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Chapter 4 ~ Kage

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I shout. I am angered and those who tried to help just made it worse. "How the hell is the fucking gate open?!"

"Watch your tone with me, Kage. I obviously don't know, but we have to move."

"They shouldn't be able to get here, Anahita. You know that just as much as I fucking do! There is only one gate that can be opened, and that gate is the one on the other side of the world. We need to go there, and close it."

"No." Luna steps in. "We all know we cant close a gate, especially in the weakened state we are in. This isnt good. The dream you had the other day... what if it wasnt a dream?"

"So you're saying my dream might've been real? When I said that, you all looked at me like I should be in a damn mental institute." I growl out.

"Kage, we need to talk. Let's go to your room." Fintan explains, calmly, as he heads toward my room.

When we get there, I close the door behind us and he sits on the edge of my bed. He sighs and runs his hand through his hair. "Kage, look. Look at your room and then compare it to ours. It looks like you need help.." I looked around. It's simple. The walls painted a grey-ish blue, a small desk over in the right corner, my bed against the first long wall, right as you walk in. Then the pictures. Aaah, that's what he is referring to. I put my hands through my hair and hold them, entwined, around the back of my neck and look at him.

I sigh. "Look, Finn, I have known you for a long time. Please dont tell me you wanted to come in here to judge whatever the fuck it is I do."

"I'm not in here to judge you, Kage. I'm here to talk about why you're so angry with everyone out there."

"It's simple."

"Go on."

"It's stupid, too..."

"Man, come on. Tell me what's been going on in that crazy mind of yours."

I sigh in defeat and a seat next to him on my bed. I lean forward, placing my elbows on my knees and fold my hands, bringing them up to my mouth before speaking. "Alina closed that gate. I think she's her daughter..."

"And you're mad about that, because...?"

"That would mean she is in danger. I havent been able to track her in three years, but I got a signal the other day. Dude, I think shes the girl in my dream."

"The one who emitted the light?"

"She absorbed it man. No one can do that."

"Except for those in dreams. Get yourself together man, that was just a dream."

"No, it felt real. Too real to be a dream."

"Well, some dreams are like that." His voice rises a little, as his sarcasm becomes more apparent. It is becoming infuriating. He wanted me to talk, so here I am. Talking. What else does he want? My instincts are usually right!

I get up off the bed and go over to the door, leaning my back against it. "Man, this dream was real. I'm telling you. I woke up in straight paralysis!!"

"And you fucking do everytime you have a fucking nightmare. You realize you're the only one who is freaking out over this shit right? Every since your dad and Amzi went down, you've been like this. First, with your fucking dad, you were terrible, then it got worse when Amzi was gone too. You dont talk about your problems and then you spit this shit at us. How the hell do you expect us to act?!"

I nod, sucking my teeth, folding my arms over my chest, and look out the window. He just looks at me, waiting for a reaction, I'm sure. I wait another moment, and then I pounce on him. I grab the collar of his shirt, pull him up, and slam him against the wall next to the door making him grunt. "You wanna take that back?" I say through gritted teeth.

"I wont take the truth back, Kage. They could've lived. They knew it meant suicide choosing what they did, but they did it anyway."

"They saved your FUCKING LIFE!!" I take some pressure off of him, and slam him against the wall again. I hear everyone on the other side of the door, shouting and trying to get in. Too bad I locked the door before hand.

"They didnt need to. We could've all made it out alive, including them!"

"You fucking idiot!" I throw him onto the other wall, still holding on to his collar. He breathes in a sharp breath through his teeth. "They did so much for you. They gave their life for you, and this is how you treat it?" I say in a low voice, feeling the shadows take my eyes once more. My power is restoring. The gate really is open.

"They didnt have to save anything or anyone. They chose to do that so get over yourself already, Kage. No one gives a damn anymore. They made their own fucking choice, so stopping dwelling on it. Would it fucking kill you to have one normal damn thought?!" My eyes widen, and my rage takes me over.

"AAARRGGHH!!!!" I yell out as I throw him across the room. "You might want to watch your fucking mouth next time you decide to mess with me with an open gate." With that, I turn and unlock the door. Everyone looks at me in shock for a moment, then rushes over to Fintan to see if he's alright. I did a number on him, but he will survive. The most damage was done to the materialistic items in my room.

I walk out and go for a quick jog around the neighborhood, to let off a little steam. When I return, everyone is sitting at the dining table and looks up at me. "Hey." I say nonchalantly, as I walk over to the fridge and grab a water.

