Adventures of Corkhorn Issue 1: Bubble Tea Blues

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Chapter 5

Meanwhile halfway across the ship. Screams tortured their echoes amidst the clicking zap of thousand watt tazers. Smoke curled from the necks of men young and old, pirates all. The women, helpless to their friends’ plight, scurried between running for help and running from the chicken.

Captain Cluck-vers clung to the ship for dear life. Primary feathers huffed hot air due to her anger.

“When you have to do things yourself,” began Captain Cluck-vers.

One of her feathers lit on fire. She chugged the nearest bottled water. Her feathers cooled down.

The Quartermaster clawed at his shock collar. Muscles spazzed in flailing limbs. Quartermaster roared in pain. Hippolyta’s feet strode two steps forward of her own accord. Her fear anchored her from going further.

“Captain do something!” Hippolyta begged, “The ship is going down. We can’t stop the collars if we don’t find the one setting them off.”

Captain Cluck-vers eyed her Quartermaster. She eyed her drink. Looking opposite the carnage, she poured her water on his flesh. Electricity erupted anew like milk being added to a bowl of rice krispies; snap, crackle and pop.

“Kill the beast,” scoffed Captain Cluck-vers. “You’ll feel better putting him out of your misery. Trust me.”

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