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The Final Curtain

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Act 3

So I drop my mask, let it slip from my fingertips and drift off away as it shatters, splitting into pieces of a broken mirror, and so they see me for what I truly am. Only at the final act do they for once see my persecution that was for so long stitched away, but I choose to look past them, seeing at the end that there is nobody here but me. At the edge of the long, winding road I finally realize that there never was anybody else here but me, all I had created just my reflection. I built this wall, to lock myself away from the outside world, only to later be ultimately lost without the key. At long last, I have found it, the passageway bringing me out from these imposing barriers, and so I chose to accept it, welcoming the freezing touch of its gentle grasp. So, after all these ceaseless years the show is at long last over, and with it, the final curtain drops.

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