"We need to talk, Kage " I hear Asterope say in a small, but clear, voice. I walk over to the table and take my seat next to her. I give her a small smile, when I notice she is looking at me, and she blushes, quickly looking away as her long straight hair cascades over her shoulders, blocking her face. I chuckle a little, before looking over at everyone else and getting down to business.

"Okay, number one, Kage get a grip. You cant go throwing people around when you get angry with them." Rico starts.

"Countering that - you no longer allow me to go to the gym anymore. Soooo, its not like I can just leave. Besides, its not like I did seriously damage." I say, eyeing Flintan. "My desk looks a bit hard to fix though." I mumble.

"Okay, first of all, your growth was abnormally fast and you broke a punching bag. We cant expose ourselves like that, man."

"Then start teaching people when to speak and what is okay to say and do in certain situations. Dont put it on me to have to show people when they shouldnt cross a line, they KNOW they shouldn't cross." I'm replying to Rico, but my gaze stays on Flintan. He rolls his eyes.

Rico sighs. "Flinn, man, hes right. You crossed a sensitive line, knowing you probably shouldn't have crossed. I mean, really?"

"Seriously?! But-" Flintan starts but is cut off by Luna.

"Moving on!" She flashes a smile, clearly sarcastic, as it vanishes right away. "Let's get started on this discussion, shall we? Asterope, you already know what's going on, so you'll be on post for now."

"Yes, ma'am." She replies in a small voice, complying with the command and whispering in my ear before leaving. She does it discretely, but I think everyone noticed. "Meet me a little before your shift."

I'm a little taken aback by her words, but she blushed hard when it happened. She walks away and when I turn my attention back to the table, everyone is eyeing me with a smirk. Everyone except Flintan, of course, who is looking down at the table. "What?" I ask cluelessly.

"Soooo, you two like... a thing now?" Fei says while lifting her brows a few times. I laugh at her gesture and shake my head.

"No, why would we be?"

"Seriously, dude, you are so smart. But when it comes to girls, you are a cotton headed niggy mugget, as Buddy the elf would say." We all laugh a little, but I still look at Fei completely confused. She sighs. "Its clear she likes you. How did you miss that?!"

"Nah, didnt miss it. Just like the game shes playing, so might as well keep playing till she calls it quits and either moves on, or makes a move." They all look at me in shock, as if I've never done such a thing. Please. "Luna, the map." I say in a commanding voice, looking at her with an intense stare, breaking her out of her trance.

She nods. "Right." She hits the button under the table. The green holographic map appears before us. We spend hours figuring out how we are going to get to the other side of the world. Hours trying to figure out where Alina's possible daughter is. I look at the time and realize it's almost my turn for post. About forty-five minutes till I've gotta go. "Do you guys think Alina is behind this?" I say, breaking their conversation. They all look at me at once.

"She has been MIA for three years. How could this be her doing?" Luna explains.

"I dunno. But what if she did have a daughter? Her daughter could've done that." They all give a groan of dissapproaval and annoyance. I just roll my eyes. "Look guys, I am telling you that she had a daughter 17 years ago!"

Fintan shakes his head; his blonde hair cascading over his forehead. The top of his hair is a bit shaggy, sometimes unkept, but the sides and back are cleanly shaven. "Man, 17 year ago, she went on a mission. 12 years ago, she came back. I don't think she would've abandoned her child at the age of five. Alina wasn't one to do that. Plus, itd be way to hard on her. If anything, I say three years ago she had a kid, and she went MIA before it was noticable."

"Unless... unless she didnt just abandon her child. She may have faked her death or something. Or she wanted to protect her child. We have to think of these things ahead of time. We cant dwell on the fact that she may have not an heir, and is hiding it. There are so many more possibilities, but in the past years, I think I know for sure she had a kid. I remember her."

"Look, dude. We all remember her. We just dont know who the hell she is. Maybe she died or somethin. I dont know. Who the hell could she be anyways?!"

"Maybe she didnt want us to know, but she doesnt make mistakes when it comes to her power. She wanted me to remember and you guys would, too, if you saw her. I just know it. Guys. If I'm right, we have a lot on our hands. I've tracked her for a long time, lost track of her, and suddenly she pops up in the only place Alina created a gate strong enough to close off the portal. What does that tell you?"

"I dont know man! Who could her daughter possibly be? The girl you've been hung up over for years? Dude, that girl hardly knows you exist. Maybe all of that was just a dream, too." Fintan snarls.

"It's Caetlyn! I know it!"

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