The Fort

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The novel is an entertaining fictional story that portrays a dystopic Dark Age for America. Death, chaos, and rampant cannibalism take over in a disquieting setup where Preppers prepare for the worst and people must ultimately rely on one individual and on the Lightning Strike Force. The story of Col. Stanton and of the Fort is gripping and can be appreciated by a broad audience of readers, who enjoy stories with a military touch and an apocalyptic background. Especially at the beginning, there is a feeling of pride towards America’s past and traditions, but, at the same time, the book subtly expresses a sense of frustration towards the direction the country has taken in recent years.

Scifi / Adventure
William S English
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Chapter One

No one knew exactly how or what happened when the Dark Age of America began. Some insisted that it was a solar flare. Others that the enemies of the United States had launched a high-altitude nuclear weapon in space over the country, and the EMP caused havoc with the infrastructure. This possible EMP caused the electrical grid to cascade, and anyone with medical appliances such as pacemakers or defibrillators failed almost immediately, leaving the victims dead where they stood. Within a matter of days, ’ utter chaos reigned. Transportation ceases, and with it, the shipping of food.

The adage that we were nine meals away from chaos was true. Food riots broke out, gangs of ordinary everyday people formed with the express purpose of stealing food from the weak, and then they imploded upon themselves trying to take what they had stolen. Death was everywhere, and when it finally got to the point that there was nothing left to rob, the people resorted to either traveling to the woods or cannibalism. These were the ones that you had to be careful of. If they couldn’t find victims, they would victimize each other. As for those who went to the woods and mountains thinking that they could hunt and fish to feed their families, for the most part, they died of starvation or exposure because they did not know how to survive in the wild. In some cases, the cannibals followed them and feasted until they were no more.

Despite all of this, there was hope, and a force that existed for the sole purpose of protecting the Constitution of the United States, the people, and the Rule of Law. Somewhere along the line, there was an individual who had the foresight to plan for the future and humanity. He was responsible for convincing the government to construct a unique installation commonly referred to as the Fort, where they were entirely off the electrical grid and could grow their food, generate power, and protect those in need. They were also so secret that as the years passed, they passed into legend and were thought to be nothing more than a myth. Yet as the years passed somehow or other things would happen that could not be explained, and society slowly began to rebuild itself, even if at only a fundamental level.

This is the story of the Fort, the Lightning Strike Force, and the people responsible for it. It is also the story of America and the people and their fortitude and strength to recover from a time that would have destroyed entirely any other civilization. It was because of the Fort that America survived, and it was because of the Fort, America still exists. It is also the story of my Great Great Grandfather.

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