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The Inhumans

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" There are three factions of people, one of the factions have been exterminated. We have the Metahumans: strong, aggressive, destructive and powerful. The Inhumans: they are weaker than the Metahumans but they are stronger than the ordinary. The ordinary: they are the average human, born with no abilities or magic. Go through this dystopian society in bukawa, to discover the trials and tribulation, threats, death sentences, love and betrayal, genocide and the cruelty of human nature. 60

Scifi / Romance
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Prologue: The beginning and the end.

6 billion people inhabit the earth , people who are from different places, tribes, states, countries, people who speak different languages, people who worship different gods, people who have several sexual orientation, but probably, you've not heard about the different species of human beings, they are referred to as Inhumans, they possess abilities that humans don't possess, they possess what the world calls demonic abilities. On planet Earth, 56% percentage of Superhumans are what makeup the world population.

Since Ancient times, The Ordinary (normal beings) hunt down the Inhumans, because they are themed dangerous to mankind; but where do our gifts take us to, which benefits do these give us apart from using those abilities to vanquish our enemies, the littlest species of the Inhumans are in danger, The ordinary have been trying to wipe out our race, we've been misunderstood, we've been wrongly accused of killing people for fun..... Unless, there are group of people that resort to violence to prove that they are the superior beings,I'm not aware of them, I don't know who they are, and one day, I shall get to know them, if we want to live in peace we should prepare for war, the Inhumans should stop sleeping and rouse and prepare for war, however, I call for a truce between the two factions.

Metahumans had existed before the world was born, even before the nine planets existed, rumors had said that it was a metahuman that built a strange lonely planet named azin, they had a king and a queen who ruled Azin in peace, they discovered that they were surrounded by other planets, but the only planet inhabitable by man was planet Earth, the king made plans to visit earth with his wife, but he and his wife died before fulfilling that dream, the king had three sons and a daughter, Werza, Cora, Mirus and Mage, they were not as homely as their parents, they were pure tyrants, with the exception of Cora and Werza, who tried to curtail the troublesome ways of his two little brothers, Mirus grew up to be more powerful and dangerous, he killed and slaughtered anyone who went against his wishes, he proclaimed himself god, he slaughtered his brother, Werza, and took over the rulership of Azin, Cora ran to Earth and got pregnant, Mirus and Mage when they discovered that Cora had ran away with half a dozen Metahumans, Mirus and Mage went to Earth and salughtered over 3 million of them, killing their sister in the process.

Mirus and Mage are nowhere to be found,rumors says that the Metahumans are the progenitors of the Inhumans.

The remaining Metahumans are deadly, evil and sadistic making them more powerful than the inhumans, they've hid themselves from the world, committing crimes from the inside, and blaming the poor innocent Inhumans for their dirty deeds.

I can feel it.... The Metahumans they are coming, don't you feel it, don't you hear them... Shuuuu, shut up before they hear you, before they tear you apart, Nigeria, i mean bukawa is in danger, someone needs to save the country or is it to late?, Oh, my God, I see them, they are saying something incoherent, or I can hear them...

They said that they are coming to tear down the country, to wipe out the ordinary, the most hated and powerless faction, oh God, this is not right, and they said that they are coming to rebuild the nation.

I thought it was a war between the Inhumans and the ordinary but I thought wrong.

Oh my..... Thank God I'm not among the ordinary, audience, dear readers which faction are you, run for your lives they are here.

Grayson Industries, idiri, lowa falls.

“I mean ma, I was brutally attacked by two demonic men, I escaped when they were distracted by police sirens that approached that area, it was indeed a narrow escape, ma, the government should do something effective about this issue, I don't know why we should live in perpetual fear and terror”.

The dark haired woman said fuming, tears forming near her tear ducts.

“ I've heard you bisola, I have scheduled a meeting with the governor, I'll promise to tell him to look into it, I'm scared for my life too, we are not safe, if those dangerous pieces of trash that call themselves the Inhumans, are still roaming around the streets of Lagos”

“ So, Bisola what's the agenda for our meeting?”

“Our meeting with Miss Mercy Rowland”

“Cancel it, I want to go home and rest, and bisola, take care of yourself.”

