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Chapter 14 ~ Anahita

I used every ounce of strength I possessed and called the sea to me. The Atlantic Ocean is most definitely not a fucking water bottle or tub. My eyes turned a glossy blue, I knew, as I was in Trance, which happens when we use our strengths. I closed my eyes, blocking out everyone and every noise around me. I focus on the very beat of my heart. The ever motion of each tendon that makes up my body. The twitch of every muscle that is being stretched within. The movement of my blood, my veins helping everything flow. My eyes flick open; I focus on the sea, now parted out about ten feet in front of us. I order everyone to move forward and follow me. The comply silently. The water closes around us, my arms still outstretched. We now have oxygen to breathe, and a bubble for transportation. Let's make the most of this journey.

I put my hands by my sides, my eyes staying as they are as I tame this wild beast humans call the wonderous sea. We move deep, but Luna keeps light shine so we can see all around us. Fish, sharks, octopi, pretty much any sea creature you can imagine is circulating around us, minding their own business. Not that they would be able to penetrate my barrier. Everyone looks out in awe when I notice something. I feel it coming closer. Oh, wind and sea, you have got to be kidding me!

I outstretch my arms once again, in the direction of the dangers. Kate is the first one to nice my odd behaviour, as he has been silently observing. "Anahita, what's the danger?" He walks over to me in our small bubble.

"Typhoon." That one word shuts them all up and all of them immediately think of something they can try and do. I shout for all of them to shut up. This is my game, my place of peace, my wild beast, and I will tame it.

I feel for it. Yes, yes it is angry. Oh this will be fun. It approaches at an abnormal speed. The first waves hit us like a ton of bricks causing us all to fly to the back of the bubble. There is a small crack in it from the force. I quickly repair it with a wave of my hand, and plant my feet once again. I will not lose control this time; I will prevail.

I close my eyes, listening to my heart rate, the sound of every muscle, ever tendon, every vein in my body. I block out any and every other noise around me. I now focus on my energy, the force of my zeal and the destruction it may cause to the sea. I see the wave, it is gigantic. I feel the panic rise of the humans around us. I smirk. This will definitely be one to bamboozle them for sure. My eyes snap open. The wave not far from here. My hands glowing a bright blue, signifying my eyes were a bright sapphire illumination along with the rest of my body. My arms still out in front of me, I push against the wave again, but it isn't enough. The water around us is now roaring and swooshing past. I know it's close, I can feel it being even closer than it was a few moments ago. I part my feet a few feet away from the other, a little wider that the length of my shoulders, as the wave is now visible.

It lifts us up, I can see Kage beginning to go into "leader-mode" as he becomes very serious, from my peripheral vision. About half way up this multiple story high tiden wave, I let out a loud, short scream and whip my hands out to my sides. For a moment everything goes and quiet, and the wave falls away, splashing back into the water. I don't know if my field can protect us from an impact like this. I watch as Kage takes his hands swirling them put in front of him for a moment before moving above his head. His palms are facing upward, as they are connected at the wrists, and just before we hit the surface of these waters, his hands shoot out to his sides, going in a downward motion, and we are shielded by his shadows. The impact cracked my cage a but, but nothing too major. After plummeting down about a mile and a half, we stop moving downward, and begin moving in the direction in which we are headed. I order the sea to lead and protect us all the way there. It obliges. My wild beast has been tamed.

I look over at Kage who's eyes are covered by his shadow, as he brings his extra barrier down and I patch up my own. Luna still has the light surrounding us, allowing us to see around us and one another. Her eyes glowing with a golden-white light. All of us are smirking. I decide to shout, "We are back, baby!"

Kage responds. "Hell yeah, we are!" We all begin to hoot and holler in excitement and anticipation. We are back and are ready to protect our Queen at all costs. Even if Cartlyn doesn't turn out to be Alina's daughter, we could use someone with that much radiating power on the League. Our eyes return to normal as I allow the water to take us where we need to be. Luna's light has attached itself to my barrier. Our eyes may be back to normal, but we are still using our skills just not quite as much. We all ogle at the sights in which the sea holds. She is a beautiful thing, but damn is it hard to keep her calm.

