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A teenager yearning for revenge for her parent's murder. The lifestyle of people have have changed as earth can no longer hold this population and people are living in capsule cities. The war between the two biggest corporations have begun by a single wrong step. Lives are at stake. Both parties are hungry for killing each other.

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

Life doesn’t offer much choices and sometimes it forgets mentioning the right one. At times, the people whom you want to stay with send you away for you own good and when at last you get a chance, life is cruel enough to part you for eternity.

I had no idea over how to react to what I just heard. My brain was too numb to process what I was informed about. All I could hear was a painful silence amidst the sound of gunshots and blaring horns of vehicles of the medical team.

Alexander was shouting commands and taking down the assassins but there was nothing I could do in my current state. I just stood fixed at my place. Vulnerable and defenseless. I knew that I was trained better than him to handle situations like this but there was no coordination between my mind and body.

The impact of a bullet ripping through my already shredded left arm brought me back to reality. I dodged an attack and pulled out a submachine gun from the car.

They say that emotions make you stronger but there weren’t any left. I was a body with a dead heart. It was just my soul that assured my adversaries that I was alive.

But there’s going to be one more thing that will add to my liveliness and that would be REVENGE.

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