The Diaries Of The Salient

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The Salient children have been hidden away since childbirth. Raised in a facility where there abilities are tested by The Teachers. The Teachers rescued the Salient as babys. Hiding them away in a facility called the Gilt-Edged. Four of the Salient embark on there own path to the truth. Haffgar ,Oshara, Tynwick, and Ylegua fight to find their origin.

Scifi / Adventure
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When I close my eyes I imagine that its not dark anymore. That its not cold. I have never felt the sun on my skin, nor have I ever seen it. You see, I have always been in a rayless place. A place very few people know about. Only the Teachers and the Salient know about it. My name is Oshara and I am a Salient. The Teachers said they were meant to protect us. They tell us tales about a war against us. That the people outside of here waged war out of fear. During the war there was a group of small unnoticeable people who were assigned a Salient baby. They were tasked with hiding the Salient children until our new home was done. Hidden on the other side of the world.

Our home is called the Gilt-Edged. The teachers were given a signal when it was safe to bring us home. That was a very long time ago. I am 18 years old and I have never been outside of Gilt-Edged. I never understood why we were so important. So much so that there was an ongoing war on us. That the Teachers went out of their way to protect us. I asked my Teacher about it once. She told me that they didn’t understand our gifts. It caused fear and panic, so they stored us away. I never asked about it again, because she gave me a cold look when i pressed about it.

Every once in a while a Salient rebelled. They would use their ability to destroy parts of our home. Trying to fight there way to the outside world. The Teachers that guarded our home would tranquilize the rebel. Dragging them off to never be seen again. No one knows where they take them. Scaring the rest of us to never ask questions or try to leave.

I like to watch the teachers. There so different from us. They’re plain, no markings or abilities. They have families. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and so on. We had no family. Just ourselves and the Teachers. I wonder if we all come from the same place. Or if they were angels sent from another world. If so, why did they come to save us?

My favorite thing to do is close my eyes and imagine. I imagine what the outside world is like. If our enemies had schools like ours. If they ate the same food. I wonder what fresh air smelt like. If it could wash away every claustrophobic feeling i’ve held inside of me. I want to know what mud squished between my toes felt like. I want to hear every sound i’ve never heard before. I mostly wanted to know if i had parents to. Parents i had been separated from during the war.

All i’ve known is the Teachers. From the time I was an infant, they raised me and taught me. Taught me how to control my abilities. Taught me the history of the outside world. A world i’ve always longed to be apart of. I can’t wait until freedom day. When the Teachers win the war. When we can all go outside. For now I have to find happiness in our home.

“Oshana, you must focus. If the enemy ever makes it inside, you will need to know how to fight back,” I hear my teacher yell. Black specks fill my eyesight as I hit the floor. My opponent Ylegua is fierce. She is tall and slender. She moves quickly and silently. She drained every ounce of energy in my body. She blimped threw my body unexpectedly. The Teachers say her ability is teleportation. We call it blimping.

I lay there coughing up blood, trying to catch my breath. My teacher looks at me sharply. I felt my stomach churn. She was disappointed in me. She didn’t even bother to say a word. She angrily got out of her chair and left the room. Normally when shes this mad at me, she avoids me for weeks. Shell assign another teacher to me until she calms down.

I sit up staring at the door my teacher slammed moments ago. Tears welling up in my eyes. Ylegua stands above me. Staring at me in pity. “You’ll never be one of us. It’s been 18 years and you still don’t have a useful ability,” Ylegua spits at me. Abruptly leaving me to feel sorry for myself.

I am the most hated Salient in Gilt-Edged. After 18 years most Salient get 2 abilities. Both connected to their soul. It defines who they are. So far the only ability I have is to revive dead flowers. If the enemy ever invades i’ll be one of the first Salient to die. I am useless to everyone. Including myself. So I lay in my bed at night, praying for when I can run away from here.

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