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The Transformation of Melanie

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A tragic love story between a brilliant young Genetics professor, (the grandson of late Dr. Joseph Mengel, a Nazi concentration camp doctor) and the professor’s young female dwarf maid with whom he is attached to and his decision to transform her into a regular size woman, then falling in love with her, make her pregnant and both live a short, ill-fated love life...

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Part 1





A cloud of dust rises under the feet of two white men chased by a horde of wild looking pygmies armed with blow darts.

One of them is PROFESSOR VICTOR MARTIN, medium height, 60’s and the other, his assistant FRED HOFFMAN, taller, skinnier and in his 50’s. Professor Victor carries a black leather pouch under his arm with precious care as he runs.

Fred his assistant runs ahead of him.

Meantime the pygmies are closing in to Victor, until one of them manages to shoot a dart in his neck.

Victor screams in pain as he holds his neck.

The other man Fred turns around and looks at him helplessly.

Then in anguish screams in German tongue:

“VICTORRR? Damn primitives.”

The Professor Victor answers back to him in a fainted voice in the same tongue.”

“Fred, take the pouch to my son and tell him everything, hurry.” Then he throws it to him and succumbs.

Fred picks the pouch and runs fast in zigzag formation to avoid being hit by the blow darts.



CARL MARTIN, middle 30’s, blond, short hair, six feet, friendly bright face, casually dressed, with a briefcase in his hand,

closes the door behind him as he exits the lab room.

Inscription on the door: CARL MARTIN PHD. DEPARTMENT OF



Carl sits at the dinner table and waits to be served by his house maid, MELANIE. She’s a cute young female ACHONDROPLASIA DWARF, about 3 ½ ft. tall and in her 20’s and just finishes cooking. She enters the dining room and starts serving Carl.

After that she takes her place in the kitchen to eat.

Carl looks at her compassionately and tells her:

“Melanie, why don’t you take your plate and come to sit here,

at my table, instead being alone in the kitchen?”

“Oh, thank you for the honor sir, but I feel more comfortable here.” She answers.

“But you would feel more comfortable here next to your employer.” He says smiling to her.

“But sir…” She whispers in a humble way.

“Come on hurry up, before your dinner gets cold.”

Carl answers. Then she takes her plate and sits next to him.

“I appreciate the honor sir, but why?” She insists.

“Because your probation period is over and you deserve to eat next to me.” Carl says smiling.

“I don’t deserve special treatment sir.”

“It’s not that, but an appreciation of your good work.

By the way for you to reach the kitchen counter top, I’ll get

a carpenter to raise floor.” Carl says.

UNIVERSITY GENOME SEQUENCING LAB-FACILITY – DAY A small group of assistant scientists works when Carl comes in.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. How you are this morning and how is the work on IPS and Embryonic cells?” Simon the head of the group says: “We are making progress professor.”

“That’s good Simon.” Carl says.


Carl is with a staff member here when a female receptionist comes in and whispers to him in private: “Professor Martin, there is a man in the lobby who would like to see you. He says it’s important.”

“What’s his name?” Carl asks her.

“He didn’t say. He sounds a little foreign.”


Fred, who is the visitor, sits in an arm chair.

He’s dressed in a grey worn out suit, and carries a knapsack. As Carl enters, he stares at him intensely, then smiles and walks up to him.

“Professor Martin I presume?” Fred asks Carl.

“Yes, Whom am I speaking to?”

“I’m Fred Hoffman professor, but you can just call me Fred.”

“Why so Mr. Hoffman, are we going to see each other again?”

“It depends on what you decide after this meeting Carl.” “Meeting? I didn’t concede to any. But anyway explain your purpose, because I’m busy.”

Carl replies annoyed.

“I’m a carrier of sad news about your father.” Fred announces. Carl takes a step back irritated.

“What father are you talking about? You think I have time for this... Fred? Find somebody else to play.”

“Find the time to hear me Carl. I won’t leave until you hear my story.” Fred’s serious manner semi-convinces Carl.

