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"Drake, wake up, you are going to be late for school." His mother's voice sounded as soft and gentle as ever, but this line has been repeated for about a million times now, and he has been stuck in the same two days: 29th December and 30th December. Time doesn't slip for Drake like usual. He travels to 2938 in his dream, and lives the dystopia that is bound to happen. and whenever he wakes up, it's always the same day and same time. He has lived this day for 8 years from now, and hasn't moved a single second forward. But the more funny fact is, whenever he wakes up to his time, he always creates such a situation that he ends up creating another dream. This story will deal with dream inside a dream inside another dream and all that inside a dream, layers of dreams packed together in this action filled fantasy adventure "2938 Odyssey". A mission is to be completed, a loved one has to be protected, an entire nation depends on him, and he himself is cure of the future pandemic. What if the thing he believes his dream is the reality, or what if the thing he believes to be his reality is actually a dream? What is the difference between dreams and real world? Join Drake and his super amazing friends in this Inception. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Scifi / Fantasy
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“From our academy, Drake Lian is the only student in the entire Toronto who scored a 100% score in his entrance examinations and has been successfully selected for a Masters degree in Massachusetts University, MIT Boston. Congratulations Drake. As a reward you will get a full scholarship from our academy and also financial support. Welcome to a brighter phase of your life."

The announcement was followed by a huge rounds of applause as Drake was the only kid out of five thousands students who was enrolled for a Masters Degree in MIT. Well MIT isn't a small deal, the entrance exams are the toughest in the world. And cracking it with a 100% score isn't something anyone can do.

But what if you have written the exam 2937 times already?

Drake moves forward in the assembly hall, all parents, teachers and his friends were cheering for him. The ceremony wasn't ordinary, they had booked a hall in Hotel Ballerina, the hotel which is ranked third on Canada, Toronto. Somehow Drake appeared gloomy and was seeming least excited. This is the 2937th time he was reliving this, and was overly bored of everything.

He moves to stage and is handed a trophy, few medals, loads of certificates, and a Gown prepared by the Principal herself. Even then his eye were lifeless, he appeared as if he had no enthusiasm.

"Drae, why don't you share few words to our beloved audience." His ears were now partially deaf hearing the same voice and same tone again and again. His principal’s voice never seem to change even one bit. And just like always, his body was now working mechanically on its own after doing it for 2937 times. He climbed to the microphone, looked towards the crowd he was already familiar with.

Looking at them in such a way that he is metting them for the very first time, he was about to say the same thing again, "No matter what you do, do it as if there is no tomorrow. Your hard work and dedication will surely help you achieve success. Don't follow my path, always try to make a way so that one day the world will follow you."

Like he expected, after he said those few words which barely made sense to him now, there were loud echoes of whistles and cheers on the hall. After all this drama and formalities were completed, there was the banquet.

Now for a normal person a banquet would sound as a free food party, and nobody can afford missing even a bite of food from it. But once you have eaten the same thing, same thing, literally the same food for 2937 times, it's aroma is enough to make you throw up. And Drake was already feeling a disgust and signs of migraine and acidity on the spot.

“I know what is going to happen now. Dad is gonna come to me and try to speak to me and will force me to go that Dr.Hemsworth again. Even I wanted, I cannot excape what's bound to happen. If not I will die.”

As he was standing and thinking there, his father came and grabbed him from behind.

"Son, you seem a bit weird.Are you alright? I am going to fix your appointment to Dr.Hemsworth now. We are leaving immediately. Take your mom to the car, I will just have a quick chat with your Principal then I am coming with you guys too." Same words, same tone, same time, same feeling, same emotions......same outcome.....

In his mind there was only one thing going on "2937 times, I cannot bear to live like this. I am so bored. But if I break the chain, I will have to die."

In distress he finds his mom talking to his best friend's Rick and Morty’s mom. She was having a great moment, when she was suddenly pulled by Drake and dragged till the car parking underground. She was totally confused what was happening.

“Drake, sweety what’s going on?”

“Dont ask questions mom! If you dont want me to die come quickly.”

