence i believe that with your electromancy, you might be able to manipulate the residual energy left by the rift, and reopen it.”

“So I’ll be able to get myself home.” she said


“Sounds good.” I concurred, “Let me get our ride.”

Poking my head back into the medical room, the laughing couple was still at it.

“Gimme a break.” I said under my breath

The two didn’t yet seem to sense my presence, which was all the better for me.

“Hey, Jokester, come take us out to the Square.” I commanded

“On my way.” He chuckled


Once he had taken the group of us out the where the rift Alisa came from one by one, he then went to retrieve the still unconscious villains. To my slight dismay, they didn’t show any signs of regaining consciousness while I was gone, yet they were still alive. And the couple seemed to have now let go of the apparent ‘joke’ that caused them to laugh so much back in the lab. And since they missed out on our plan discussion session, I had to fill them in on it.

“Well, mi lady,” went the Prince, “The stage is all yours.”

Alisa firmly nodded her head, before turning to roughly the center of where the rift was.

She held out her hands, focusing her abilities and attempting to manipulate the electromagnetic field.

After a short while of standing there and watch her struggle, she finally dropped her hands, and turned to us, clearly exhausted.

“I can’t do it guys..” She conceded

“Well blimey,” went the Prince “guess we’ll have to try some other method then.”

“No.” I firmly stated

I walked up to her, oddly close, and stared into her bright, yellow eyes.

“You’re not gonna back down Lisa. You can do it. I know you can.” I said

“Well, Kyle I~”

Without even thinking, I instantly pressed my lips against hers.

After a short while of hearing Romaine and the Prince’s gasps and comments, I withdrew myself from her.

“Oh- uh.. sorry about that-” I stuttered, “I don’t even know where that came from~”

She stopped me dead in my tracks, by pulling me closer and kissing me.

The sensation, such a rush of energy. I felt this weird... spark, between us. I was so engulfed in the moment that I no longer had any sense of reality.

When she finally drew away, she had a very bright smile on her face. Her shocking yellow eyes glistened even brighter than usual.

“Thank you, Kyle.” she said softly

Turning back to the target area, she held out her hands again, and attempted to manipulate the electromagnetic field.

To everyone else’s surprise, Lisa was actually able to reopen the rift. Once done, she cheeringly turned around and hugged me.

“I did it! I actually did it!” she elated

“Well all’s well that end’s well.” Commented the Prince, “Though you might want to hurry; we don’t know how long the rift will be open or even stable enough to travel through.”

Alisa went over to the villains and barely managed to toss them in one after the other. Turning around to us, she waved us off.

“Goodbye Everyone.” she said

“All the best, mi lady.” wished the Prince

“Bye Alisa.” went Romaine

“Bye.. Little Lisa..” Cas waved heavyheartedly

“Goodbye, Kyle” She murmured, waving towards me

“Goodbye, Alisa” I sighed

As she entered through the rift and it closed behind her, I started going over the events of the day in my head.

From stopping a possible global apocalypse, to time traveling princes, to manipulating cross-universal rifts. And that was just the tip, of the iceberg.

“Today was... interesting.” I thought out loud

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