Bridge of Dreams

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A few people can understand the complex world and its hidden messages. Nineteen year old Blaire Hughes possess the skill. Blaire lives in a small and isolated community. The people love their peace and familiarity. Children go to school, adults go to work and people routinely live their simple and perfect lives. But just like any other "perfect" community, they have their dark secrets no one dares to discuss. In the morning, she is known as the Odd Belle. No beauty, just plain weird. At night, she travels through her dreams to see different parallel universes. She lives freely from the rumors and gossips, trying to find a place where she truly belongs. No one knows her secret nor powers. No one at all... Or maybe someone already does. As the town's secret starts to reveal itself, her dreams becomes erratic. Her ignored life just became surprising than she thought it will be. Will she learn the secret and bring herself out of the dark or will she step on an endless void and be capitvated by the darkness forever?

Scifi / Fantasy
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Author’s Note


Hey everyone! I'm back with a small short story! I wrote Bridge of Dreams for a Wattpad contest. Unfortunately, it didn't win, but it went three rounds far!

Bridge of Dreams became my first take on a Sci-Fi, Fantasy kind of story. I guess learning and trying something new becomes worth it for a beginner like me! This story became my second pride and joy! I can't wait to bring this from Wattpad to Inkitt world!

I will update this every week. Just in case I didn't feel like updating Scorned Love due to crazy reasons and emotional roller coasters! 😂😊🤪

I hope you enjoy this story!

Step inside. Don'the shy!

Welcome to the wonders of Dreams!

-Katrina Clarisse

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