They finally reached the car and sat inside, Drake behind and his mother on the front right side. After five minutes or so his father arrived and then the family drived off towards Dr.Hemsworth’s house. They reached there in half an hour.

As soon as they reached the place, a really huge mansion worth millions. Their family drop Drake near the gate and headed home. He was way to exhausted of the same thing happening all over again. He quickly went to the door and rings the bell.

Dr.Hemsworth answers the bell rather quickly. For that 35 year old Doctor, he is meeting a new kid for the first time, who appeared really dull, his eyes lacked liveliness of a 18 year old kid, his face had no light, his hairs were messy, and his emotions seems dark, similar to a trapped animal in zoo.

When it happened for the first time, he was very excited to meet Dr.Hemsworth, but now, after 2937 times, he was ready to kill him. He cannot bear to see the man again and again. But if he breaks the chain, he will die. That's why in order to stay alive and fulfill his purpose he has to endure it.


He enters his house, which didnt surprise his eyes even one bit after seeing it so many times. Without saying anything he heads to the therapy room, lies on the small bed all by himself and waits for him.

Dr.Hemsworth was surprised to see this kid finding the room and also doing everything on his own. The first one he has ever seen. This just bubbled the curiosity inside him even more. Now he just wanted to know more about the kid. He seemed different, completely different.

"Hey kid, what's your name?"

"Drake, Drake Lian Guston. And I know your next question, 'Ever heard of the word called Psychomatic Depression'?"

Dr.Hemsworth was dumbstruck and was taken by surprise. He was astonished4 to see the kid guess what question he had in mind. Even though he didn't utter a word but his eyes, sweat, trembling fingers and nerves of the firehead shouted his frustation and wildness.

"Are you a mind reader Drake? How did you?" He asked him in a gentle and soft tone, to comfort the kid so that he can answer the questions.

"I am not a mind reader Doctor. It's just these stuff has happened 2937 times to me already. And now that I cannot break the chain, I have to live the same day over and over again. I had so much of this, I even know your wife Natalie has left you because you slept with another woman one night and she caught you. She took your 9 year Selena daughter away from you too. And if you don't hurry now, they are going to settle with another man. Before I begin my Odyssey, go and beg for forgiveness from your wife, she is gonna forgive you, and by the time we finish, she will arrive and she will never leave you."

Hearing the absolute predictions of the kid, he rushes towards the phone and dials his wife's number. He was in such a hurry he forgot to breathe for a second. His eyes were drolling, and was regretting instantly taking the case of Drake. But he wondered how the kid know so much about him. He believed there has to be some truth behind his words.

His wife picks up the call, and turns out she was going to marry someone named Shawn after 5 hours. These words fell on him like a thunder clap, and he was terribly frightened that moment. For some reason, even as he blinked his eyes, the fear was swimming in his pupils.

Desperately he tried to apologise to his wife, trying every possible tricks and was constantly trying to prove himself worthy and that he will never betray her again. She took pity on him, and was amazed that how much he can fall down to bring her back, thus proving her love and devotion to her all over again. These lovely talks were enough to convince her of the fact that he still loves her and wants to be a family with her again, the thought of which filled her heart. She instantly agreed and was going to take immediately from Mexico to Toronto along with their daughter.

He was now able to understand, that the kid wasn't joking. He immediatelyrushed hugged him, crying immediately like a child. He thanked him for saving his love and his family. Drake embraced him as well, and this wasn't the first time this was happening.

"Kid, I don't know how you did it, but now that I have the time, tell me whatever you have inside you. I promise to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone. And your therapy is free of cost. I will put my life at risk if it requires, as a token of my appreciation."

"Thank you Dr.Hemsworth, but let me tell youthis isnt the first time all this is happening. I will tell you the Odyssey for the 2938th time. For starters, I have lived this day 2937 times. And I am able to go to year 2938 in my dreams, the moment the number of times I have lived this day becomes equal to the year 2938, I will be set free from this curse. And in each of the days, I fail to save you from dying."

Hemsworth was surely surprised and taken aback by his words, but he insisted to continue speaking. He was very focused and listening carefully. But he seemed worried after hearing that fact about his death.

“ How?"

"Well, let's begin the 2938 then. It all started with......"

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