Is There Anybody Out There?

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Nniuq .V Lisab
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Day 67

“I miss all that used to be, all I had grown so accustomed to. Everything my life once was, all it meant and all I held dear, all stripped blindly away. So I sit here, crying to myself in this small corner of space, so desolate from all the memories I once cherished. Out here, I am my only comfort, drifting ever so passively away. Time, so irrelevant; life, so meaningless. For when all that is left is the infinite darkness of the void when one can only find solace in the comfort of his imagination, what is there to live for? There is no one to hear my pleads, no one to understand me through the static of the unknown; and so I ask once again, to no one at all. Is there anybody out there?”


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