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The Final Curtain

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Scifi / Other
Nniuq .V Lisab
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Act 1

The sun rises upon the horizon, bringing forth the message of the new day, and with it, the curtain rises. The welcoming light then replaced by silence, unforgiving darkness, and along with it, the curtain falls. For what is this forsaken planet but a stage, our lifetimes but a play among endless others, stories desperate to be told, to be at long last heard through the chatter and bombarding noise that envelops us all. Forgotten, never to be truly understood for what meaning those stories convey, no one ever seems to care to listen to their hardships, thinking of them to be simple surmises. Why cant they hear our pleads, why can't they see past the lies they have been forced so often to believe? Why are we, within this world, forced to scratch and claw at these hallowed walls? Focused on their worlds, too blinded by their selves to answer other's screams for help, to that much I can conceive. Still, another day goes by, and still, the curtain falls.

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