The woman stood up and left the room as soon as the woman left the room, Bisola shapeshifted into a darker woman who had curly hair and dark makeup, and wore gold necklaces, she left the office and sneaked into the experimenting room where the said chemical, that was used to destroy and cure the Inhumans was stored, the woman grinned and picked up the chemical that was stored in a glass tube, she dashed it to the floor, its content spilling all over the floor, she looked up and saw the CCTV camera monitoring her movements, she brought out a short gun and shot at it destroying the CCTV camera, suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching the room, she immediately, shapeshifted into Bisola and they security guards entered the room with their guns pointed towards the strange woman, she turned towards them and said.

“ Guys, it's me, Bisola”

She put on her most charming smile which deceived them all

“What are you doing here, ma?”

The guards asked her lowering their guns without any hint of suspiciousness.

“It seems that someone broke into this room and destroyed the chemical, and also destroyed the CCTV camera, so no footage, meaning the robber has got away scot free”

“Ma, what do we do now, should we report to Madam Barb Grayson?”

“No, I'll handle it from here , thanks”

They nodded and left the room, the shapeshifter shapeshifted into her real form, she grinned evily and dialled her phone with the receiver picking the call.

“Sir, mission is in motion, by the time we're done, the ordinary will be eliminated from the surface of the Earth.”

She ended the call and shapeshifted into a cat and jumped through the window.

Team R's Headquarters, idiri, lowa falls.

Mercy sat down and stared watching a video of #Get rid of the Inhumans campaign where people rioted and destroyed cars and building, she paused the video when she noticed that her best friend rushed in like a mad lion.

“Mercy, two Banks were robbed at Bonga State Where the houses near the banks were set ablaze”

Mercy rolled her eyes and straightened her sitting posture and said,

“Really?, People around there should call the police men and the fire department...”

She muttered some incoherent words and kept quiet.

“ Let's go and save the day, maybe it is up to us to prove to the world that we are not as bad as they think”

Moira said sadly pouting.

“ It doesn't matter what we do!!, Because the world still sees us as monsters”

“Mercy, we should at least try, we should do our best in helping people even though we are despised, we can't watch our city turn into a city of chaos because of the hatred the locals have towards us, I'm 289 years old and I had your mentality, I watches people die because they are the ordinary, it was pathetic, and I had a change of heart because two wrongs can never make a right so, if you don't want to help out, so be it”

Moira stood up and was about to walk away from Mercy, when she called her back.

“Moira, assemble the team”

She said grudgingly and continued watching what she was watching.

Minutes Later.

Mercy walked into a large conference room where 14 Adults gathered around and seating for a round table.

Mercy started tapping her pen, observing the heroes who has been into hiding with her for almost 20 years or less, some came in newly, she was surrounded by Moira, Uzo, Uche, Amina, Kadiri, Stella, Ugochukwu, Salimatu, Chineye, David, Amaka, Iliana and Victor.

“ We've been hiding from the world for about 20 years, but it is time to come out of our shells it is time to make our world a better place for everyone, the police are so lackluster in doing their jobs, they are not worthy to protect this town”

Uche raised his hand and spoke up without being permitted to speak, he spoke

“ I enjoyed your Motivational speech Mercy, but what name are we branding our group or whatever this is?”

“Hnnm... We will come to that ”

Moira said thoughtfully

“ What about the name Retribution, I mean it sounds nice”

Iliana chipped in, while everyone else rolled their eyes .

“We have a little mission for you guys, at a place called Uzu At Bonga State, we are very late because they kidnapped six children, i want you guys to go there and rescue the kids and hand the kidnappers to the police.”

Moira said soberly

“Is that all?”

Uche asked surprised


Moira answered coolly

“Ok, you want 13 of us to match to Bonga State because of 6 little children!!!!”

Uche said in an outburst, while Moira nodded her head positively.

“You want us to go out there for publicity?”

Victor asked

“To show the world what we are made of right?”

Sade asked sarcastically and folded her arms leaning her body to the door leading outside the conference room.

When Moira finished briefing them, Amaka sighed quietly and sat down on the window looking lost and was fiddling her fingers when Uche sat beside her caressing her fingers.

“Amaka are you worried?”

“No, how can I be worried?, The problem is that I don't want to be accosted and maimed by the ordinary, they can be wicked, I can remember it was the ordinary that tore down my family house and rendered me and my brother orphans”

Amaka sighed and turned and faces the window and saw stella smiling and waving towards them earning a scowl from Amaka.

“ What do you even see in Stella that Drew you to her sef?”

Amaka asked angrily

“ Someone's jealous” uche goaded, teasing her .