“Go ahead and make it snappy.” Says to Fred.

“Your father died two weeks ago, 30′ feet away from me by a poisonous dart.” Hearing this, Carl’s loud laughter shows how entertained he is. “Oh man this is the best part of the day, after a boring morning in the Lab.” Then he gets a 2 dollar bill out of his pocket and puts it in Fred’s coat pocket, while Fred looks surprised.

“I like you; you’ve got a good line. Usually beggars are just demanding and rude. But you’re different.” Carl says to him.

Fred becomes offended and throws the money back to Carl.

“Watch your manners young man. You’re insulting me.”

“No I complement you, serious.” Carl says smiling.

“Then I challenge you to this.” Fred answers back and gets a picture out of his pocket and hands it to Carl, who looks at it with amusement. He sees a man in it from his waist up in his sixties, with white hair, and a serious face.

“Who is this, your brother?” Carl comments ironically.

“Not your father. Professor Victor Martin who just died as I told you 30’ away from me.” Fred responds.

Carl gives it back to Fred without interest on his face.

Then Fred takes out another picture and passes it to Carl.

As Carl looks at it, he jumps in surprise and excitement. It’s a picture of him at the age of ten with his mother.

He looks at Fred suspiciously. “Where the hell did you get this picture? I never saw this for ages.”

“Do you believe me now that I’m not a fake? I have more things to show you if…“

“Okay, I believe you. Look I’m busy for the next half an hour. Can you wait for me here?”

I hope you are not going to stand me up Carl eh, while you skip away?” Carl’s manages to cover a smile.

“Don’t be so suspicious Fred. I want to hear the rest of your story.”


While Carl and Fred having lunch.

“Okay Fred I am all ears now. First I want to know how an old picture of me with my mother happened to be in your possession.”

“From your father, he gave it to me.” Fred says.

“Stop this “father” business because I don’t buy it.

I practically never had a father. He left my mom and me long time ago, when I was a child.”

“I know the story Carl and I’m sorry.” Fred says in sympathy.

“Then why would I accept a picture of a man as my father, when I don’t care whether he is one or not?”

Carl says with emotion in his voice.

“I saw a feeling of acceptance in your eyes.” Fred answers.

“You didn’t see nothing and find another son for this gentleman.” Carl responds back.

Then he gets up to leave. But Fred doesn’t give up. He puts the picture of Carl’s father in front of Carl’s face. “Look young man. That’s your father whether you accept it or not. “I don’t and you’re annoying me.” Carl says.

“Sit down and listen to the rest of the story.” Fred says irritated.

Some patrons of the nearby tables look curious at them.

Carl embarrassed sits down.

“As I said before, this is the picture of your father and more proof is inside this…” Fred says pleased with himself now. Carl looks at him with curiosity as Fred takes out of his knapsack a black pouch and hands it to him. “What’s this, another link to the puzzle?”

Carl says ironically.

“You can call it whatever you want, there is information inside it. Carl’s rejection starts weakening.

He looks at his watch.

“Okay Fred, you win, I’m listening.”

“You better Carl.” Fred takes a deep breath and starts.

“Your father and I worked for years in the RAIN FOREST OF CONGO, with a special tribe of pygmies.” Carl looks at him ironically, but Fred’s face looks serious. “I said I’ll listen to your story but didn’t mean to hear crap.” Carl says, but Fred ignores him. Your father and I are geneticists. Well he isn’t anymore. We worked on the virus of Achondroplasia that causes dwarfism and we made good progress after several years.

“Geneticists you say. That’s odd. My mother insisted me to follow that career.” Carl interrupts him.

“Then two weeks ago, everything ended abruptly. The tribe we worked on for so long turned against us and chased us…“

“They did? Oh God! Why didn’t you guys call Tarzan for help?”

Carl remarks with irony. Fred ignores him and continues with his story. “Those primitives chased us out of the village and killed your father. But I managed to escape.”

“Lucky for you, you escaped safe.” Fred’s eyes glow thunders.

