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[Book 7] Everything converges on the newly established city of Sanctuary. The city of Sanctuary could just be the turning point in the fight for survival, yet shadows grow ever darker on all sides.

Scifi / Fantasy
Scarlett Dunn
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Sanctuary, the newest city on Crystalla, and a beacon of hope to the fallen Eastern Continent.

Roisin and Syl were sat in Syl's apartment by the window, overlooking the new lake that had been constructed. Roisin had still only just arrived in the city, and was laid down on the couch, while Syl made her some dinner.

Dex would have joined her, but agreed to be tested by Crystech. So it was just Roisin and Syl.

"So, what have you gotten up to while I was away?" Roisin asked, smirking.

"Oh nothing much, just the usual, you know, like nearly getting enslaved by light, riding a dragon, destroying a city. Just that type of thing, you?" Syl joked.

"Oh, went on a long road trip, and nearly died, many times, got a robot arm, nothing much" Roisin winked.

"Wait, you got a robot arm?!" Syl asked, shocked.

"Yeah" She nodded, as she showed off her new arm, Syl couldn't tell the difference.

"Nice try" He laughed.

"It's true!" Roisin said. "It was quite painful..." She added. Syl sighed as he hugged Roisin.

"I wish I could have been there for you" Syl frowned.

"You was busy saving a city, don't worry yourself about it" Roisin smiled.

The two carried on catching up until the early hours of the morning, weeks passed, and the Androids from Disceath arrived, many of them had agreed to move to Sanctuary, to help with the construction, and to merge into a city, instead of standing out, like they had done in Disceath.

Atlas had brought The Wild Rose to the city, and had begun working on some powerful upgrades with the help of Lotte.

Wes and Anya helped out on patrols with Ashe and Ariel. To protect the city from any brave fiends.

Amanda ran shipments between the Empire remnants in the ruins of Aranei, and Sanctuary, however, she was kept under the watchful eye of two Crystalliam Knights.

This is the story of one city, the city of Sanctuary, the city of hope.

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