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Star Trek Defiance: Breakout

By Michael Mulhollon All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi

Chapter 1

Michael walked up to the bench where Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot sat with Chloe and Arsenal following behind. Michael (arms open) said, “The great Star Lord!” Peter Quill looked at him surprised while the rest looked puzzled and he said, “Dude that sounds groovy if I know who you are.” Michael sat next to him as Chloe and Arsenal stood back and he extended his hand and said, “Michael Valkyrie.” Quill shook his hand but looked a little puzzled while Gamora and the others looked even more and Michael said, “The man who defeated Cervello?” Silence, “Satan, Kromium?” Quill shook his head while the others looked puzzled and Rocket said, “Never heard of them.” Michael’s jaw dropped and said, “Seriously?” He sighs and says, “Great, the only people that know me is the Nova Corps.” Quill said, “What did you do to get in here?” Michael replied, “Suspected on being this Lord Serenity who is trying to rip apart the galaxy all because I look like him.” Gamora pointed at him and said, “Wait a minute! You do look familiar!” Michael smiled and said, “Thank You!” Gamora continued, “You are the Messenger of Death!” The others looked confused and then their expressions changed to anger as Quill looked shocked.

Michael held his hands out as he looked stunned and said, “Now wait a minute. I don’t know who you’re talking about but I am not a killer!” Rocket said, “He looks just like you but he does not have a girls name!” Michael said, “Thank You! I’m not the only one who thinks that name does sound girly!” He raised his hand for a high five but Drax just clenched his fist on the table and cracked his knuckles while Michael brought his hand back down and sarcastically made a frightened expression. Michael said, “Anyway I am not him, I am Michael Valkyrie!” Drax said, “Are you a twin?” Michael replied, “No!” Rocket said, “Then you are him!” Michael looked frustrated and said, “No I’m not! He is another machine that just looks like me!” Drax looked confused and said, “How can a machine look like you?” Arsenal said, “Synthetic skin.” Drax looked up at him angrily and said, “I was not talking to you metal face.” Arsenal made a throat growling noise and Drax suddenly stood up and said, “You want to fight?” There was a glove tightening sound mixed with hydraulics as Arsenal clenched his fists but suddenly Michael stood up and held both hands out between them and said, “Wait a minute! Let’s just all calm down!” Arsenal made an agreeable grunt and Quill said, “Why does your big friend where a mask?” Arsenal replied, “Personal.” Drax said, “Personal as in you look hideous?” Arsenal replied, “Find out.” Drax said, “Find out what? How dumb you are or how ugly you look underneath it?” No reply and Drax said, “No doubt ugly since your wife or girlfriend left you if you even had one.” Arsenal’s eyes changed from light to dark red and Michael looked down, sighed and said, “Oh crap.” Arsenal screamed in anger and brought down his right fist and smashed through the wooden bench as Quill yelped in shock and Michael grabbed him and rolled him away as Arsenal charged right through and tackled Drax to the ground.

Arsenal immediately flipped Drax over and slammed him on his back. The others looked in shock and Star Lord said, “Dude this is crazy, Michael do something!” Michael looked at him wide eyed and shook his head and said, “Oh hell no! Since I have known him all I learned is its better to let him do his thing or you might as well knock yourself out before becoming his punching bag!” Arsenal bent down to grab Drax only to be head butted and Arsenal stumbled back. Drax was able to get up, grab Arsenal and threw him at the bench and smash right through it. As Arsenal tried to get up Drax grabbed him, lifted him up and slammed his body back on the ground and as Drax lifted him up again Arsenal threw a punch right across Drax’s face as he flipped onto his feet. Drax immediately punched Arsenal in the left gut but then Arsenal slammed both his fists into Drax’s chest forcing Drax to stumble back and gasp for air. Arsenal then charged Drax but as soon as he hit him Drax grabbed both his arms, lifted him high up in the air and slammed Arsenal’s back on the ground as Drax fell back. They both got up and breathed heavily and Drax said, “Done yet?” Arsenal roared and charged at him only for Drax and Arsenal to grab each other hand to shoulder or hand to arm as they pushed each other and grunted/yelled in anger. As they were pushing each other the cement ground beneath them cracked and began to crumble as Quill and the other guardians looked in shock and awe as Michael smiled and laughed lightly as he looked back at Chloe and she just turned away while rolling her eyes. Meanwhile a crowd gathered around them and began either chanting or yelling either “Arsenal!”, “Drax!” or “Destroyer!” Drax shoved Arsenal’s arms down as he jumped in the air and kicked Arsenal across the face knocking him down to the ground. Michael and Peter yelled in shock, “Oh!” Drax then grabbed Arsenal from behind, lifted him up and began pulling his arms back.

