D2 robot creator's guide: as an e-manual

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This book covers the theoretical background needed to create a humanoid robot. It may also be used as a source for ideas and solutions and save valuable effort and time. The reader of this book may be almost anyone: just a random interested reader, a programmer, a robot developer, science fiction reader of writer. While the subject of the book is computer science and its implementation in robotics, the book doesn’t use any complicated terms and may be easily understood. The book may be used as a working guide by a robot creator as an individual or as an entire team of creators up to companies aspiring to produce a robot on a mass scale.

Scifi / Other
Alex Mesfin Mengistu
Age Rating:

D2 robot creator's guide

D2 robot creator’s guide

As an e-manual

mobile edition

Table of Contents




D1 robot

The D2 description

The D2




Vision processing diagram

Heart computer

Power ring

Circuitry specifics

2nd generation eyes

Eye lids

Analog to digital converter


I - core computer

Hardware operating system/center core

Bus design

Video memory


Alternate architectures

Relief code for user programming

3rd person systems

What’s next hardware

Molecular rigging (theoretical)

Environmental AI variables

Data compression techniques

Video compression

3D model compression


D2 Proxy package(on tablet)

Wi-Fi communication scheme


Cycle return hole

Color LCD Projector

Dreammaker2 memory editor

Transparent skin and gloves

Password for facial recognition override

Dreammaker AI buffer/ reflex frame

Boot strap programs

A beautiful mind

State of mind 2 the next step

Memory progression used straight up

Behavior lock

Bootstrap (fantasy injection)

Motion capture

Tree Gorgeous Technique

Friendly look technique


Angulator (software)

Object recovery and search

Software packages

System core


Programs menu

Visual processor

Speed to 3D

Knowledge to 3D

Eye contact tracker

Computer skills


What Hishi did was

The new world order (audio)


Out of sight


Virtual self

Main AI/Shredded code/Intelegencia Artist

Trivia/Live/ Current AI

Fuzzy Logic/Secondary AI

Social interaction AI

Cognition frame

Commands database



3D objective


Story layer


Now 3D

The future

Manipulate 4(for owner)

What’s going on

What can I do

Above the law



Lock and load (audio)


Exclusive gaze layer

Exclusive simulation layer

Movement engine

3D muscle control

2D image processor

Lock - on

When-I module


Graviton extension

Particle physics

Explaining fans and propellers


Graviton particle

Visor/3Dvp graphics and dynamics engine




Aether points


Facial Expressions


Rendering with auto mapping


Modeling using observation

Vehicles and other man made devices

Render 2D


Human dialogue reconstructor

Breath simulator





Reading tutorials


Movie maker (compatible with 3D max)


Genre editor


Accessing/assessing motion pose in 2D frames

Anti - aliasing filter

Quote mode


Video/Sound Compressor

Draw 2D

2D to 3D

Famous actors database


Domestic violence

Survival skills

I2(Artificial intellect)


Domestic hunter NOT, Domestic hunter and Havoc


Leisure time

Jungle Book

Resident evil

LCD projector refresh rate (recommended)

LCD projector color correction

Advanced LCD projector color management

Accessing the LCD projector to play memory

Quick learner

Memory/Memory access


Frame rounder

Logistics Tags


Face 2Z future engine

Pose of 2

My pose

Snake eyes

Washing machine


System log and Robot’s diary


Impact & Impact 2

Stay and Stay 2




I’m a Camera

Proximity alert

The ghost in the machine

As I was

As u were/Universal pose check

Mastery in diplomacy


About myself

My master


What’s up

Machine thinking

V 4


Find program


Learn from the best

My name is Noid/Paranoid and “No ID”

Mr. Smith


Serve and detect

3D commander (on D2 tablet PC)

Targets of opportunity

Environmental TO’s

Remote control

Please proceed

Coup d’etat

Basic 3D

Video Player


PG/Parental guidance

Game screen

Paranormal activity

Miscellaneous 3D programs

//End of software packages

Autonomous robot factories

Material object creation

Material gathering

Factory build prerequisites

Dream One

Mission Impossible

Introduction to an owner and a community

Robots unique ID

Owner ID and connecting humans

Finding missing persons

Dreammaker broadcast schema

Sound processing

Text generator/editor

The Home Security Server

Acrobatic maneuvers



Dreammaker model skeleton for 2x D2 owners


Wondering around on autopilot

Adjusting to community

Making friends


One on one

Foul language

Consuming energy for speed movement using “vacuum pipe” muscles

Theory of relative clock speed in robotics

Memory blurring(tunnel vision)