“That’s enough; you don’t respect for your dead father?” Carl looks impatient and irritated now.

“Listen mister, nothing to do with respect. You come to me as a stranger with a fairytale of a father I never knew I had and a fairy tale of a jungle adventure and expect me to believe you?”

“At least out of curiosity you should let me finish. It’s not every day you hear stories like this. Your father was obsessed with the topic of dwarfism.”

“Accepting that momentarily, why was he so obsessed with dwarfism?” Carl remarks.

“This is a little bizarre to explain. The original obsession with dwarfs started with your Grandfather. Your father just continued it from there.” Fred confesses.

Carl looks restless and annoyed now.

“Wait a minute, what did you say? Is there a grandfather involved

in this too? Oh boy! Oh boy!” He says with sarcasm.

“This thing gets out of hands. Was he also a scientist? Are you saying we deal with Frankenstein’s Family?”

“The answers are in this pouch.” Carl tries to open the pouch.

“Not now Carl. Open it in the privacy of your home. Remember some of its contents might shock you, but you must know them. Now I have to go.” Then he gets up to leave.

“If you ever need me my number is inside that pouch.

It was a pleasure meeting you Carl.”

“Likewise Fred, thank you.” CARL answers without interest.


Carl and Melanie have dinner. “Melanie how was your day today?” He asks her.

“A little different sir.” She replies.

“Different than what?” He says and pauses for a moment.

“Wait a minute, didn’t I ask you not to call me sir?

A simple Carl is good enough.”

“Yes sir. I’m sorry, I mean Carl. Anyway today I went to the library and after that I visited a research agency that specializes in tracing WWII survivors of German concentration camps.” She tells him.

“What?” He exclaims astonished. “I never knew places like these exist. Why did you go there for?

You’re contacting a historical search?” Carl asks her.

“No, I am interested out of personal curiosity and to verify my father’s stories if they had any truth in them.” “What stories, Melanie?”

“About our family. My father used to tell me that I am the last female survivor of a family of little…” She breaks in tears as she says that.

Carl goes to her and tries to comfort her by placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down Melanie, don’t upset yourself.

Finish your dinner first.” Carl encourages her. When she calms, he returns to his seat and she continues her story.

“My grandmother’s family, they were five of them, all little people. During the WWII because of their size were put by the Germans in a concentration camp. There they were used for inhuman experiments.” Melanie becomes emotional again and Carl comforts her.

“You don’t have to go on with this terrible revelation, it’s upsetting you.”

“Thank you Carl for your support, I’m okay now.

I want to take it out of my chest. My grandmother’s family all perished there except her. She was saved by the invading Russian Army.”

“Oh Good that’s a terrible thing to know about one’s family. What about your father…?” Carl asks her.

He died recently from some bones’ disease. He was of normal size.”

“Poor girl. No other relatives?” Carl asks her.

“No Carl. You’re the closest thing to a relative I have now.” Carl looks at her with compassion.

“Oh, don’t say that Melanie please it’s nonsense.

You don’t owe me anything because I gave you a job.”

“When my father died I was alone and without purpose.

I even reached the point of ending my own life.

Then you hired me as your maid.”

Melanie confesses with emotion in her eyes.

The same emotion shows in Carl’s eyes and looks elsewhere.

“You know Melanie, it’s so ironical that I am alone in this world too.” Carl confesses.

“You? It’s hard to believe it… Carl. You have a career,

a purpose…”

“That’s the only thing that keeps me going.”

She looks at him with sympathy.

“A question I always wanted to ask you Carl.”

“Yes, I’m all ears Melanie.” He says smiling.

“Why you chose me as your maid among so many capable and normal size girls who answered your ad?” She says also smiling. Carl takes a moment to think.

“Logical question, but I don’t have any answer and don’t really know why. It must have been an impulse of the moment and I don’t regret it.”

“Yeah right. Probably it was a feeling of compassion for my size.” She says lamentably.

“No, not that at all, Melanie.”

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