Emergence: New World Book 1

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Chapter 2

Following Mr. Mayard down a dirt path we stop on a small hill where I finally get my first view of Camp Pine. Nestled in a small meadow a cluster of buildings sit on the edge of the lake.

As I’m taking in the view Mellany climbs atop a nearby boulder and standing on her tippy-toes raises her phone up into the air. “I’m getting no signal right now, hey John what’s the camp’s wifi?”

“Mellany, I would prefer if you would call me Mr. Mayard and you’re not going to get any cell service up here. We do have a landline and radio in our admin building though,” John says pointing to the old fashion two story farmhouse situated closest to the lake.

“Great, that’s just great.” Mellany mutters as she jumps off the rock, “How am I supposed to talk to my friends back home?”

“Sorry the landline and radio are for emergencies only if you want to talk with your friends you can write them a letter, every Friday one of the camp leads heads down the mountain to mail them.” Mr. Mayard says with an apologetic shrug as we continue walking down the hill.

Once we get off of the hill Mayard leads us towards a small group of buildings arranged in a crescent around a volleyball pit.

“Here are the cabins, we have eight total with four campers in each. Matt you’re going to be in cabin six and Mellany we have you in cabin two. This is where I leave you kids, lunch is at noon and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask your cabin mates!” Mr. Mayard says before he turns and heads for the admin building.

Once he’s out of earshot Mellany turns to me shaking her head, “I swear Matt a whole summer without wifi, I’d rather be attacked by a mountain lion!”

Punching my arm lightly she makes her way over to cabin two. When she swings her cabin door open heavy metal music fills the air. Letting the door bang closed behind her the music becomes a muffled thumping.

Looking over to the cabin Mayard said was mine I realize just how terrible summer was going to be. The cabin looks like it’s been abandoned for over twenty years. The way the roof is leaning makes me think it’s about to cave in. At one time the cabin might have been painted red but now with most of it peeled off it looks more like a bloody crime scene.

As I’m climbing up the steps to cabin six’s porch the door slams open and a girl stomps out fuming. “Kev I just can’t with you, you knew she was my best friend at camp!”

She breezes by me on the stairs when a guy who I assume is Kev comes out yelling after her, “Babe wait it’s not what it looks like!”

He runs down the stairs shoulder checking me as he passes. I sigh and shake my head, my first day and I already don’t like my roommate.

I open the wooden door and peek inside the cabin. A low hanging light swings from the ceiling casting long shadows on the walls. Each side of the room has two small beds pushed against the wall with a personal footlocker at the end of them. Throwing my bag on the empty bed closest to the door I step over to the window and pull back the blindes to let more light into the room.

A groan comes from the bed in the corner. Turning I see a disheveled head pop up from a pile of blankets. Yawning a guy sits up and rubs his eyes, “What’s the time?”

The guy looks to be around my age with dark eyes deeply set in a rugged face, a light stubble resting on his chin and a buzz cut showing off a large scar on his head.

Glancing down at my watch I respond, “Um, It’s eleven thirty five.” Nodding his head slowly he sticks his fist out and says, “Nice you must be Matt, I’m Derrick.”

I reach over and bump his knuckles. Derrick looks around the room and sighs when he sees the knocked over foot locker of the bed across from him.

“Great, it looks like Nikki and Kevin got into it again.” I nod, “Yah they ran out of here before I came in, she looked pissed.”

Derrick throws his head back and lets out a barking laugh, catching his breath he wipes a tear away. “You have no idea I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not pissed at something or someone.”

The door at the back of the room suddenly swings open letting out a bunch of steam. A scrawny guy with shaggy brown hairs walks out towel around his waist and heads to the bed across from mine.

“Right that’s Cory, he’s the resident nerd of the cabin, don’t worry we love him anyway. Cory, this is the new guy Matt.” Derrick says as he puts his arms above his head and stretches.

Cory picks up a pair of glasses off his night stand and turns back to me. “Finally someone who seems normal, Derrick is a lazy stoner and Kevin is as dumb as the weights he lifts.”

Derrick walks over and grabs Cory in a headlock and while fighting back his laughter says, “Eh he’s just saying that because I’m the older brother and got all the looks in the family.”

Cory manges to pull his head out of the headlock and pushes his glasses up from the tip of his nose. “First off, you’re only seven months older than me and you might have gotten the looks but I got all the brains.”

Derrick walked back to his bed and pulled a black coat from a dirty pile of clothes on the ground, “Alright, I got to go to a volleyball game with some girls from cabin three. Remember the new summer bon-fire is happening at 9 tonight, I heard that some guys from cabin 8 scored some beers.”

I watch Derrick turn and head out the door. The last thing I want to do is go to some summer camp bon-fire with a bunch of people I don’t know, the school trip to Italy is looking more and more better every moment I’m stuck here.

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