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High above the orbit of Selenthia Prime, a star ship de-cloaks and sputters into life. The ship is detected by an observatory within the pre-space civilization below. No one knows where the ship came from or what it was doing there. Only that it had been there in orbit for over 500,000 years. Pulled from her assignment on a planet in a distant Galaxy, Commander Aelana of the Stellan Galactic Worlds is assigned to investigate. Undetected, she must prevent the Selenthians from accessing the highly sophisticated technology left behind from an ancient interstellar war. She must do this before the owners of the ship can return to find the young civilization and reclaim the planet. Along the way she meets with a former mental patient seeking redemption. A child who has the secret that could trigger a galactic war. A rogue group of alien interlopers, and the planetary guardians whose grand design forever opens the gateway to the stars.

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Selenthia Prime

Star Home

by Robert McDougall


© 2012, Robert McDougall

ISBN: 978-1-291-21511-3

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Far above the planet Selenthia Prime, in the dark void between the stars, a bright light sputtered into life. It flashed repeatedly, and then glowed in an ominous red colour. The red colour spread out slowly to uncloak a huge dark alien star-craft. The hull was twisted and burned with the tell tale marks of some kind of conflict. It was a jungle of tall spires, and protruding compartments. The ship looked ancient and deeply foreboding. It was in fact ancient. It had been abandoned long ago, cloaked (made invisible) and sat in high orbit around Selenthia Prime for over 500,000 years. For some reason it had now reactivated itself. The ship’s engine ignited and it moved to adjust its orbit, drifting slowly towards the planet.

Down below on Selenthia Prime in a space observation centre of a southerly continent, a night attendant was fast asleep in his chair. He was completely oblivious to the red light flashing frantically on his control panel.

Somewhere outside a dog barked at the moon. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter 1

The rain fell in torrents over a dark ocean of a strange alien world. The sky was full of huge black, ominous clouds. Enormous bolts of lightning streaked through the turbulent sky, and down to the ocean. Far in the distance could be seen the coast of a large land mass where one group of technologically unsophisticated natives lived. This particular planet was called Kergia, and was located on the outer rim of Quadrant 2 of the Trellus Galaxy.

The waves of the sea crashed in violent fury, as the storm whipped across the ocean. The tempestuous ocean spray filled the cold air. Beneath the sea close to the surface, there was movement, and a whirlpool suddenly appeared. Rising quickly,l a small craft surfaced. The craft was spherical, transparent and contained a single occupant. Anyone who was watching would not have seen the craft, for its outer shell made it invisible. A slender woman was sitting astride a long seat within the craft, gazing into a viewing and control panel. As the craft broke the surface of the ocean, its silent propulsion activated and it lifted up from the stormy sea, into the air.

The woman’s name was Aelana and she was on a survey mission to the Kergian planet. Her people, who were from an entirely different star system, were observing and studying this planet amongst others. As the craft lifted high into the sky flying through the stormy sky, she talked excitedly over the communications device.

“The survey is cut short? I see. A mission to Selenthia Prime? Certainly, I will be right there.”

As the craft flew through the air, it left behind the raging storm. Aelana pressed an orange highlight on her view panel and the spherical shield of the craft disappeared, exposing her body to the open air. Although the winds had died down, it was still raining heavily. Aelana gasped and then laughed as the rain coursed over her body. She had a youthfully beautiful face, and her smile made it more so. Her hair was a rich reddish-golden colour and was tied behind her head. Her eyes were a faint pink colour, with bright flecks of silver. Her slender figure was hugged by a shiny blue jump suit. Though she seemed youthful, she had a regal quality which suggested great age. She shook her hair loose, crouched over her view panel and made the vehicle ascend higher up into the sky.

From high above a bright scout ship came to greet her. It was oval in shape, with a sleek burnished design. It was about 40 metres in diameter and 20 metres high. It was embossed on the outer shell with bright symbols, which could have been some craft designation. As it flew towards her it opened its hatch. Aelana slowed down her craft and expertly guided it into the scout ship. The ship then shot up out of the atmosphere of the planet through the dark clouds. They rose higher at a seemingly impossible speed and the large reddish orange sun of the system became visible.

As they broke the atmosphere, they rendezvoused with a magnificent looking spacecraft which was orbiting the dark grey-brown planet. The spacecraft was an elegant oblong ship, blue-green in colour and very aesthetically designed. It was about 50 times the size of the scout ship. It was curved as to be almost oval, and seemed to emit a luminous bluish-white light. Almost as soon as the scout ship docked, the spacecraft broke orbit and jumped into the hyperspace between the stars.

Aelana stepped out of the scout ship, into the docking area of the star ship. The interior of the docking area was a spotless white colour, and shiny like the scout ship. It looked extremely pristine and clean. Miala and Patori the crew of the scout ship joined her as she came out of the craft.

