Adventures of Corkhorn Issue 1: Bubble Tea Blues

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Chapter 11

Meanwhile a ship was needing its doors closed. Yet the morale on the couldn’t be any higher.

“Close the door or we’ll loose it!” Ottero yelled.

“I’m trying!” screamed some of the crew.

There was hustle and bustle all around the hallways and rooms of the ship. Some of them argued animatedly, loudly but never had to raise a fist because they were confident enough to not need to fight to survive. Others could drop everything they were doing to help their fellow crewmate. There were many bandaged and treated for wounds that needed treatment a long time ago. Even crewmates who put aside old grudges.

Hippolyta was the happiest of all at that moment. Her wig a bright violet compared to the Amber and Blue wigs she usually wore under Captain Cluck-vers rule.

“Yay! Hugs! Big Hugs! You get a hug and YOU get a hug! Everyone gets a hug!” She cheered.

“Ack!” gasped Corkhorn, “Thanks. Do you have a bobby pin?”

She plucked one from her hair. She gave it to Corkhorn. Corkhorn threw it to Mr. ZZZ. Mr. ZZZ poked it into the hinge.

The door finally shut ending the chapter to tyrannical darkness indeed.

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