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Chapter 5 ~ Kage

I walk out to my post, over by the front door. When I get out there, Asterope is sitting on the step of the small porch. I take a seat beside her, clearly she was lost in thought and became startled by my presence. The air helps call me down a little, so I smile at her. She smiles a smile that doesnt quite reach her eyes, in return. My smile falls and I ask her. "Hey, uh, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Caetlyn..." her voice almost a whisper as she spoke.

"What about her?" My words came out much more harsh than I had anticipated.

"That night you had the dream... I had it, too. I saw it all, too. From the girl being trapped in the sky, to the wicked hot energy coming from the sky..."

"That was lightning... wasnt it?"

She gives a small laugh. "Oh no, of course not. I know lightning, and there is no way that was it. Is would've felt it. No, it was something different. Something I can not seem to put my finger on." She leaned forward, putting her elbows around her knees that she brought to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees. I look at the ground, waiting for her to speak or if there was anything left to say at all. "I saw Alina, Kage. I saw her."

My head shoots up at her, my eyes widen. Alina? What was Alina doing there? "You saw... Alina? Wait, there was someone shouting. Someone was attacking the king of destruction... was that her?"

Shes silent for a moment. "I think so.. and it might have been a dream, but even so, it was a warning. That's why it felt real.. like a foreshadow of the future almost. Caetlyn, I believe, is indeed Alina's daughter, and our one and only heir. I don't thing the king knows that. Hell, we dont even know who the king is. Coward. He hides his face in anyone's presence."

"Yeah, he does... what do we do if Caetlyn happens to indeed be Alina's daughter? What happens then?"

She stands up. "I dont know about you, but I'm stiff and tired of waiting around. We promised, as part of the Guardian League, that we would protect the royals at any cost. I think they think that Caetlyn is the heir. I just dont think they're ready to admit it." She says, as she walks back to the door. She stands there for a moment, and turn back to look at me with a smile. "You coming?"

"Oh, I can't. I have post."

"Nope. I told Fei what was going on, and she went berserk crazy over the idea that you and I are going to spend a bit of time together. She really is a piece of work. Anyway, she agreed to switch this week. So come on, there's something I want to show you."

I'm confused but I comply. As we walk back into the house, Fei is walking out. She salutes us both with two fingers and then starts laughing as she exits. She will be serious once she is in post, but before and after that, you would think that girl couldnt hurt a fly. I am beginning to see how the two are related now... before it seemed so weird, but now I'm seeing it. They're both crazy.

I follow Asterope to her room, but wait at the door. I'm not just gonna walk into some girls room without their consent, much less if they are the shy type. I'm just not like that. Fintan does it to everybody. It's like it's in his nature or something. When she comes out, she wears a serious expression across her face and a paper in her hand. "Come on." She has quite a bit of force a she walks by, and heads to my room. Cant say it isnt attractive.

When we get to my room, she walks over to my wall full of pictures from over the years, and pulls the most recent one of Caetlyn down. What is this girl up to?

She walks over to me and hands it to me. "Here." I take it and give her a confused look, while cocking my brow.

"What are you up to?" I inquire.

"You'll see." She walks over to my broken desk, grabs a map, and a pencil and walks over to me. "Here. Stay here." She hands me the stuff and walks out of the room for a moment, before walking back in with her arms full of items.

She begins by taking the map from me, laying on the floor, and instructing me to close and lock the door. I only follow her order because I am curious as to what it is that she is doing. After she lays out the map, she puts all of the items around it and the pencil in the middle with a compass, I didnt even realize she was holding. She puts my photo of Caetlyn and, what looks to be an age progressed photo of Caetlyn, in the middle, along with the compass. She straightens everything out, and I swear it looks like she is about to engage in some voodoo shit or something. But something about the items look familiar.

"Hey, Aster, are you going to tell me what I'm getting myself into before i actually get myself into it?"

She sighs and looks up at me. "Sit." She demands, as she motions her hand to the spot in front of her. After I comply, she begins to speak. "Over the years, I've collected things you said were her favorites. I had a feeling that Alina, if this really is her daughter, left us a loophole for a reason. Last night, we both had the same dream, similar to before, only this time she was absorbing energy, that I dont recognize, and Alina had shown up."

"Will you cut to the chase, please?" The only time I'm not polite and a gentleman to females is during sparing. Or at least I try to make it that way. I guess it all depends.

She sighs again, and looks down at the map for a long moment before looking back up at me. "We are going to find Caetlyn."


I dont understand this one bit. This map should've shown us where she is, if she is actually real. Of course, Alina could've put a guard on her, but none of this adds up!! I want to believe Kage, and a part of me does. But the logical side keeps arguing it. I might have done the map wrong. That has happened before...

I begin to get lost in thought, trying to figure all of this out, when a loud thump and crash comes from Kage's bedroom. I know Aster is in there, but what scares me more is what may have just happened to Kage. I can't lose him, too. With no knowledge of what is going on, I just have a bad feeling about it. The falls sounded like bodies. I care about Aster, too, but I know she can handle herself. She means a lot to me, but Kage has been there since the beginning. I cant lose any of them, but losing Kage would literally kill me. I wouldn't be able to move on from that.

I get up, fast, bumping the table and nearly falling when a bright white and blue light comes from the door. It's coming through the cracks but it is super bright. I notice other people were rushing over to his room when they heard the noise, too. But now they're all turned away, from the bright light. I'm not far from the door so I keep trying to make way over there, but we all double over when a very high pitched frequency comes from the room, piercing our ears. Then the lights all explode, going out.

I hear the laugh. The cackle. His cackle. "You shouldn't be trying to get to her." His demonic voice says overhead. What the hell is he talking about?! I hear Fei shouting, she cant see us between the blinding light and straight darkness consuming the room. Finally it all stops. The darkness comes and makes itself comfortable. I make a ball of light, and Fei comes running over from her post, with the others. We all stand in front of the door, a little taken aback by what just occurred. I look at them, and then I'm no longer frozen. I go to the door and start banging on it. I'm yelling Kage's name, along with Asterope's, trying to see if they'll respond. The door is locked. What the hell were they doing?! Tears begin to stream down my face.

Everyone else begins following in my lead starting with Fei, Rico, Fintan, and then the rest. We are all Banging on the door and shouting. While, yes, I am worried about Aster, Kage is more fragile right now.

I care about him too much. I cant lose him. I cant lose him, too.

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