I found out that I was blessed with the powerful skill of Water Control when my mother and father were killed by a raging ocean when I was younger. I tamed it within a year and made it my army. It now bows down to me when I pass. However, that is not on Earth. That is on Trouckle Tee, or World #875. Caetlyn is in for a run for her money when she finds out everything about us. It'll be a lot for her to digest overnight.

We reach the shore a little after dawn. Afterward, I look back at the sea, ordering it to stay orderly. I turn back to my group and we all have a look of astonishment on our faces. We did it. We are back, and it is just so surreal. We walk for a bit, finding another cave. Kage informs us that we have landed in South Carolina, which means we will be traveling about five states before we can get to her. At least he has masted Shadow Transports, causing them to bow to him and obey his every order. Our group is definitely special.

We sit in the cave, as we all sit around a fire Fintan created using his bare hands on the sand. His skill is awesome, but it conflicts with my own. I suppose that's why I find him attractive. Damn it, now I'm acting like a hormonal teenager. I divert my attention to Fei who is standing on guard again. She needs to take a rest, and since we are so close to the water I should be on post right now. I get up, dusting the sand off of me, careful not to disturb a sleeping Asterope next to me, and walk over to her. I tap her on the shoulder, but she doesn't budge. I lean against the other wall at the mouth of this cavern, before speaking. "Fei, you should get some sleep." She continues to stare at the water. I sigh. "What are you thinking about?"

She stays unmoving for a second before speaking, her eyes still on the sea. "Caetlyn. I don't know what is going on with that girl, but I know something is off. Kage always said she never remembered him, but he remembered her. Alina doesn't make mistakes, yet this daughter of hers is still out in the open. Cloak or no, her powers have become stronger. And if she is the one that opened up the gate, then she will be targeted by many Nightshade Hunters. This isn't okay. This is fucked up." She was definitely angry. Something was keeping hers and Asterope's connection stronger than any of us with Caetlyn. Maybe they're family or something but don't know it. That wouldn't make any sense though, seeing as Alina has no sibilings... or maybe she does?

"Fei, I know it is hard but we will be there soon enough."

"Well, fuck soon enough because we can't even pass the damned barrier surrounding the place. And it isn't on a map, so us staying beyond the barrier is pretty much useless." She crosses her arms over her chest.

"I know, Fei. We will figure something out. Once we enter the state, the attention will be on us, not her, and she will notice. Even if she doesn't know why, she will feel a pull to us and probably find the Syphis. It will lead her to us. She is an intelligent girl. Now go get some rest, you deserve it." I try to give her a reassuring smile.

"No, but um, sorry, but no. I'm not the one who just tamed a sea. I haven't even needed to tame the air yet, so no."

"That's because it can feel your unusual skill against it. Flight isn't something to be messed with, nor is the mind. The air we breathe isn't quite as stupid to challenge you in a growing state."

"You're still exhausted from exerting yourself the way you just did, so go lay down and I'll take post for the day."

"No." Kage's voice comes from behind us. "I can cloak this cavern, and both of you need rest. Now go lay down and sleep. We have a long journey ahead of us."

"But Kage, you've been doing-" Fei tried to begin, but is cut off.

"NOW!!" He boomed. Fei and I quickly accommodate and join the others in a restless sleep. He is right, we do have a long journey ahead of us, but he needs rest, too. Especially after exerting himself all day long. Something is off; his mind is going a million times a minute and he won't be able to rest. I know this about him. Luna gets up and walks over to him, hugs him, and whispers somehting to him. He shakes his head and orders her to go back and lay down. She sighs and walks back to her spot, head hung low. As a controller of the moon, she probably wanted to take his place so that he could rest. Not to mention, they are closer together than anyone in the group. Especially after Amzi's death, Kage was there for Luna as she was him. They were like sibilings; there was no romanticism there for them. Anyone with eyes could see that.

I tell over trying to go to sleep, as I feel Kage's shadow cloak over us. It feels nice and safe here. When was the last time I felt something like that?

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