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Chapter 7: The Ring Part 1

Romaine’s POV

Not too long after we were settled in, yet another alarm sounded. You know, I’m really starting to get annoyed at all these alarms.

I rushed over into the medical room where Cassandra was working on Leonardo. He was unconscious, but I still don’t like it that she has to be so close to him. What if he wakes up or something?

Usain and I reached in at roughly the same time. Neither of us used our speed, but if we did, I would obviously win.

“What’s up?” I inquired

“Another X-Geneist?” Usain questioned

Cassandra pulled up her tablet and cast a satellite view of the parish onto the widescreen on the wall in front of the bed. “More disruptions in the magnetic field?” Cassandra read the map in disbelief.

We all turned and glanced at Stunnard for a second. Cassandra went back on her tablet and began tapping away.

After a while of standing and waiting in suspense, she brought up an ID of a girl on the screen. “Melissa Stunnard, 14, and daughter of Leonardo Stunnard.” Cassandra read.

“How do you know it’s her?” I said doubting her.

“Family members are more likely to have similar effects of the X-Gene.” She responded to me abit sassy. Right after, she brought up live footage from a camera downtown. And sure enough, she was there screaming away at buildings.

“How’s she doing that?” Usain questioned his daughter.

“I’d say that the X-Gene must’ve caused the electro-static that’s created by her brain signals to combine with the vibrations caused by her vocal cords and then react with the combination to form so kind of electro-static vibrations.” She explained

“And because both static electricity and vibrations are useless in small quantities then her screaming amplifies them enough to do actual damage. Thus destroying everything in the path of the waves.” I added.

“Yes. That’s actually right.” She commented in disbelief that I just said something smart.

“So what should we do?” Usain asked

“Well you can start by running over there.” Cassandra suggested, “And Romaine don’t forget your suit!” She reminded me.

I sped out in an effort to change into my suit and leave before Usain. After I changed, I ran all the way to downtown and to the northern region of St. James Street where the furniture store ‘Courts’ was.

I saw the police attempting to apprehend the girl. I mean, it was expected that the police would be here, because all you have to do, is face Courts, turn left, go two buildings down, and then cross the street, boom, The Barnett Street Police Station.

I don’t think the cops were doing a good job though. The girl was just screaming continuously. It was annoying. But it was cool to see how far the cops flew once she screamed at them.

Her lungs must be huge! And then finally, after 16 seconds of screaming, she stopped to take a breath. I saw it as an opportunity to move in.

I took the ready position, and sprinted off. I reached my cap in no time, but I was still super fast. She must breathe super fast, because by the time I got up to her face, she began screaming again.

And there I went, tossed a hundred meters and practically deafened. “Cassandra?” I called

“Coming. Dad, hold her off. Romaine, come back to the lab.” She ordered.

At first I thought that she was recalling me because I got taken down, but the only times people tell others to hold the threat off is if they have a plan, or if they’re running. But I wanted to go with the first one.

I went back to the lab, with Cassandra walking towards me swiftly. She had her right hand up for display, what I saw in it, was a ring of some sort.

“Here.” She said putting the ring in my hand. “I used the power that I extracted from Leonardo and, with the help from some, metallic Titanium-Nitrate, made this. Don’t over use it. And only use it incase of emergencies, which would be considered as now. The effects of the ring should disrupt the electro-magnetic waves long enough for you to detain her. And, the ring is only compatible with your left middle finger. One last thing, if you want it to work you have to let the X-Gene in you bond with the traces in it. Got that?”

“Wow. You’re a genius and you talk alot. Anyway yeah I got it bye.” I speed talked and rushed back to the scene.

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