Adventures of Corkhorn Issue 1: Bubble Tea Blues

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Chapter 12

Finally, after all the adventuring, the near death experiences, and delegating through injuries Corkhorn arrived at his destination, limping mind you, but arrived.

The front door opened to an open air eatery. Round tables for four to six lined diagonal in the middle. Three couples tables lined the left and the right. A couch and two recliners surrounded a coffee table in the window. Corkhorn was pushing the crate on a furniture dolly past the door when someone else pushed the thing forward first. Corkhorn gulped back against a panic attack when he noticed it was Ottero pushing the crate.

“Don’t reopen your wounds again boy,” Ottero stated.

“Aren’t you?” Corkhorn trailed off? “Who got the door?”

“Hi,” greeted Roger from the ceiling.

His mouth was healed a bit better. Dr. AIEEE did some pretty good work.

The cashier and her business partner walked in to get the Boba Pearls. The business partner dropped her tray. The cashier gasped. The business partner’s two boys and cashier’s husband peeped over the counter.

Corkhorn braced himself before the. Cashier’s tackle hug. His stitches didn’t undo. The cashier hugged her son with a ferocity saved for the holidays. Corkhorn relaxed into the hug. He embraced back. The cashier’s husband pulled them both up into a hug.

“Hey Mom,” Corkhorn whispered, “Hey Dad. I got a special delivery.”

“Forget the delivery you fool,” Corkhorn’s Mum sighed, “Your father and I were waiting for you.”

The business partner, Ottero’s wife, was a bit more hesitant to hug her long lost husband. He was gone long enough to miss his oldest son’s birthday and his youngest son’s birth. Ottero was a bit more grizzled than the family photo she kept in her pocket, a lot more scarred too. Ottero gazed on and through his long lost wife. There was enough time lost between them that they didn’t know how to greet each other.

Roger pushed Ottero forward with his tail. Ottero’s wife froze when that giant head pushed her to Ottero. The two gave each other coy glances while gazing skyward. Corkhorn’s family was engulfed in a long lost group hug.

“So,” began Mrs. Otter.

“So . . .” trailed off Ottero.

“I thought that witch killed you,” Mrs. Otter stated.

Ottero glanced back at the unicorns and came up closer to hold her hands. They were more callused than usual. Both his hands and hers.

“Chicken Whack-nugget almost did,” he admitted, “Even made me do things that are sick, but getting to hold you again has been the most wonderful moment of my life. The pirates are disbanded. No one will work for that witch again.”

“Oh thank God!” Mrs. Otter breathed. She threw her arms around him in a hug. The former pirate got to play with his boys long into the night.

Corkhorn went back on his delivery route. Business as usual but after defeating a certain Tyrant Pirate. Corkhorn developed a pretty good reputation not to be underestimated ever again.

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