Adventures of Corkhorn Issue 1: Bubble Tea Blues

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Stress at the cross points reached an all time high. Guardsmen tightened their grips on their guns. The incoming ship slowed to a crawl. Its motor coughing and spluttering. The hatch slowly pulled down. Everyone leaned forward with baited breath.

The hatch slammed forward after the pin to the door hinge popped out. The resulting argument baffled security.

“Oy! Easy now that’s my baby you’re breaking,” Snarled a bear.

“Breaking, my fuzzy foot, if you ordered proper pins in the first place you wouldn’t have broke the door.”

“Hey now, come on, we’re here aren’t we? Let’s just drop this off and go.”

The scarred otter flung out the pine box. It slid to a stop at the Guardsman’s feet.

“You got the money?” asked the Otter.

“Do you have the hostage?” snapped the guard.

“Money first,” Otter declared.

A duffel bag was flung over to the otter. He opened it up and the room lit up in glistening paper money. He counted the cash with a whistle, took out a fire extinguisher, took off the slave collar, and flung it back at the guard.

“Good lad,” praised the otter, “Sorry about that. You’ll need those.”

The Guards exchanged a look. When the box lid came off screams hit the air. What at first looked like a pile of fried jerky snapped to attention. It flapped its pruned wings. When a scratchy voice bubbled from the hen’s throat.

“I’ll kill them!” Captain Cluck-vers gasped, “I’ll kill them all.”

It was going to be a long time before the tyrant pirate could enact her revenge. She was so fried by her abused powers that it was going to be weeks if not years before Captain Cluck-vers ever was heard from again.

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