“ I'm not jealous, sad, I still love you but as a .....”

Uzo saw Uche with his sister and angrily came up to him shoving him across the room

“What the hell do you think you are doing, shebi I warned you not to come close to my sister, talking of touching her eh!!!”

Uzo bellowed angrily, jacking him off the ground and flinging him through the window, he jumped and gave him a blow, which dislocated his jaw, Uzo tried to hit him again but Amaka prevented him from doing so

“ Uzo, What are you doing, please leave him alone biko?”

Amaka said restraining him, he removed her hands from his body and walked out angrily, Amina rolled her eyes and said

“Na wao, Uche And girls, mtcheeww”

She walked outside where Moira told them to meet them.

“Uche, are you alright?”

Amaka said touching him and cleaning his wounds, Stella walked haughtily before them.

“Amaka, thanks for the help I can handle it from here”

Stella said pushing Amaka away from uche, Amaka walked out angrily without saying a word

“Uche, don't you think you should meet a doctor?”

“ Moira is calling us outside let's go”

Uche said standing up and walking outside the building

They all went outside the building, still in the compound, they all stood awkwardly in silence.

“ Why can't Sade teleport us to Bonga State?”

David asked grumply

“Because, I've not been to Bonga State before, I must have a mental picture of where I'm going so as to be able to teleport”

She said putting up a fake smile.

“So that's why we are taking the Jets, impressive!”

Victor said laughing.

“Is there any time you're not showing off your brownish dirty teeth?”

Chineye asked him nudging him, they were interrupted when Moira spoke up

“So, Uzo.... Amina, Stella, Victor, and Salimatu will go to Bonga State and the rest will be in the ICT room and the surveillance unit where you can access what's happening in this town.”

Uzo drove the net out of the jet hanger, they entered the jet and bid their farewells.

“ Salimatu,”

Iliana called the smallish girl who ran to her

“If you are coming back home, come back with this ring”

Iliana gave Salimatu the ring, earning eyerolls from the rest of their crew members.

Then again, Moira spoke up:

“ Guys, don't mess up this mission, don't.... This is our first mission into....”

“Bla, bla, bla, we all know”

Victor said rolling his eyes.

The young Adult heroes took off in the jet

“I hope this is a success”

Moira muttered and Mercy hugged her and replied her

“ They will be fine”

They all went back inside the building.

In the Jet.

“ So... Anyone who wants to listen to the latest jam of Africa Giant, Burna Boy’s Anybody.....”

“ Abeg, Abeg, no dey rant nonsense for here”

Amina said angrily slapping through the pages of her magazine.

“ What's up Amina, was I even talking to you?”

“Yes, you generalized the question dumbass”

Uzo rolled his eyes and said

“We will be arriving at Bonga State in 34 minutes, so we should buckle up”

As they flew passed the clouds which covered buildings which were still microscopic, Uzo spoke up again.

“ We are close to our Target, i can here the voices of some people”

“Really!!! From this place?"

Victor asked earning hissing and eyerolls from his mates

“ When we get down, Victor, you'll become invisible and release the children, and we attack those who attack us”

“Just like that?” Victor asked Uzo.

Uzo ignored him and brought out earpieces and shared it to the others and said

“Make sure you don't loose this, it is for communication, no one should keep any of us in incommunicado so.... Salimatu are we landing now?”

She nodded the jet opened, the wind blew Victor and the crew slightly.

“These are jetpacks for you all”

Uzo said

“Nah, I don't need it I'm going to scream, and it will carry me over to my destination”

Stella said in a boasting manner and continued

“ I'm not like Amina so.....”

“No, guys I'm going to go down a little”

“So strange, there are two signals on our radar”

“Signals of what?”

Uzo asked in a confused manner

“Two Jets at our back, they are trying to attack”

Salimatu said

“Back down, this is from the world's security council, if you don't back down, we will be forced to fire and brand you all criminals”

The radio blared, while the crew members were speechless.

“ what the hell was that?”

Stella murmured.

“We should back down, me I don't want to become a fugitive”

Salimatu said afraid of what will happen.

Amina rolled her eyes angrily and said

“I won't hide from this pathetic people, we should show them what we are made off”

Stella eyed Amina angrily and wanted to hurl some insults at Amina but, Uzo intervened

“ Amina, we can't just attack them, they are the world security council”

Uzo said trying to reason with Amina

“ What about the 6 kids that are held hostage, we can't allow them to die, or could we?”

