Oculus Prime (#1 of the Prime Half series)

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Chapter 9 ~ Kage

I look at them, completely confused with what is going on. Luna speaks up. "Is everything alright here?" They just continue to look at me. I walk over to the table, and notice Rico isn't sitting at the head like he usually dies as leader. I give him a questioning look while pointing to the head of the table's empty chair.

"The seat rightfully belongs to you..." he says quietly. Luna took her seat next to him, and now I have no choice but to sit at the head. I've never sat where the leader is meant to. I gave the title to Luna and Rico since they are the eldest, and I didn't believe I was ready for the power over the group Amzi was giving me. I sit down and stare back at them for a moment. Luna has the same confused look on her face, but after her and Fei stare at one another for a moment, her face goes serious and they look at me. I know they mind-linked one another. This is great. Everyone but me knows what's going on, and i seem to be the reason for their looks.

I sigh. "What's going on? Is anyone going to tell me?" More silence and staring. "Well?" I lean back in my chair a little.

Asterope speaks up with her small voice, a blanket over her shoulders showing she is worried. What the hell? "I have reason to believe that Caetlyn is the chosen one, and you are the one meant to teach her... I believe you possess power beyond the skills you have been exercising, and that only one who can help you exercise those strengths is Caetlyn. I have reason to believe, that Amzi knew all along.... and that's why he saved us, losing his own life. Kage... there was no loopholes and you passed the barrier the king put up in the pass realm.... before I finished the chant....." I look back at her, mimicking the same terrified expression they all wear. There's something they aren't telling me, and I intend to find out. King Abaddõn has always made it hard for anyone who knew the truth of this realm and such.

"What does this have anything to do with anything?" I boom.

"Kage... this means you are the one meant to awaken the chosen one... this is why you are meant to be our leader." Luna tries to be calm, but I can see her patience wearing. "Honestly, that's all they've told me." She shoots her head back at the table. "So, what the fuck else is everyone hiding from Kage and I?! Hm?" Okay, so she isn't mad at me.

Fei speaks up. "Nothing...."

"Wanna try to lie to me again, Fei?" Luna doesn't put up with lies. Never has, never will.

Fei sighs. "Kind Abaddõn knows where Caetlyn is. We have reason to believe that she has yet to discover who she actually is. If we don't get to her soon, he will find her. She needs practice. She needs to learn control, but she can't if we don't get to her. Kage... there's a prophecy. A prophecy where the strong shadow is meant to die for the unspeakable heir. The heir is not only the chosen one, but also possesses something greater than the worlds themselves. Something unknown and unidentified by our kind. The great shadow is meant to die so she can live and protect. We believe you are the Great Shadow and she is the Unspeakable Heir. Right now, we are in the same world as her. Let's go find her and see what we can do."

"Okay, so let me get this straight. Yesterday, I am insane for believing she might actually exist, and now you all say we need to go after her!? That she's some prophetic character in a game of charades?!!!" I'm yelling again.

Asterope stands up. She walks over to me. She crouches down and takes my hand to her forehead. "Look for yourself what had happened."

"Aster, I dont need to have my hand to your head to see." I snort.

"Maybe not, but you do to feel the amount of power and energy coming from it all. You're still weakened, Kage." She's right. I keep my hand at her forehead and she closes her eyes. I do the same, and what I feel is too much.

Too much power.

Too much energy.

Too many memories.

Wait a minute... Memories! Memories of Caetlyn came flooding back to them while I was in my trance. The thing that got me is the power that radiated off of her, even with a blanketed coat. Before I can continue to delve deeper, Luna's voice causes my eyes to snap open. Aster must know that I will return shortly after, because her eyes remain shut. "What are you seeing" Luna inquires. I look at her. Studying her face for a Moment. Then I speak.

"You didn't get a flood of memories?" She shakes her head. She was in ny trance with me, then. When she touched me, it stopped her from seeing as the others did so quickly. Sure, her memories of Caetlyn will come back, but gradually and over time. I rea h ny hand out for hers and she accepts it. I transfer what I am seeing, feeling, to her. I hear her gasp. She feels the power that radiates off of this girl. Alina may have had a daughter after all.

(Sorry for this chapter being a bit short. I have been working all day, and am spent now that it is evening for me! I promise to make up for it in the next chapter, that I will also try to get in at some point tomorrow or tonight! Again, I'm really sorry!! :))

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