Running away from a stressed master


Learning from owner/master

Predicting the future and participating in real life

Predicting human behavior and position

Picking up items on request

Driving and operating machinery

Understanding human psyche

Human or other character skin

Geometry and paintings


Court room ethics

Malicious prone hardware not allowed

Social competitor

Digitalising private libraries for home space

Handling criminal requests

Nanny mode

Communicating with animals


Rotating cylinder pen

3x LCD projector flashlights

Flying Tennis ball camera

FTB camera Watchdog aka Godling

Flying fly cam

CRT sensor eye

Induced speech sensor

Rotated polyethylene

Reverse projection 3D eyeball

Dreammaker sale tricks

Dreammaker company ownership


Forensic sketch

Overall character

Safety alarm triggers with participation of law enforcement and security

Security leniency cases

Attacks related to undesired trespassing and property destruction



Proximity age limit

Distribution priority

Military services

Considering the nemesis syndrome

Prototypes and accessories sales

Minimum Hardware specification

Simplified scene number memory prerequisites

Observer mode

Dreammaker Treck(D3)

Dreambreaker - Garbage/Utility

Distribution ambitions and model change policy

Model approval

Distribution strategy

The golden Dreammaker

The commercial skin

Commercial stickers

The “I owe you” policy

Hi -tech mass production

The material cannon grid

The materialiser

Operation clean sweep

Multiple robots policy

Additional extras

//End of D2 description

Robot muscular systems

Muscle design using contracting material

Control Nodes

Muscle control

AI divisions

Micro Drones

The laws of robotics in order of importance

The ethics laws of robotics (Britain, US)

The 3 laws of robotics by Isaac Asimov in code

Software architecture while using the the 3 laws of robotics

Unwrapping the 3rd law of robotics

The simplified scene number theory

Using SSN’s short description as memory

Conclusion and philosophy



//End of contents


This book attempts to cover the theoretical background needed to create a humanoid robot. It is assumed that the reader knows or will reference such topics as programming, mechanical engineering, electronics and chemical sciences, because the book uses a higher level approach and does not provide specific technical information.


The reader of this book may be almost anyone: just a random interested reader, a programmer, a robot developer, science fiction reader of writer. While the subject of the book is computer science and its implementation in robotics, the book doesn’t use any complicated terms and may be easily understood. This book may be used as a working guide by a robot creator or by an entire team of creators, even by companies aspiring to produce a robot on a mass scale.


To create a robot is simple. Even a small glass marble with a speaker may be called and effectively be a robot and your quest of creation satisfied. This book attempts to increase the limit of the imagination of a robot creator and the quality standard that the creator will aim at. The book may also be used as a source for ideas and solutions and save valuable effort and time. Almost every aspect of the book may seem to be a revolution in regular computer science or robotics, but that is not the case. Still, some ideas may be new, but maybe, just because no reference is used to other robotics material.

Some material provided in this book may be characterized as merely clues, however the author believes that attempting to further explain will create even more ambiguity. The author hopes, that no matter how the reader understands the content of the book, the end result will still be a positive one and produces benefit to the reader. Keep in mind, the best thing you could think of, could be the exact thing the author was writing about, or even better. Even heading in an absolute opposite of the direction than was described here will probably produce good results, because it is possible to perfect any procedure eventually. Unfortunately, even doing nothing could have been a positive result compared to a state before effort was made. Here, let’s start by saying that creating a humanoid robot is 100% about software and it is 100% about hardware. It is also 100% about art and 100% about chemistry. It is also about standardization, testing and improvement, also 100%. No matter what humanoid robot creation is about, it is still a process of making something from scratch. In almost all disciplines, including artificial intelligence(AI), we see a reference to nature and the attempt to go parallel to the forces of nature, attempts to somehow logically explain the workings of nature and use simple written laws for later use. In this book you will find plenty of laws and tricks to reference and a base to create new. What the reader also has to know is that the technology of creation should be complete for each robot type, because all components will have a potential for creating absolute failure, but it is still a 100% success if it is proven the others work. Does this mean that the more components the robot has, the less the amount of failure? It seems so, but making a robot with less components will offer easy operation and easier maintenance. When creating a robot, it’s important to make small researches and have a 100% complete creation process that will work.

D1 robot

The D1 is a humanoid 150 cm tall robot with LED skin, with a hexagon net on the head as hair producing Wi-Fi vision for 360 degree situation assessment. The robot uses its skin to create 2D visions for observers as ads, jokes, impersonations and camouflage. This is why the robot is called a Dreammaker. The robot has a 1mm thick polyethylene cover layer above a LED layer. Weight: less than 5 kilos. This is achieved by a hollow polyethylene skeleton. The robot is designed for advertisement and mass information. The visions that the robots skin produces mimic the abilities of a chameleon, but are more realistic and may cause hypnosis. The D1 uses color “catch codes” in certain situations. All codes are made by exclamation marks on a skin color. Fire, earth quake, human in danger, bomb: yellow skin with red exclamation marks. Red skin with yellow exclamation marks – volcanic eruption. Green with black exclamation marks: war time announcement. Black skin with green exclamations: announcements during war time. Blue skin with black exclamation marks: tsunami warnings. White skin, blue exclamation marks: dangerous height. Black skin with white exclamation marks: racial abuse and profiling. Black skin with red exclamation marks: potential assaulter. Black skin blue exclamation marks: substance abuse. White skin with black exclamation marks: fully charged. The exclamation marks may be replaced with question marks if the warnings are not confirmed.

The D2 description

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