Wandering Tails volume 2

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Short stories, many genres, queer / lgbtqia, scifi, romance, fairy tales, horror, social commentary, climate, animals, YA

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Wandering Tails

Volumes 1 & 2

By Alex A


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Mount Rushmore’ is a spectacular display

...of the invasion, colonization and ongoing occupation of the Americas

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” said a Mountain to a man, “You don’t yet respect the impermanence of living ...and the permanence of life.”

Volume 2 is dedicated to all our Brother Mountains who teach us how to be better humans

Volume 1 is dedicated to my muses, best friends, animal companions and all those who listen as I grow into a storyteller ...still

Poetry for the Romantic is dedicated to all the loves of my life. Some people have a ‘great love’ of their life. Either through chance or ineptitude I seem to have a plethora of mediocre romantic relationships. I wouldn’t trade.

Volume 2

Aliens Attack and Frat Bros Fight Back

An Apple Story

Beach Party Beer Run

Doomsday Rovers

First Traveller

For Kiki

Gaia’s Lube

Godzilla Roars

Leaves of the Trees

Love A Musical

Monster in the Woods

Robot Overlords

Scary Lights

The Dead Keep Secrets

The Gang Loves On

Three Times the Charm

Valentine’s Bites

Walk on the Beach

Volume 1

The Rain Merit Badge

Crones and Maidens

Spider's Cradle

We Don't Play On Half a Court

That Car

The Roma and the Selchie

Coastal Terrors

The Town Werewolf

My Girlfriend Got Up and Left Me Where I Lay

Anatomy of An Ex

Barnyard Tales

Los Lesbian Love Angeles

Carousel Burning

The Duel

Love is Love: A Postcard Tale

Early Birds

The Blue Room Lounge

Ode to Hemingway

The Library

Seals in the Sea

Girlfriends Do Not Grow On Trees

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