Miala was a woman of medium height, with long dark hair, that had pale streaks of yellow through it. She was also very attractive, with a slender figure and fascinating features. She was slightly shorter than Aelana and seemed to be in a very good mood. Patori was a diminutive man with light green eyes, who moved with quick tiny gestures. He appeared to have a lot of energy, and like Miala, was obviously cheerful.

“Sorry the survey had to be cut short”, Miala said to Aelana, as they both approached her from the other side of the scout ship.

“Forget it. I was hoping for an excuse to get out of that place”, Aelana said.

All three friends laughed heartily.

As they stepped on the platform, they were treated by a decontamination system which looked like beams of coloured light washing over their bodies.

“So we’re off to Selenthia Prime”, Patori announced loudly.

“Yes”, Aelana replied, “The most beautiful planet in the galaxy”.

“I’ve seen better”, Miala said playfully.

“And it’s nothing like home”, Patori added.

“It is the most beautiful”, Aelana asserted, “Because it is both wonderful and terrible in equal measure.”

When the decontamination was done, they walked to the edge of the bay where a door slid open and let them through into a long corridor within the ship.

Aelana was still a little bit wet from the rain as she and her two companions walked briskly along the corridor. She was glad to be in the warmth. The corridor was a soft green colour and had silver panels on its walls, with various screens and controls. It was lighted from above by brilliant blue lights, which created an ocean effect when combined with the green walls. There was a pleasant hum throughout the ship which was soothing, yet powerful.

As they came to a junction in the corridor, her two friends turned to go down a different corridor. As they left Patori said to Aelana, “See you at Selenthia Prime”.

“The wonder and terror of the galaxy”, Miala said with a mischievous smile.

“Looking forward to it”, Aelana said grinning.

A group of crew members, three men and one woman, came towards Aelana as she continued along the corridor. “Welcome back Commander”, they said in unison, and joined her instep as she continued along the corridor.

“Thanks guys”, she said gently, “What’s the status?”.

One of the crew members, a tall male called Alvon, who was dressed in a functional white outfit said, “We will be arriving at Selenthia Prime in 15 minutes. You have time to get your briefing and change but you will have to study the mission details once you get there.”

“Great, no time to eat”, she quipped.

As the Star ship travelled in hyperspace between the stars, a diamond white portal opened directly before it. The ship entered the portal, and it flashed with millions of tiny stars of silver light, as they went through. The star ship exited almost immediately within a far distant star system, and entered the orbit of a breathtakingly beautiful planet.

The sun of this system was incredibly bright compared to the one they had just left. The atmosphere of the planet was a gorgeous blue, with magnificent white clouds moving slowly over majestic blue-green seas. Almost at once, three shiny white scout ships flew out of the docking area of the Star ship and descended down into the exceedingly pleasant atmosphere of the planet.

The scout ship carrying Aelana, and the two escort crafts dived into the atmosphere at speed. The ships shone in the dazzling light of the sun, if seen from below they would have looked like tiny points of bright light. The hatch of the scout opened and Aelana’s little craft exited. As her craft darted out into the sunny, luxuriant atmosphere, she laughed with pleasure, and said to herself, “Selenthia Prime: The most beautiful planet in the galaxy”. Her tiny craft streaked high up across the blue sky over the ocean. Far below she saw two tiny looking (from her height) ships passing in a shipping lane. She looked over her shoulder back at the three scout ship as they glinted in the sun, flew apart and shot back up out of the atmosphere to the star ship in orbit.

She said over the com: “Support system three?”

“Support system three. We’ll be here Commander”, came the reply.

With that, Aelana spoke into the control panel, and the spherical shield came up which made her craft invisible.

In the distance was the target continent for her mission. As she sped towards it, her control instruments picked up a flying vehicle ahead of her and she adjusted course to avoid it. She gazed at it with amusement as it passed in the distance.

Aelana was over the land mass now, as she flew over it, she saw cities, cars, people, farms, and all manner of activity. She looked with fascination and wonder at the sight below. After some time of travelling, she concentrated on the readout of her instruments, which said:

Planet: Selenthia Prime, also known as Earth/Terra. Continent: North America. Country: United States of America. Target State: Nevada. Country date: July 21, 2030. Country Language: English. Vehicle of choice: motorbike or car. These last two options were flashing on her view panel.

“Motorbike”, Aelana said.

She was now over the Nevada desert. Her vehicle inside the sphere shifted into the form of a 21st century motorbike, with a helmet hooked on the side. The spherical craft slowed down and descended just above a highway deep out in the Nevada desert. It flew above the road at a reduced speed.There were no vehicles on the road. She spoke into the control panel, and the spherical shield disappeared.

The motorbike, landed gently onto the road. Aelana revved it up, and increased the speed. She was now visible and travelling fast along the road on the bike. It was a fine and sunny afternoon, and she could see the horizon stretch out forever along the highway. When she was on the star ship she had time to change and was now dressed in a snug black outfit. The sun glinted in her eyes and she reached into a small pocket of her outfit, took out a pair of sun glasses and put them on. Flashing a grin, she sped up some more and darted far into the distance along the desert highway leading into the city.

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