Somewhere In Time (Book 2)

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"One of the darkest evils of our world is surely the unteachable wildness of the Good." - H.G. Wells As Ivan Hayes and his team of time travelers search through history for Elinor, they discover the true power of Wells's machine and the horrors that come from it. Will they be able to solve this new riddle before it's too late or will the evils that come from it win?

Scifi / Romance
L.C. Howard
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April 8, 1803
London, England

The bustling sounds of a city echoed, a dense fog shrouding the area around them. Elinor was carefully being carried away from the place the time machine had dropped her off, her body in discomfort but her mind was distracted by the presence of the man who was carrying her. She vaguely remembered calling him out on his unnerving knowledge of her.

“Trust me, miss, I’m someone closer to you than you could imagine,” the man explained as he gently smiled at her.

Elinor scoffed slightly at his words, frowning at the sight of his warm smile and gentle gaze. She couldn’t place why his blue eyes looked so familiar, almost as if she had seen them before. Even more, it baffled her that some strange man from another time seemed to know that she would be arriving in the time machine and it was even more unsettling that he knew who she was. She was beginning to wonder if there was any point in time that she could escape to without being recognized.

Elinor shifted uncomfortably in the man’s arms, her stomach still twisted with pain as she tried to push herself to think about anything else. The pain was, unfortunately, beginning to unnerve her.

“I think I should warn you then,” Elinor groaned softly as she stared at the man with tired, firm eyes. “Anyone who ever ends up getting close to me always seems to meet an unfortunate end.”

The man huffed softly as if something about her words were amusing. She frowned at his subtle response to her statement but his eyes gazing darkly ahead kept her from questioning him.

“Tell me, is that a promise or a threat?” he asked softly, a bitterness to his voice.

Elinor was thrown off by his question, even more thrown off by the intensity in his voice. She wondered if perhaps the man who was helping her wasn’t a friendly face but a suicidal foe. Her heart was already pounding from the entire situation, this unfortunately wasn’t helping matters any.

The rest of their trip was taken in silence, leaving Elinor to ponder everything that was currently happening. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts, her eyes squeezed shut as she silently begged her body to stop hurting. She was so wrapped up in her personal woes that she wasn’t even aware they had stopped walking until the gentle sound of a knock met her ears.

Elinor forced her eyes to open as she carefully took in the exterior of a lovely brick house, her eyes wandering over what little she could see. She was quickly distracted by the sound of the door to the house opening, drawing her attention to whoever answered.

Elinor’s eyes grew wide at the sight of a familiar man filling her vision as a wave of recognition washed over her face, her lips parting in surprise.

The pale face of a man with dark hair and warm eyes met her gaze, his concern expression glancing between Elinor’s tear stained face and the hard stare of the mystery man who carried her here.

Squirming uncomfortably, the mystery man glanced firmly into the other familiar man’s face with a pleading expression.

“I think my vision is coming true,” the mystery man whispered softly, earning a surprised glare from Elinor. “I found her just as I’ve seen her in my nightmares. She was in discomfort, muttering that she thinks she’s suffering from a miscarriage.”

The familiar man frowned slightly, his eyes locking with Elinor’s as he took a step forward to look at Elinor. He placed a hand gently to her forehead, nodding slowly as he tilted his head to glance into Elinor’s eyes.

Elinor’s heart practically leaped when she finally recognized who was standing before her.

“You’re a long way from home, Miss Elinor,” the familiar, warm voice of Nikola Tesla met her ears, a weak smile playing at the corner of his lips. “When we last had our conversation, I was hoping that my story would deter you from ever wanting to use the time machine.”

“How-” Elinor groaned, shaking her head as her thoughts grew slightly overwhelmed with everything that had happened in the past few moments. She was beginning to question if her entire life was one giant, messy dream.

Tesla pressed his lips firmly together, his head tilting towards the door as he stepped aside to allow the mystery man through.

“If you’re wondering how I am here,” Tesla began, shutting the door as they made it into the security of his home. “It’s the same thing as I already explained to you. I am trapped between realities and I’ve discovered that I usually end up wherever I am needed most. Right now, I am needed here to help assist you with your problem.”

Before Elinor could question him, Tesla pointed his finger towards a room just a couple doors over, where the mystery man carried her into a small room with a bed. She let out a whimper as the man set her down into the bed, the heavy feeling of exhaustion washing over her as Tesla made his way over.

“You shouldn’t have entered that machine,” Tesla scolded, glancing firmly at her with a stern glare. “Especially not in your current condition. Thankfully, according to Ezekiel here and his visions, we know that you’re all going to be fine,” he explained, pointing a finger at the man who carried her in.

Elinor’s eyebrows knitted together, confusion settling over her as she tried to make sense of the words that tumbled out of Tesla’s lips. She glanced up at the young man, her eyes carefully wandering his serious face. She wasn’t certain if she was mishearing things or if she really just heard twice now that this man was having visions.

“That you’re all going to be fine… what the hell are you talking about?” Elinor mumbled, her eyes darting between the two of them as she glared at them in disbelief over this entire situation. She was growing tired of the secrecy, the careful darting around the topic of what was really going on. Her pain had mostly subsided but she was still alarmed that traveling through the machine brought such a toll on her body that she wanted answers.

“What on earth happened to me in that time machine?” she asked sternly, her eyes burning.

The young man, Ezekiel, smiled weakly at her. She could see that lying within his familiar eyes, he was hiding something from her. They both were.

“Maybe I should introduce who I am first,” Ezekiel explained, his soft accent meeting her ears.

Elinor watched questionably as the young man stepped forward, nervously wringing his hands together as he swallowed hard.

“My name is Ezekiel William Wells, I was an apprentice for our father, H.G. Wells, before I talked him into letting me test out the time machine. My intention was to travel to the future to bring back my twin sister who was sent forward in time for her own safety but something went wrong with the machine and I was accidentally sent back to 1793 instead.” Ezekiel stared firmly at Elinor, watching as her face grew pale as the reality of his words settled over her. “It appears that time has brought us back together again, sister.”

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