As they watched the fight Peter looked like he remembered something and he turned to Michael and said, “Hey what did you want to talk about before?” Michael said, “I want to ask you if you want to help us look for something.” Peter said, “Depends upon what it is and if there is a reward in it.” Michael smiled and said, “Groovy!” He leaned close to Peter’s right ear and said, “I’m trying to find the Genesis Device.” Peter looked at him as if he is crazy, laughed lightly and said, “You’re joking right?” Michael stared at him seriously and Peter went from smiling to shocked and said, “Dude! Everyone is either staying away from this Lord Serenity or are doing what he tells them!” Michael smiles and says, “That’s why I am offering you and your friends 500,000 credits each.” Peter’s jaw dropped and Michael said, “An argument can be made for 750.” Rocket yells, “You got to be crazy! But we will take the 750,000.” Peter put his hand out as if to calm him and says, “Yes, only...” He looked at Michael, “If we do not run into him. If we see so much as a glance from this Lord Serenity then we are out! No questions!” Michael said, “Then we have a deal?” Peter replied, “Yep, but I need you to do one thing.” Michael said, “What?” Peter said, “Hit me.” Michael looked at him puzzled and said, “Hit you?” Peter replied, “Yes, I need to go in the cooler to contact someone and the only way that...” Suddenly Peter was hit directly in the nose by Michael’s fist and he stumbled back surprised and holding his nose as he yelped in pain and said, “Dude, what the...” Michael said, “You talk too much.” Peter surprised him and punched Michel in the gut and bent over groaning in pain. Michael rose up and smiled making Peter look at him puzzled and Michael said, “You fight like a vegetarian.” Michael then grabbed, lifted him up and slammed his back down on the ground. Peter (looking between Michael’s legs) punched up and hit him in the nuts only for Michael to just simply stare down at him in wonder. Peter looked at him bewildered and said, “Wha...” Michael said, “If you have heard of me then you would have known.” Michael then yanked Star Lord back up as the inmates around them jeered or cheered and Star Lord said, “I think you are taking this just a little...” He was then punched in the face again and Star Lord stumbled back looking annoyed as he recovered and said, “Dude, stop hitting me in the nose!” Michael said, “Then fight!” Peter grabbed Michael on both shoulders and yanked him down only for Michael to get kneed in the face and he stumbled back almost falling. Peter said, “Is that en....” Michael roared and threw a punch at Peter only Peter was able to duck in time as Michael’s fist slammed into the metal post behind him and bent it almost into a U as he pulled back and Peter looked at him in shock and said, “Dude, that is si...” Before they knew it they were both stun in the back as Nova Corps. officers appeared around them and forced them into the ground as Rocket looked on and said, “Damn, just when things were starting to get interesting.”

As Drax was still pulling Arsenal’s arms back, Arsenal gradually pulled his arms forward as Drax struggled to hold them back when suddenly Arsenal flipped forward and kicked Drax in the face before landing on his feet. Just as Arsenal turned to confront Drax, Drax tackled, lifted him up and slammed Arsenal’s back into the cement wall of the prison barrier creating multiple cracks from the impact and some stones falling. One of the inmates yelled, “He just got owned!” Drax let Arsenal drop on his butt as Arsenal looked like he was dazed beneath the helmet/mask and he turned to face the cheering/booing crowd. He raised his arms up in victory and yelled and said, “NO ONE IS A MATCH AGAINST THE DESTROYER!” As he smiled and yelled again he was tackled from behind and fell to the ground with Arsenal on top of him as the crowd yelled, “OH!” Arsenal stood over Drax as he looked up in shock and Arsenal said, “Eat, cookies!” Drax and the inmates surrounding them suddenly looked confused and an inmate said, “What is he talking about?” the inmates murmured as Arsenal scratched his head with a look of confusion and grunted when an inmate said, “I think he means shit.” Arsenal looked at the inmate and said, “Uh, shit.” There was silence as the inmates looked at him in shock when suddenly they cheered. Drax started to get up when suddenly the crowed of inmates broke apart as Nova Corps. prison security appeared and immediately stunned Drax repeatedly and tried to do the same to Arsenal as he stood their but the shocks were muffled as it did not pierce Arsenal’s suit. One of the guards was able to cuff his hands with beam bracelets with ease while the rest looked dumbfounded when the senior guard yelled, “Take him to the cooler now!” Arsenal walked away in the direction the guards tried to drag or push him but it was like trying to push a statue.

Gamora and Chloe watched both the fights but just stood there and looked like they didn’t care when Gamora said, “I can’t decide who’s more of an idiot Drax or Peter.” Chloe replied, “At least they tire. My husband and Arsenal can go on like this for a while.” Gamora looked at her both puzzled and shocked and said, “You mean you are married to that...” She pointed at Michael as he and Peter fought and Chloe said, “Yeah. He acts dumb sometimes, but either he’s doing it on purpose or he is just acting like a fool. Most of the time it’s hard to tell.” Gamora sighed and said, “Men.” Chloe said, “Gorillas.” And they fist bumped without looking. The guards suddenly appeared and began forcing the inmates away and when they came to Gamora and Chloe one of them grabbed Chloe by the shoulder and in that split second Chloe grabbed his wrist and snapped it with ease as the guard screamed. As the guards grabbed both Gamora’s arms she made a back flip and kicked both guards in the back before landing on her feet and hands. Chloe then grabbed a guard by the arm, flipped him forward and snapped his arm at the same time while taking his paralyzer stick. She smacked the end of another guard behind her as hard his helmet broke to pieces as blood from his head flew in the air and she took his stick as well. Gamora backhanded a guard before using his body as a shield when the others used their sticks and then she took his stick and kicked him back knocking down some of the guards in the process. Chloe used the sticks and smacked across the heads of a few guards and then hit a guard’s kneecap before kicking him in the face. She threw one stick and it hit a guard between the legs and collapsed to the ground groaning in pain. She rammed another stick into a guard’s chest and activated the paralyzer and he began shaking uncontrollably as he was stunned. Chloe then kicked a guard behind her in the stomach and hit another in the face with the same stick. She then saw a guard coming up behind Gamora as she fought and when Gamora looked at her Chloe threw her stick before Gamora could duck, only the stick flew past her head and hit the guard behind her directly in the face and was stunned at the same time. Gamora saw the guard and looked back at Chloe and nodded at her as did Chloe. Suddenly the guards drew out their assault rifles and pointed them directly at Chloe and Gamora’s faces as they stood back to back. Chloe said, “Well, its fun while it lasted.” Gamora said, “More of a walk in the park to me.” Gamora glanced over at her and smirked before they both dropped their sticks with their hands up and the guards approached and yanked them apart before binding their hands behind their backs and a voice yelled, “TO THE COOLER!” And they were both dragged away.

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