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2020 ain't got nothing on the future.

Scifi / Erotica
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It had been just a few months since the world found out that humans weren't the only ones out there and now humans were rare. The monsters and crytpids craved human flesh... if you were lucky this is how you went. However if you were one of the unlucky few, you were claimed by a beast.

They aren't the romantic type like our books had said. Wolves didn't court you before marking you and vampires definitely don't give you time before they bite. If you were lucky you were claimed by something "normal" but for the people who couldn't win on a lottery ticket, hit every red light on a roadtrip, lost a dog on their birthday.. you get the gist of it.. we were claimed by the Reguals. The royal a holes of modern day earth, population unknown.

If I had known all of this back in 2020, let's just say I would have tried a few more sick thrills and drugs before armageddon.

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