Amina asked angrily, soon the radio blared again

“ You guys are not cooperating with us, we are gonna fire in 3 seconds 3.... 2....”

“Open the jet Salimatu.” Stella said.

“What are you doing?”

Uzo asked

“If I don't do this we will all die”

They opened the jet, she spread her wings and flew out of the jet, the radio blared again

“.....1..... Fire!!!”

The UN jet was about to fire, Stella screamed so loud that it destroyed the two jets, still she was still screaming, while in the jet, everyone covered their ears including Uzo, but still blood streamed out of Uzo's ear causing him pain

“ Ah... My ear!!!! It hurts!!!, Tell her to stop screaming”

The whole crew started panicking about Uzo, stella flew into the jet.

“Retreat!!!, Guys, we are retreating now!!”

Stella said firmly

“ Retreat kee, What about the children we are to save ?”

Amina asked harshly

“ Don't you see that our teammate has suffered an injury or Do you want him dead?”

“ All because of your selfish and stupidity Stella, you're a menace to our team”

Amina said harshly

“Look who's talking, you leveled two cities in a day just because you were pissed off by your mother, so shut the hell up”

Amina went mad, she fisted her hands, little Sparks of lightening flying out from her hands, the weather changed.

“Guys!!, Cut it out, Uzo is dying we need to save him!!!”

Salimatu said angrily interrupting their heated argument

“Thank God we are going back home”

Victor muttered flipping through the pages of the magazine.

“Moira I really have a bad feeling about this mission, I mean...”

“Calm down Mercy, nothing will happen to them”

Uche And Amaka ran out of the room beckoning on others to come

“ ehhmmm... Moira, everyone, you guys need to see this, it is quite serious”

Uche said interrupting Mercy and Moira

They all ran to the sitting room, they resumed the news channel which was paused.

“........ Something disastrous just happened at Uzu, in Bonga State 136, 500 resident of the little village were found dead with blood streaming out of their ears, some local survivors who turned out deaf wrote that there was a girl in the sky with wings like an angel, and there were jets and before they could blink their eyes, they were sent sprawling on the floor, blood streaming out of their ears and an explosion occured in the sky , you can see the wreck she caused.”

They directed the camera towards the mass destruction, debris of buildings, dead bodies scattered everywhere, Uche paused the news channel angrily.

“Moira this is your fucking fault! If you did not allow our teammates out there, this won't have happened ”

Amaka And Iliana sighed sitting down on the couch nearest to the TV, while Uche was fuming.

“ Uche calm down before you have a mental breakdown,”

Vincent advised him and played the channel.

“Put off that goddamn channel before I blow your head off!!!”

Uche said angrily and walked away, Amaka running after him.

“Uche you should calm down before you do something stupid, please”

Amaka begged him, caressing his cheeks

“I don't know what to do if Stella died, i won't be myself, Amaka, you know how I feel for Stella?”

He said breaking down in tears, his hands shaking, and the building started shaking too

“Uche please stop crying if you don't, you'll definitely destroy the building”

Amaka said angrily leaving him on the floor and walking away muttering

“Everytime Stella did this, Stella dat mtchewww.”

“ I think this is a perfect time to strike isn't it?”

A handsome young man in a black fitted suit said to another handsome scarred man who was walking around grinning, as if he won the lottery.

“No, this is not, we should strike slowly, I don't want to completely destroy this nation, I want to eliminate the ordinary, I want to eliminate those inhumans who dare disregard me, I want to rebuild this nation to be a very powerful nation, who cannot be trampled by the nations of the world, won't it be perfect?, To live in a utopian society, where everyone is perfect and displays perfection, where people are measured by their strength, where people are not weak and pathetic, where everyone has special gifts, and anyone who don't exhibit those traits, will be wiped off the surface of the Earth.” the scarred man said smirking deviously.

“What about the Inhumans Moira created, what should we do with them?”

The man asked twirling a silverish knife in the air.

“ Let's play with them a little bit, let's see their potential, but they seem weak, but let's push them the more, to see if they can get better or worse, if they get worse, I'll wipe them out.”

The scarred man said evily, disappearing out of the scene.

“Starbird you must have heard what my brother said?”

The man said to a girl who was tied upside down blood stains plastered on her face and clothes.

The girl said something incoherently in a muffled voice.

“ That's my good girl, behave well I will give you atreat, but for now I have a job for you.”

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